Monday, April 23, 2007

Behind Again

Catching up...
This little dude brought a sense of urgency to my son's weekend. He's a twin, but K1 and his "wife" split them up during the night, except for the first night. He had them both while his "wife" worked, and she had them when he worked.
Let's just say the plastic baby verified his lack of desire to become a parent in the very near future. Especially since we thought the baby died.
For most of Sunday, the child remained silent. Then, it started crying. K1 had already gone to see friends and these newer models cannot be soothed by just anyone. He had an electronic bracelet on that matched the baby and only he, or his "wife", could calm them.
I called him, informed him his baby needed him and waited. When the thing started wailing, I called him again and left a message of the baby's cries on his phone. He showed up within minutes, and had the nerve to laugh at me.
Because despite already knowing there was nothing I could do to help, I was still holding the baby. When I told him it made me feel better, he actually laughed at me.
That's about it...

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