Monday, May 16, 2011

Retreat: The Black Swan

The black swan was beautiful, but very sad.
When we went to use the gazebo for our annual group picture, we stopped to talk to him. He made the saddest sounds - mournful and lonely. I think my heart broke a little bit.
(I wish I would have taken his picture)
At checkout, we mentioned how sad the black swan seemed and our host told us that they'd originally had a pair. The female suddenly disappeared one night, leaving the male alone.
They've tried to find him another lady friend, but since swans mate for life, it's never worked out.
How poignant is that?
And the poor guy is stuck near the pond with a pair of geese - the male goose all about trumpeting his displeasure that you dare look at his wife. I can't help but wonder how badly the black swan wants to kick his ass just to put him in his place and remind him that he's a lucky goose.
I keep thinking about the black swan. I figure he'll show up in a story at some point. How can he not?

The first full day back from retreat is always exhausting. Today was no different. But I am writing. I still don't know if I've found my mojo yet, but I'm sticking with my plan and it feels good.
That is all...

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