Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday...or is it Tuesday?

I find myself without much to say today.
Go figure.
It's incredibly warm here today - like go outside without your jacket warm. Weird, when there's still so much snow on the ground! But the stuff is melting nicely.
Vicky B's book, Akashan'te, comes out tomorrow!
Check it out. You won't be sorry.
Lot's of hootin' and hollerin' for that one! We've critiqued together for quite a while, so her becoming published is almost as good as it happening to me!
(I did say almost!)
I also realize I haven't posted an update on the bedroom rearranging for a while.
K2's room is done and she's moved in. Not happy that K4 moved with her for now - even if the whole deal is very temporary.
Now we begin on the master bedroom - which really isn't a master bedroom since there's no bathroom attached. (dang it!)
The ceiling has some issues, but B has a plan for that. We pulled up the carpet, but left it in until the painting is complete. The floor underneath is very nice - stained around the edges, but the center part has never been touched by paint, stain or spillage (thank goodness for good carpet padding). A little sanding and some polyurethane and we're in good shape there. B also found a dead space above the closet and has a plan for that too. The room is a mess of insulation, plaster and old wallpaper, but I have high hopes it'll shape up quickly.
So we are getting there.
Oh, and remember how I said K1 swore he saw a mouse?
Apparently, he really did.
We heard this weird noise last night - kind of like K4 crying, but not really - when we investigated, there was Kramer with a cute little mouse hanging out of his mouth. I'm shocked. I really believed the cat was afraid of his own shadow. Apparently not. He got treats and praise and is still strutting around here like the king of the hill.
That's all I have for now!

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Natalie Damschroder said...

Good thing you didn't have much to say! LOL