Sunday, April 06, 2008

More Pants and Random Crap

Nat's got her post up here. The fourth tale isn't up yet, but we're expecting it soon. I did get my copy of the group picture. I have to scan it before I can post it and I'm not really sure that's an option. The scanner didn't cooperate last time I attempted it, so we'll see. The pictures I tried to post today weren't even working right. Maybe it's just me. Probably.
Yesterday was the monthly chapter meeting of my writer's group. Always a blast. We went to our usual place to harass our usual waiter, which is also always fun. And sad at the same time since he's leaving and probably won't be back.
Oh, and thanks to my excellent brother-in-law my house is now wireless and I'm once again able to get on the Internet on my laptop - supposedly even from upstairs. I'm dying to try that out, but haven't had time as of yet. And he's taken care of most of the problems on my desktop, making the Internet much faster and a much more pleasant experience. Gotta love it. And I do. Immensely. We've been having a blast hanging out. Last night B's family gathered here for chili verde, game playing, and birthday frivolity for B's sister and her milestone birthday. I'm not exactly sure what today will hold besides our usual Sunday obligations.
My short story is going well. I had to begin again when I realized I was over 1/3 of the way through and the hero and heroine hadn't even met yet, which is so not good in a short story. I don't lament the already written and now discarded pages because thanks to that I have a really good handle on the story. I'm not nearly as far as I previously was, but I'm hoping to remedy that today. And I still don't have a title, but I'm working on it.
So, there's your Sunday update.

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