Saturday, May 21, 2011

The World is Ending?

I had no idea until I saw posts on Facebook. I still didn't know when and then I found out it was supposed to be today.
So far none of my neighbors have turned into zombies. It seems life is going on as usual around here. I even checked the gnomes and they're as obnoxious as usual with no signs of turning into evil (more evil) creatures. Maybe it's just not time yet?
The suggestion that the world is ending and the zombie apocalypse is starting fills my head with ideas...Such as:
Do animals turn into zombies? If a bear ate a zombie, would the bear become a zombie bear?
Where would you seek refuge from your zombie neighbors?
Would you loot to get the things you need to survive, or would you already have them?
What kind of role would you have in the new world? Would you hide and cry, or would you form a zombie response posse and try to find a way to end it?
Money would mean nothing. How would you get the things you need, especially after the looting is finished and there's nothing left?
...oh there's more, but I'm not going to get anything done today if I keep going. Before I go, let's discuss the essential zombie apocalypse survival kit.
Here's what mine would have:
Weapons - a lot of weapons and ammo.
Toilet paper
A massive first aid kit.
Canned goods and other food items.
Extra fuel, with fuel stabilizer so it doesn't go bad.
A generator.
Walkie Talkies and/or a CB radio
Liquor - lots of it since it would be useful for trade as well as have a wide variety of uses.
I know I'm missing stuff. So tell me what would be in your survival kit? What would you add? What do you need to survive?

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