Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Broken Love

These are my pilgrims.
I painted them myself. They stand on the front porch and give Thanksgiving greetings. Or they will. When they're back together.
They need marriage counseling. I'm not sure what happened to cause their relationship problems, but by last fall, they weren't able to hold the pumpkin they share. He left her with all the responsibility for the pumpkin. Look at her, she's mad. I think he pushed her. I found her laying face down on the porch. He had that gleam of achievement in his eyes. I put her back up, close to him, and the next time I went out, they were very far apart again. They spent time together in the basement, leaned against the wall side by side since last December. I hope they talked things out because they have a job to do. If you look at him, he almost looks sorry.
B will provide the marriage counseling with a trusty drill and a few screws. When I told him the above, he said I was weird.

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Anonymous said...

Well you are weird!! But that's what we love about you!