Saturday, December 07, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Always late..
Here's the list:
1. Spending all day with That Man.
2. Grocery shopping done.
3. Writing group Christmas party today! So excited!
4. Stromboli for dinner tonight.
5. The furry four-legged friend who will be staying with us for 10 days. That Man's sister's puppy. She's about 7 months old. This will be the deciding factor in whether we get a puppy or an older dog. The kids are very excited.
6. Tomorrow's plans - cookie making, tree decorating, turkey eating. I really, really hope it snows!
7. Teenagers hanging out here last night.
8. The fact that K3 can drive K4 where she needs to be. It was kind of a weird moment when they drove away this morning. Weird, but cool.
9. Anniversary plans with That Man. The only thing I know right now is that we will have some time alone and that's fantastic.
That's enough for now...
I need to get ready for my party!

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