Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We think there was a bridge here at one time. Through the water (when it's low) there's evidence - some heavy timbers in a diagonal line to the other side. There's an old tree on the other side, and that's where we think the bridge exited. Though we're not sure of any of it.
Tonight we cross a different kind of bridge. K3 crosses from cub scouts to boy scouts. It's a huge deal, with a cool ceremony that actually includes a bridge to symbolize going from cub scouts to boy scouts. B and I have to cross with him, to show our support for his future endeavors, plus there's an additional ceremony where he gives me a pin. We'll have dinner served by the boy scouts, and listen to a few speeches before the ceremonies begin. Now I've been through this before with K1, but I'm not stupid enough to believe I won't get all teary-eyed at this new step my youngest son is taking. Plus, he's not such a little guy anymore. Heck, it won't be long until he's begging me to let him drive places like his sister.
Time marches on. I guess. Bridges are crossed and new paths are chosen.
Man. I'm a sap.

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