Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh. My.

My head already hurts.
The birthday party sleepover has started. K2, and her cousins. All 15 years old or close enough.
My kitchen looks like the aftermath of some twisted eating frenzy. Pieces of eggrolls, taco rollups and pizza rolls (among other finger type foods) spread from one end of the counter to the other. And they took pictures of the half-eaten food - the container of sour cream and the bowl of soy sauce. (Again, praise to the digital camera)
They have a full evening planned. Scary movies. Dancing. Music. More food. More movies. I'm not sure sleep is part of their time together.
Luckily the extra girls are very at home here. There's no awkwardness or shyness. If they need a glass of water, they get it - they know where everything is. That's a cool thing. I may shake my head at the food mess, but knowing my daughter has such close friends is a very good feeling.
And I cherish this time because one day soon there won't be any more birthday party sleepovers. One day, we'll take her to dinner for her birthday before she goes out dancing with her friends. Our house will be quiet, and clean, but at least we'll have these memories to hold on to.
This time goes fast. I'm noticing that more and more these days.
Now I must go clean the kitchen.
Hope your weekend was enjoyable!

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