Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review

This will be short since I sucked at blogging a lot this year. I am ready for this year to be over!!

January - Everything is shiny and new, guest blogger, hanging with K5, deer accidents, the birth of Baby B!, Feel Good Friday lists, water bed leaks, moving mother-in-laws, baby holding, learner's permit snafu, impromptu gatherings, girl's weekend, snow, cooking, boil water advisory, work presentations.

February - Work stress, K5, Les Mis, sucky taxes, broken 'burban, driving permit obtained, crazy weekends, grandkids, scout functions.

March - Bridal shower planning, writing, starting the wedding stuff, retreat planning, dying 'burban, catching up on stuff. (I only posted 3 times in March! Yikes)

April - Brutal day job, undisclosed kid issues, wedding planning, retreat planning, Effort, prep for visitors, me not feeling so great. stressing over the diet, girl's weekend, chaos.

May - Dinner and shopping with my boys, retreat planning, things evening out some, shower planning, date night, projects, hanging in The Wilds, RETREAT!, retreat craziness.

June - Awesome bridal shower, out of town company, barbershopping, summer vacation, wedding planning, drive in movies, hanging with family, grandkids, visitors leaving, street fair, hanging with the neighbors, yard work, Summer Survival Journal.

July - Summer Survival Journal, crazy wedding prep, still writing, K3 being a man of the world, summer camp prep, making wedding flowers, still looking for my dress.

August - My girl gets married, Summer Survival Journal.

September - Sucking as a blogger, death of the clown car, crazy kids, hanging with K5 and seeing her catch her first fish, Baby B time, stressful weeks, writing time, baby showers, movie watching, Renn Faire awesomeness, general chaos.

October - Wedding picture, hanging with friends, Draumr closing, big brother sticking up for little sister awesomeness, writing conference, contract signing, Feel Good Friday, Dear..., Halloween with all of the K's.

November - Tall Tale Tuesday, day job stress, the loss of the day job, a brand new driver, trying to find my happy place, author photo, K3's play - awesome stuff!, the death of my sister's fiance and the absolutely brutal funeral, moving K1 & J, being cold, another funeral, Thanksgiving.

December - More moving people, Internet Trolls, free Christmas trees, puppy sitting, snow!, changing isp's, Ugly Sweater Party, Christmas Eve, job search progress.

...and that brings us to today! One more day left of this weird year. I'm not sure how I feel about how this year went down - there was a lot of good stuff, and much stuff I could do without.

Here's to hoping 2014 is an awesome year!!


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