Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

Frontierland! I loved it!
That first scene with Dean and the cowboy hat...I almost died! And Sam in his hat! Double joy!
What a great episode! I loved the Back to the Future references, and apparently I missed the Blazing Saddles one because the people I live with would not be quiet, or stop getting in front of the TV.
I really want to know what Cass is up to - I'm a little worried about that and that his end won't justify the means. I have a few theories that I'll keep to myself for now, but I really hope Sam and Dean find a way to help him. The angel who came and started reaming them out was right, they don't seem to care what Cass is facing. Maybe they do care, they just don't think they can help. I don't know.
There were a ton of good lines! A ton! Mostly from Bobby. I loved how he didn't even flinch when Cass needed to touch his soul.
The phoenix was awesome! It was a good thing he started shooting at Dean because I think Dean would have had a hard time destroying him otherwise. Oh and the bar girl with the tobacco stains on her mouth! Gross, but a nice touch. I loved finding out Dean is obsessed with Westerns and his "not awesome" remark when they went into the saloon. And Samuel Colt!
And, of course, I was crushed when they came back without the phoenix's ashes. But then Samuel Colt sent them ala Back to the Future, which was particularly awesome.
I need to watch it again! Mainly for the cowboy hats, but to see the stuff I know I missed thanks to those people I live with.
Thanks, Supernatural People, for another fantastic episode!


M.J. Fifield said...

I agree. It really was a great episode. Very curious to see how this season's going to end.

Victoria said...

Me too!
I definitely want to watch this one again!

Graphics Design said...

I thought this eposide was good. I liked all the funny references Dean was making. Calling him and Sam Clint Eastwood and Walker Texas Ranger. I was laughing at a few of the scences. I allso like how Samual mailed them the ashes.

Victoria said...

Thanks, GD! I loved Samuel mailing them the ashes! There was so much good stuff in this episode!! I'm a big Back to the Future geek, so I loved those references especially!