Friday, November 03, 2006

Funny Pic

One more of my sister's dog, Nezzie.
This was her Halloween costume. Faerie dog. I love that she actually looks like she's flying in this pic.
She trick or treated with us and had lots of compliments on her attire. One house even had dog treats for any trick or treating pooches. She did well, except for when we approached a man dressed in an elongated mask complete with huge hands. Of course, he was wielding a fake chainsaw.
Sadly, Abbie is not a trick or treating dog. We've taken her in years past, but we believe her night vision is poor. The crowds and darkness upset her. She won't even go get her ball at night, unless it's thrown in a well lit area of the yard.
Busy day and weekend ahead. Don't know if I'll be back to post until Monday. If not, enjoy the weekend and behave!

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