Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Answers...because I know you can't live without knowing...ha!
1. I got my hair caught in the leaf blower. Yes. I bent down to grab something as B ran the blower beside me...
2. When I got home from the retreat, my truck was out of gas and no one told me. Also true. Argh.
3. I think my cat missed me more than the humans that live here. I don't think he cared I was gone.
4. While on retreat, on Saturday, I did not go to the Internet cafe even once. True.
5. When I crawled into my bed Sunday night, there were five stink bugs under my pillow. Nah.
6. I just had an ant crawling on my computer screen. Yes.
7. My granddaughter is the cutest baby ever. Absolutely. She is equal in cuteness to my own children, only made cuter by the fact that I don't have to get up with her in the middle of the night, or change nasty diapers.
8. There was a scout function on Friday (while I was away) and all of the firetrucks B organized got called away for emergencies leaving him with nothing. True..
9. We are getting baby chicks soon. Sigh. Also true.
10. The wood bees are so bad on our front porch that the railing collapsed. (They're like stink bugs, only more destructive) No. But there are about a million of them out there.
Sorry this one's a lame-o. I came back from the retreat to a heavy busy week and work's been the same. (I wasn't sure what day it was earlier. Yes. That crazy) But I have at least done something on the book every single day, and that's a good feeling.
I'd also like to wish my mom a Very Happy Birthday!! Love you, Mom!
And that is all. My pillow is calling me, and if I'm lucky, the psychotic water bed leaking has stopped. (It doesn't leak all of the time and we can't find the hole!)

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