Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tired Tuesday

Ugh, I'm tired.

Getting ready to head up to bed in a few minutes - once I take care of a few things.

I worked ten hours at the day job today. Not overtime - making up time. We had a power outage yesterday and had over three hours without work. I came home and took a little nap, and then went back in when the power came back on - staying until almost seven (until someone called in to say the roads were getting slippery). I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any time, so was more than willing to go in early/stay late to make up the difference. Heck, I wish it was overtime, but alas....

Helped K4 with an essay. (She says Hi, by the way) It was an exercise in hilarity because we were both working in the same google doc. Every time she went off the doc to fix music or whatever, I would type something completely ridiculous in the essay, and she would do the same when I took my attention away. It had us both laughing hysterically, which was worth it. She's finishing a section on Poe, which has been a groan-worthy section for her (and me, since she's needed help quite a bit).

This week is moving slow for me. Maybe it's just being so tired...

Now I'm off to edit a bit before I hang it up for the night.


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