Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How many different ways can I warn you my post is mostly nonsense? I guess we'll find out, huh?
The sun is out here and temps are supposed to increase through the rest of the week. Very nice. Hopefully that means I'm done shivering until winter.
So, the fabulous Megan is at the Romantic Times convention this week. Yes. I'm jealous, but one day I'll get there. Anyway. Last night she text messaged me to say our Squishy is there. Did I ever explain the squishy? I don't think so. If you looked at the pics you noticed he's very muscular, and you'd expect those muscles to be unyielding and hard. Yet, his hug was not painful, it was...squishy and nice. (I guess I can't really explain it - just shake your head as usual.) I can't wait to hear the details of her adventure.
I just updated our calendar and to my horror, so far we have 3 weddings to attend toward the end of summer. And it's not horror in the sense of... holy crap, what the hell are you people doing getting married...It's horror that I have absolutely nothing to wear, nothing that fits, and refuse to purchase new clothing when I can't stand looking at my butt in the mirror. Now I'm on a mission - not just me - my sister and I (and B - though he can drop weight with the snap of his fingers) are on the mission together. The plan is that we both slough off a bunch of pounds and go dress and shoe shopping together so we can swap since she has several weddings to attend as well. One of our events will be very formal - probably black tie - which presents a whole 'nother bunch o' stress as I'm not sure I know how to behave in that type of setting (or exactly what that means I'm supposed to wear), but it's also a wedding I wouldn't miss for the world so I guess I'll do the best I can and hope I use the right fork. Another wedding is an out of town event, which is exciting since B and I will actually be alone for the weekend. The wedding in the middle is close friends and will be an absolute blast. Now if I can only forget about the chocolate ice cream in the freezer...
Back to work for me. Since I did the calendar I realized just how fast time is moving and how little I have to do what I want to do.

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