Sunday, January 08, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Yeah, I know Friday was days ago... It's been one of those weekends around here!
Let's cut the BS and get to the list already:
1. New Supernatural!!
2. Getting to watch new Supernatural with my sister and the bff!
3. Taking the younger kids out to dinner and having a blast.
4. Not passing out or throwing up at my very first meeting as president.
5. Great lunch conversation.
6. Sleeping in today.
7. Staying in my comfy pants all day, and getting a decent amount of revisions done. (Still going, just taking a break)
8. Movies.
9. Grocery shopping with that man I live with. Because he makes the chore fun.
10. That man I live with taking care of the supply run for sick child needs.
11. Coming home yesterday to find the tree down and the house clean.

Here's the other list:
1. The stomach flu.
2. Cleaning up vomit.
3. The somewhat queasy feeling in my own stomach.
4. Tomorrow is Monday.
5. The gas company not allowing me to park in my regular spot because they plan on showing up at an ungodly hour to finish the work they annoyed us with until 1am Saturday morning.

That is all for now.

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