Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weird Wednesday...

What was weird about today?

Well... As I was walking into the day job, I noticed something weird on the pavement. I looked and it was this ginormous spider. I tried to take a picture of it, but no matter how I tried it didn't look like a spider. No, I didn't squash it, either. When one of my coworkers pulled in, I was sure he'd smashed it with his car. At lunch, I went out to my car and realized it was still there. And that it wasn't a real spider at all. It was a plastic bug - not even with eight legs. Duh!

Another weird - we made it to school on time. Probably the first time in weeks. I was stunned, especially since our schedule has changed a bit.

The whole day was weird in one way or another. Much of it I can't put into words. Nor will I try.

The sickness is here in this house in two forms. The stomach bug and the cold crap. Hopefully both stay away from me. I have disinfected and will continue to disinfect...

I'm computer shopping. I think I found the one I want. It has what I need. I just don't want to swipe my card for it yet... But this one continues to shut down on me. Argh.

And now it's time to shut down to sleep...


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