Wednesday, April 27, 2011


See picture below...

1. Some gross pictures of mouth surgery I found on the 'net. Nah. I definitely don't have time to research gross mouth surgery right now!
2. K2's sew job on a clementine. She peeled it only on one side and then sewed it back up and put it back in the bag. Yes! She spent at least an hour sewing it back up and was very proud of the result. I think it looks all moist and stuff because of the light.
3. B's knee. Close up and nasty the day after surgery. Nah. I didn't even see it until three days after because he wasn't allowed to take the wrap off.
4. My sister's spider bite from last year after the doctor's cleaned it (under anesthesia). Nope. Trust me, it was grosser than that!

So there you have it! Oh, and have I mentioned that my retreat is TWO WEEKS away? I am so excited. T-shirts are ordered (right under the wire) and there is shopping to be done.
That is all.

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