Saturday, April 14, 2007


There you have it. The "L" word.
Gloomy, sad, mournful...excessively mournful - to a ridiculous level.
So, I could feel lugubrious that I've already heard three times today..."So, do you feel old now?"
I could feel lugubrious about the whole birthday age thing altogether, but I refuse. I don't feel any different than when I turned 20.
I am, however, lugubriously thinking about missing vacation.
This is a funny word. It doesn't make me think gloomy. Not necessarily. I picture a bunch of wealthy men, standing in a circle discussing their stock market losses while sipping over-priced scotch. "I would never want Buffy to know the lugubrious hit our portfolio took." "I know, Skip, I swore father to secrecy. If Dee-dee ever found out I had to finance her new car for two weeks, she'd divorce me. Terrible, lugubrious misfortune."
Over-exaggerated? Yep. (and my apologies to any Buffy's, Skip's and Dee-dee's)
That's all for today.

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