Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Year in Review...

Hey, it's only a week late!!
January: New jobs, stink bugs, dead dryers (huh...and my dryer is dead again!), more stink bugs, snow, adjustments.
February: More stink bugs, warmer temps, spaghetti, Supernatural, pictures.
March: Tall Tale Tuesday, Zombie Birthday parties, Quiet month.
April: Slacking, LotR pictures, Surprise 50th Anniversary parties, more stink bugs, motivation, gross Tall Tale Tuesday.
May: Chickens, tornadoes, Retreat!
June: Weird pictures, bad days, Chickens.
July: Camping, Summer Survival, Missing my friend, more stinkbugs, heatwaves, a week off.
August: Summer Survival, weird pictures, Jason Manns, funny notes, things I learned, more stinkbugs.
September: Tall Tale Tuesday, Floods, Weird and random, funny cakes, wedding planning, editing.
October: Weird pictures, random, Halloween, foul pictures.
November: More engagements, being elected president, taking it back, egg pictures, eye issues, guest blogger.
December: Guest blog winners, more eye issues, random, Holidays.
Actually, I posted less in December than I did every month all year. That's kind of sad, but it was a crazy month. Notice how the stink bug posts died off there...apparently, so did they, though we see an occasional one here and there.
And now we're in a new year. Come on, 2012 - show us what you're made of and make it awesome.

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