Friday, February 09, 2007


You'll remember I said I don't watch much television.
But there is one show that I will not miss. I even own the entire season 1 on DVD. I make everyone in my house be quiet and I've started to guard the remote control so no one even thinks about changing the channel, even during a commercial.
Yes, it's Supernatural and I'm with these friends in my total adoration of the characters, actors, plot, writing - yeah, everything about it.
If you've never watched it and can handle spooky, scary, occasionally bloody, but always good and fine to look at, then I highly suggest you give it a look-see. You won't be sorry.
Just when I think the show couldn't possibly get any better, it does. I'd still watch regardless, but that's not the point. Last night's episode was awesome. That's not to say it wasn't without faults, (why weren't they wearing the anti-possession charms since they were little?) but any fault is easily overlooked because the characterization in these shows is so fantastic.
I could go on and on.
Especially since I got the chance to watch last night's episode again today and yeah, bad Sam is very, very good.
And so is worried Dean trying to save bad Sam.
Next Thursday can't come soon enough!

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