Friday, January 20, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Thank Goodness it's Friday! What a long week!
Let's hit the list, shall we?
1. Making progress. (every time I say that I think of that song with the line "Every day I'm shuffling". I don't know why)
2. Not coming down with the stomach flu (yet), even though another member of my family has fallen victim and I've again cleaned up more puke than I care to admit.
3. My cable provider reaching a deal with the network of my favorite show. (Apparently. I have not verified this yet.)
4. Snow in the forecast! Whoot!
5. Maybe finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorations down this weekend!
6. $2.20 off a gallon of gas.
7. Sleeping in tomorrow!
8. Finally...finally! sitting down with an adult beverage. The grocery shopping is done. The bills are paid, and laundry has been folded. Tonight is for relaxation. Tomorrow I will work.
9. Comfy pants, my favorite sweatshirt, and my very fuzzy socks.
10. Listening to my kid recite the entire promo for The Twilight Zone.
Okay, that's enough for now. There's some reading on my horizon, and most likely an early bedtime.

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