Friday, April 20, 2007

Supernatural T Words

The boys are back. And it was darn good to see them.
Last nights episode was Terrific!
I'm not going to go deep because I haven't seen it a second time yet, but Dean really cracked me up with the food, the "PA" stuff and his knowledge of horror movies in general. I did have it figured out way before the end, but that's okay by me.
Previews for next week were awesome.

On a different note...
Remember when K2 brought "the baby" home? The plastic gender confused fake grandchild for the weekend?
Now K1 is doing the project. I think it's for Sociology class. He has a "wife" and they have to "run a household", including caring for their "child" - or in this case, "children". Yep. They're getting twins.
He's bringing them home from school (I'll try to put up pictures later. When I told him I was going to, he just rolled his eyes) and then his "wife" will take them for the night because he has to work early tomorrow. Saturday night, they're all his.
Should be an interesting weekend around here.
That's all...

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