Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday and I'm at the Beach Edition!

Yes, you read and saw that right. I'm at the beach!!
It was random and by chance, but here we are. This week started off rough - the stomach flu, followed by me getting a nasty cold. When the weekend offer was made, I wasn't sure I could make it. Not only was I sick, but the home weekend was packed full. That man I live with didn't even raise an eyebrow though. He rearranged everything to make it possible.
So, here I am with the bff's - laughing, watching sappy movies, Supernatural, and eating a ton of junk food. And having a blast. And writing!!!
That is all for now...


Ava Quinn said...

Have a great time, guys!

Victoria said...

:) We did and still are for another few hours! :)