Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Giddy...

And why not?
It's Friday. I got to watch Sam and Dean last night, while hooked up to the Internet in my room. (I don't think the coolness of that is ever goind to wear off) The weather is beautiful even though it's raining now. The smell of rain makes me happy, especially after the warm day. I'm still thrilled about finishing my short - even more so now that I'm at the hard copy edit stage already. I hadn't planned to be. I was going to let it rest today, but decided not to and started the first computer edits. Then I kicked myself for not starting earlier when I was 12 pages from the end and had to pick the K's up from school. Even after all the running I had to do this afternoon (and it was a lot - but I'll get to that in a minute) I managed to finish and print the pages. (Which was a debacle because some word update failed and I had to try four times before I could even get my document loaded) Once I'm done here, I'll take pencil in hand and start marking up my pretty pages. And yes, I use a mechanical pencil instead of a red pen or any other color pen. I like the pencil best.
Okay. Moving on.
Three of the four K's are away this weekend. We had tons of last minute packing and running around to do after they got home. Then rushed around like fools to get people to their destinations on time, but had a nice (not fast food) dinner with the younger two K's during the lull. And a trip for ice cream once the last one was delivered. Sweet. Now K4 is in for a little spoiling this weekend, which should be fun.
That's all...

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