Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cosmic Tryptophan Interference

Why else would this rash of bad luck and irritating things be happening?
Not just to me. Though admittedly, my annoyance meter is no where near what other friends are. My troubles are more "life on steroids" as opposed to the heaped on lives of a few of my friends. One gets fantastic news Monday, only to have Tuesday bring chaos. Another goes through bad news like the Sunday paper. Why?
Does our turkey fest somehow disrupt the balance of the cosmos? Or is it the shopping? The Christmas lights?
I blame the turkey. All those fumes from baking birds have to do something to the atmosphere. Think about it...If aerosol hair spray helped create the hole in the ozone, what would millions of people cooking turkeys at the same time do? Something, I'd bet.
Maybe all that tryptophan causes some kind of shift in the alignment of the universe?
*I know. Too silly. Sorry.

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