Monday, March 17, 2008

My Little Leprechaun

Yes. That's what I live with.
Isn't he talented?
I am so proud.
There's no embarrassment here.
He could care less that there's now a goofy picture of him on my blog.
Then again, if you could see some of the pictures that were taken Saturday night, this would look normal. I can't show you them, because I don't have them. But think Hannah Montana wig and grown men. It was hysterical. Who knows, I might managed to get my hands on them. So that's all I'm saying for now.
Goofy pictures are a theme in our family. Usually when we're together we find something ridiculous or strange and we each pose with it - a blonde, curly wig, a cardboard "stupid" sign, my brother in laws brand new guitar, one of those composting toilets, the outhouse at the creek, strange hats...the list goes on and on. Which means I might gain some new blog fodder over Easter when the family's all together. It's one of those things we haven't done in a while, so it's probably time again. Better check my camera batteries.
We're due to try the whole roller skating thing tonight. Wonder how that will go? This week is a busy one. We're even going to try our skills at snow tubing. I'll probably be in traction by the weekend.

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