Friday, April 04, 2008

Brotherhood of the Tearaway Pants - Part 3

So...these friends and I went to see the Chippendale's last night for Megan's birthday. Okay, so the link is to this guy with his arms around me - because he was my favorite. Superman. Yes. Dirty cowboy. Yes. We had a blast, but that's not to say the entire experience was stellar.
Megan's fantastic sister got us free passes. It was the first time I've ever been on any kind of "list", plus I got carded - twice, which for obvious reasons doesn't happen so much anymore. But can I just say...PANTS OFF!!
What happened to the tearaway pants?
There are none. There's only torn off shirts that are then thrown into the audience to be snapped up by over stimulated women.
We get there and are immediately crammed in a small waiting space with about a hundred other women. Finally they open the doors, where we proceeded to wait for almost 2 full freaking hours (with who knows how many hundreds of women) before they actually started the show. Why? Heck if I know, but here's what I think...alcoholic beverage consumption and money making. (This comes from a non-alcoholic consuming observer) The guys had stuff to sell - t-shirts, dvd's and raffle tickets. (Ladies, mmmkay) Okay. So the show finally starts and of course, everywhere I try to stand there's an Amazon woman in front of me and I can't see. Scratch that. It wouldn't have mattered where I stood. It was impossible to see because the stage was too low. Apparently there was some floor dancing being done, but none of us could see what was going on.
The dancing was good. The "tributes" and the singing not so much. They also did this "hot seat" thing where you could pay to go on stand and get your own private dance. Which was fine - except they probably spent nearly half the show collecting money from intoxicated women. The guys were cute - some more than others. (Ahem. Picture.) Two of them didn't really dance at all, but seemed to be in charge of stage preparation and picking up the clothing the others took off. The show ended way later than we figured it would. Then you could pay to get your picture taken with all of them (thank you, Nat) - which we did (I don't have my copy yet) and after that, the guys were available to sign stuff. It was late by then, (which is why I look like total crap in the above picture) but we hung around like troopers. Misty and Nat got their tattoo's signed. Megan and I got our asses grabbed during a picture with another one of the guys - okay. wait. Megan got hers poked and I just got groped a little in a non-threatening way.
I have more pictures - which you'll have to wait for. After we left, and could hear again, we stood in the parking lot being drizzled upon by mother nature and talked. I can't say the experience is one I'd ever want to repeat, but it was a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...


But he was cute, huh?

Victoria said...

He was very cute. And SQUISHY!!!!!