Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snowy Sunday

It's snowing here.
Or it was. Doesn't appear to be doing much of anything out there right now and I'm not sure of the forecast at this point. All our evening activities were canceled before the first flake even fell, so we're hanging out at home - taking naps (me), watching NASCAR (B)and working in the room.
Progress is being made, but it's not fast enough for me. I'm ready to paint. B has some problem with that since he's not done patching holes and making dust. Go figure. I've been kicked off the hole patching job. Yes. Even the little ones. I obviously suck at it. I just want to paint. That's all I care about right now. Yesterday while he cut drywall and made dust, I wrote. And I'll be going back to new pages as soon as I'm done catching up with the 'net.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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