Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Customer Service and Stress

Yeah. It's been one those days around here.
Good on the whole, but with a few annoyances thrown in to frustrate me.
Like, for example, I got the bill for my brand spanking new phone/Internet/cable service with additional charges that aren't supposed to be on there. My plan was for free certain promotional additions for a year. When I called, certain there'd been some kind of mistake, I was told I'd misunderstood the offer. Yeah. Not. After explaining myself further, I was then told the customer service rep who sold me the plan misunderstood the offer. This is, of course, after I'd been kept on hold for over ten minutes and not just on regular hold, on the one that reverts back to the person you're talking to if you make a noise or talk to someone else in the room. That made it pretty much impossible to say the bad words springing to my lips as I fumed over the way she treated me. Anyway. To make a long and boring story short, my last question was if I was under some contract with them that would prevent me from switching service. When she said no, I hung up.
Then I called my previous company to start the process of switching back. The first person I talked to, though pleasant, couldn't help me. I was transferred to another pleasant person. Then their system hitched requiring a reboot and I was told I'd be called back within ten minutes. Um...yeah...that was five hours ago, and still nothing. So...I'm not sure where this leaves me. Except I know for sure I'm not staying with my current company. So far, the whole experience has been a nightmare. The cable doesn't work right, the Internet is slow, and the installation process, though easy, was incomplete and then even more difficult thanks to even ruder customer service reps.
Then we had open house at the younger K's school. Which was really fine. It was fun to watch their faces as they showed me around in their element. In all my years of going to these (and it's been a lot) I don't ever remember there being so many people there. That wasn't too bad. Until we went to the book fair end of the school. The crowd was so insane it was nearly impossible to even move, let alone take the time to actually look at anything. We spend more time waiting to check out than we did choosing books. And no, I'm not really complaining about it, except that it stressed me (and the K's) out.
And there you have it. An actual rant from me. What do you know?

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