Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's snowing here!
No. Really. A lot of snow. And it's supposed to turn to ice at some point. (Thank you, Mother Nature)
That's my puppy. She was only out about 5 minutes to get that covered and I had a hard time convincing her she needed to come back inside. She constantly wants out and is giving me pathetic looks because I don't want to deal with the ick she brings back in with her.
Now I'm waiting to hear if school will let out early. I did the crazy snow shopping last night (after a trip to the post office -creepy at ten o'clock p.m.) - when the store was pretty much out of bread, eggs, milk and toilet paper. Which totally cracks me up. Yeah, I like to be kind of stocked up for a storm, but my stocking up includes mostly junk food. In fact, milk was the only one of those items I bought last night, but we were completely out. That always happens though - I need to do my regular grocery shopping when they're calling for a winter storm. Then everyone looks at me like I'm the crazy one for having such a huge cart.
But, I digress.
Apparently a lot because I can't remember what this post was supposed to be about besides the snow. Since I started this, I've been on the phone nearly nonstop and have checked the closings probably way more frequently than I need to. But, I did just find out they're getting out 2 hours early.
Which means I need to stop gazing out the window and get to work!

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