Monday, March 24, 2008


We definitely need one of these where we camp. Just not this one. These were taken in an area with a lot of flood damage - debris galore. And, lucky you, I've got several more shots of odd debris to show you.
I'm not exactly sure what that other thing is. Some kind of concrete mixer maybe. Don't know for sure. To the left is a pile of glass bottles someone collected. It was nice to hike yesterday since the underbrush isn't grown up yet. Besides a few thorn bushes, you could easily navigate through what is otherwise a very densely treed area. Further down the path we found evidence of how high the flood water was. Standing about ten feet from the creek bank, the water would have been at least seven foot deep. That amazes me. On a regular summer day, you can wade through pretty much any area of the creek. There are a few carp holes, where the water is over your head and the hugest (amazingly huge) fish live, but there aren't many areas like that in the stretch of the creek we haunt.
There's your Monday oddness.

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