Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I have been gifted with B's cold. Lucky, lucky me. And of course, this comes on when I don't have the time to be sick, and when I have a whole bunch of fun stuff going on, and a whole bunch of writing to do. Though I can't say I know anyone who really has the time, or enjoys, being sick. Still, it's my cold and my blog and I'll whine if I want to.
Tomorrow I'm meeting with friends for a much-needed gathering. The frivolity will then move to the evening, where more fun grown up type stuff is planned. B's brother, B, is coming in tomorrow too, and the weekend will be full of family gatherings and the like. Actually, the next two weekends since he just emailed us and said his trip was extended. It's a business trip for him - he'll be traveling pretty much everyday and coming here to crash on our couch. Before you feel sorry for him, his four children are relatively close in age to ours, so he's used to this type of chaos. Plus, he's an easy house guest (and he loves to cook) so I'm not all that concerned or stressed about the visit. Except I am trying to make my house look at least halfway decent for his arrival and the cold is seriously messing with my mojo.
I need chicken soup.
And the tissues I forgot to buy at the grocery store.
On of these days I'm actually going to have an in depth post of insightful thoughts and information. Seriously.

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