Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still Sick

Here are some cows for you to look at. They're the tiny black and white dots. Consider this a commercial break while I suffer and try not to die.
Hopefully this stupid illness doesn't last much longer.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This house is on the way to the farm. In all of the years we lived up there, and all of the years we've visited up there, I have never seen anyone really live in this house.
Renovations would start and then stop - several times. The barn always appeared to be in use, and the grass was cut with frequency. But...I don't know...
I like to think it's haunted and that whatever spirit(s) reside inside aren't friendly. But that's just me.
Anyway. Short one today since B gifted me with his lovely illness and I feel like a big ole pile 'o crap.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mud and Fun

Our friends on the farm rescued several horses not long ago. They're skinny and unbroken, with some health and other problems, but they're the sweetest things. This one is my favorite. It looks like a giraffe and is really shy. It'll come over for petting, but doesn't linger for long. The other one with similar markings always has its head out of the stall and is very tolerant, despite the scars on its nose and neck from a halter that was left on as it grew. I'm not sure if they're planning on breaking them for riding, but I'd like to be there if they do.
The kids had a blast running around, and of course, we all came home kind of muddy and tired. I have pictures of goats, chickens, ducks, cows and buildings - which you'll see throughout the coming week. We ate stromboli (she makes the best stromboli ever), talked, laughed and talked some more. I lingered in her craft shop, checking out stuff I might need. It was a very cool day.
Then it got dark. As I was standing outside taking in the lack of car noise, people noise, and light, I realized that's one of biggest thing I miss about living up there - the quiet.
It's a place that will always feel like home to me. (not that there's a chance of us moving back with the current price of gas)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sickness

B has a cold. It's no wonder given the amount of weird hours he's put in at work this week and because pretty much everyone at his work is also sick with the same thing. He's at a definite disadvantage since he's allergic to the main active ingredient in cold medicine, leaving him with not many options for relief. He can take Benadryl, but not much else, and he hates the way Benadryl makes him feel. I'm always nervous when he tries something new because I don't relish the thought of an emergency room visit after how he reacted the last time he took something for relief.
His symptoms started Thursday so by now, after days of congestion, fatigue, fever, and aches, I'm beginning to question his sanity. Especially after he just came through here talking about snot and how he'd going to come up with something that will make your snot taste like your favorite thing.
Chocolate flavored snot anyone?
I'd been setting here wondering what I was going to blog about today. So there you have it. What I live with made even more weird by the ravages of a head cold.
We're heading back up to the farm today. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for the week. I'll definitely have some mud!

Friday, September 26, 2008

So That Explains It!

Now I know why my entire house overslept this morning! ... Behave!

Happy Things

I think this is about the time I decided to quit the year last year and I gotta tell you I'm having the same feelings. This year hasn't been too much better than last and I wholly believe it's time to move on. Or it will be soon. I'm willing to give 2008 another chance to prove me wrong and make me say "this is the best year evar!". It's seriously been one thing after another around here. Again. I still think our last name should be Murphy, and I wonder if we're in some kind of cosmic payback for wrongs we did in another life. Or that we're in some really bad sitcom and don't know it. Seriously. Ha!
Anyway. Yesterday was a pretty darned crappy day for me. Everything I touched turned black and crumbled in my hand. I never made my dental appointment thanks to a backup on the highway, so I still have stitches in my mouth. My morning got derailed when some lady was chasing a three-legged dog around my back yard (no kidding). And a whole bunch of other stuff you don't want to hear about.
But then, Supernatural came on. (No, this is not a post about Supernatural. Though it was a fantastic, absolutely fantastic, episode) After it ended, several of us chatted online about the episode and stuff in general and by the time I signed off, I had a totally different view of the day. As I was laying in bed (trying not to grumble too much about the remote being missing - which drives me nuts, but that's a subject for another post), I realized I need to focus more on the things that make me happy instead of letting the trials of life tromp me into the dirt.
So, here is my happy list for today. The list of things within the past twenty-four hour that make a lot of the crappy stuff fade:
1. My best friend/husband and his weird sense of humor.
2. Pumpkin spice candles.
3. Laughing with friends.
4. Putting new words on the page. (even if sometimes it feels like those words are coming directly out of my coronary artery)
5. Fighting kids - because at least they're here and not out with people I don't approve of.
6. Today's plans and weekend plans.
7. Rain and cool weather.
8. Wireless Internet.
9. A semi-clean house.
10. Goals to keep me focused.
And, of course...
11. Supernatural.
yeah. It's a mostly lame list, but you get the picture. I don't expect it to make a lot of sense to you. Consider it my effort to climb out of the dark pit I've been in before more black mud fills my mouth.
And most of all...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Why?

Questions on my mind today.
1. Why is it that when you send your teenager to the store for one thing and give them ample cash, they tell you there wasn't enough money? (I saw the receipt, but I didn't pay that much two days ago!)
2. Why does this week seem so darned long?
3. What happens when your 8 year old decides to clean out her Barbie box in your living room, and decides the Barbies need a bath and gets a bowl of water to wash their hair, and then forgets about the huge mess to play outside? Or maybe the right question is, why?
4. Why am I so tired all of the time, but can't sleep when it's bedtime?
5. Why does it seem like Thursday will never get here even though it's tomorrow?
6. Why are my kids still stuck on survival shows?
7. Why do all the light bulbs in my house burn out at the exact same time?
8. Why are there socks everywhere I look?
Okay, I'm going to stop now before I get any stupider!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I'm Doing...

I've crossed off about twelve things from my to do list since last night (and no, I don't put things like "go to bed", "get up", "brush teeth" on it! Ha!). I'm kind of moving slow today though - watching Supernatural, surfing the web, looking at the other million-and-a-half things left on that list, but making no movement toward crossing them off.
Oh, and I'm writing - or I will be in a few. I'm ready to rock and roll, the document's open and the cursor's on the right line. Working on this book is like walking on glass right now though. I keep trying to think of other things to write or edit. I think that's because of how much I deleted. I mean, I was already done with the book and cut over half of it. That's significant, and sucky. The rewrite is going better than I expected, but there's this...I don't know...fear, disenchantment, dread...or something that's blocking my path. I try to write through it, and do fine, but as soon as I have a non-writing day, all of it comes back with a vengeance. Which is where I am right now. Monday's are typically non-writing days for me right now. I had fantastic output on Sunday thanks to B taking over Scout duties for me so I could write, and when I found out (much to my disappointment) that my Monday evening plans had changed, I figured I'd spend the evening writing. Only it didn't happen. I was paralyzed or something. I never even opened the document.
So that's where I'm at. I guess recognizing the road blocks are half the battle though. And I am really close to the end. Except I have no idea where the book is going now. As much as I'd tried to prevent it by the extensive plotting I did for this book, I'm back to flying by the seat of my pants. Oh well...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's List

Since I have a big to do list, you're getting one too. My whole life seems to revolve around this list of mine - with good reason. If I didn't have it, the likelihood of me actually remembering anything right now would be slim to none.
Out of twenty items - yes, twenty - originally there was close to thirty - 10 are household admin duties, 5 are writing-related, 3 relate to my scout duties, and the rest fall into the "other" category. Will I get all of these things done today? Bwah ha ha. Ahem. No.
Here's my Monday list of things that would be awesomely cool:
1. A television channel that showed Supernatural/SamDean related stuff with no commercials 24/7.
2. Laundry that does itself.
3. Self-cleaning houses.
4. A radio station that plays only my favorite songs. (I know, it's called an iPod. I don't have one.)
5. Vehicles that never need gas.
6. Vehicles that never need repaired.
7. A pantry that stocks itself.
8. Having a private chef.
9. Going to the beach.
10. A nap.
Okay, so you can see what kind of mood I'm in. It's probably related to my burdensome list and the fact that I've been sleeping like crap lately.
But, on the good side only 3 more days until new Supernatural. Only 4 more days until Friday. Pizza for dinner. Kids doing chores. Pages written. Cool weather. Pumpkin bread.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cows and Baby Ducks...

As soon as we pulled into our friends yesterday, we realized something was amiss on the farm. There were cows where cows don't belong. So, we headed into the field to help round them up. The kids weren't too sure about it at first, especially when a big, black cow came crashing out of the corn field right in front of us, but they ended up acting like old farm hands and really helped get the cows back into their pasture.
From there, they ran around the barn, chasing the barn kitten (and begging me to bring it home), feeding the goats, (cute baby goat!) chasing ducklings (I got to hold one. It was so cute! K2 chased it down just so I could hold it.) and petting the horses. They played in the hayloft, on some equipment, and with the dogs. K2 got in the pen with the calves and was talking to them to get them to moo. They didn't want to leave. And K2 ended up being late to work. It was a blast.
I think my kids should have been farm kids.
And, there's not a single picture, because, while I did bring the camera, I forgot to get it out when we walked up to the barn.
Maybe next time.
And we've been made to promise there will be a next time in the very near future.
Like I said...I think my kids should have been farm kids.
That's all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Bad me for thinking we'd have a mostly relaxing day. I really should know better!
I slept in a little bit, but the effect was lost since I dove in to what needs done right away. I'm still not completely caught up, but I kind of doubt I'll ever be, so I'm just doing what I can.
For one, we have to drive B's car to our exhaust mechanic who's an hour away. While we're there, we'll stop in to see our friends, and then rush home to get K2 to work on time. Then, we head over to my folks house for some birthday celebrating. I'm not sure if everyone's going to be there yet. I haven't heard and I've been too busy to ask. I hope so. We haven't all been together for a long time.
A birthday shout out to my Daddy. (it's his birthday we're celebrating. I know it's confusing with the amount of birthdays we have to celebrate around here and this is peak birthday season for our family) I'm not sure my dad reads this, but I'm still writing a shout out. Ha! My dad is an awesome guy. He's always been there for me, through good times and bad. I honestly believe that if it wasn't for his tough, but patient, guidance during my teenage years, I would have taken a far different path and would probably be in a very different place right now. And probably not a good one either. I distinctly remember the day I stopped fighting his wisdom and actually listened to what he was trying to tell me. There's so much more, but I'm going to stop here before I get all sappy and write a way too long post. But...Happy Birthday, Dad!
And now I'm off to jump back on my to do list.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I be forgettin' about this memorable day. K1 jangled my line earlier to remind me. It's time to talk like a pirate. You can even drink some rum if you want.
Me and me hearties be scurrying around the deck doing some swabbin' and fixin' some vittles and lookin' yonder to a rest post a long bunch o' days afore. There's a fair wind blowin' and respite ahead.
I miss celebrating this day with me beach hearties - the scallywags. Now 'tis a sad wind blowin through the pirate talkin' with no beach journey on the horizon.
tee hee...
You have to admit, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is a very worthy day! I love it!

Supernatural Friday!

What a fantastic episode!
I'm so glad the boys are back!
I was riveted throughout the whole episode. The way Dean crawled out of his grave - though why his was buried with his lighter is curious. I guess Sam wanted him to have everything he needed just in case he was able to find a way to bring him back. The reunions were beautiful. Dean pulling up his shirt to check for hell hound wounds, absolutely beautiful. Sam's powers. The angel. The reason Dean was pulled out of hell. The confrontation with the demons in the diner. The burned out eyes. The great lines. And holy cow, is Dean bowlegged or what?
I hope we don't see a brother against brother thread going on. I can live with Dean being darker and having some issues after his time in hell. I can deal with Sam being harder after living without Dean for so long. But I can't deal with the brothers being at odds. I don't want them to lie to each other any more and I want Dean to finally accept Sam's powers.
But, I guess that's not up to me.
Next week's episode looks fantastic!
The boys are back and all is right in the world!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm so excited!
In about 6 hours I'll be settled in and ready for Supernatural to start! I can't wait.
If you've never watched it, tonight would be a good time to start. Seriously.
In other news, I spent all morning in the dentist's chair getting my broken tooth fixed some more. I am now the proud owner of a brand new root canal, and I have stitches in my mouth. Even though I wasn't in pain before it feels so much better to have a complete surface back there again. (even if I can't really eat anything right now) (and I'm starving) The numbness is starting to wear off and the niggles of pain are weaving their way in, but I'm hopeful it won't be too bad. We'll see.
Tomorrow's Friday. Thank goodness.
And, hey, guess what? No weddings this weekend! ha!
Watch Supernatural. Tonight at 9 on the CW. Seriously.

Quote Thing

When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj (blog). Let’s see how long this can go on.
Sam: "What are you calling me a bitch for?" (What Is and What Never Should Be)
Very hard to pick just one! But that's one of my favorite episodes!
ONE DAY until it starts!!
I can hardly stand it!
That's all I have. Supernatural is pretty much the only thing on my mind right now. Heee!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Is going to take a brief hiatus.
It'll be back - maybe even with prizes!
Life has me a bit overwhelmed at the moment and I need to figure out how to streamline and organize my time a little bit better. I can't wait until the very last minute to come up with a post. I love Tall Tale Tuesday, so this won't be a permanent dismissal. Hopefully, it won't be too long. Thanks for understanding.
But it is two down in another very long week only made better by tonight's plans, and by Thursday's season premier of Supernatural!
That's all...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Another picture from the reception. Those little candles were on every flat surface. I have to admit, I did wonder about the amount of hairspray on some heads and the possibility of someone going up in flames, but that's just how my mind works.
Lots of little irritations here and there - like: the cashier at the grocery store missed three of my coupons and gyped me out of four bucks off my bill. Dang it. K4 needed chapstick, so we picked up some at the store, and don't you know, she lost it before we even made it to the car. Crying commenced. K4 had homework to do that required scissors, and believe it or not, I can't find a single pair. I guess I hid them too well. We ended up using crazy craft scissors to cut out her homework. Fantastic. The desktop computer is dying on many levels. Not only is is horribly slow and cranky, the monitor is changing colors - right now it's a pleasant blue, but it's been known to turn yellow and red depending. Like I need that.
But...the weather is gorgeous. There's a fantastic breeze that reminds me of the beach.
There's a lot to look forward to this week, too...(my next dentist appointment not included)
Tomorrow night I'm meeting the participants of the summer writing challenge for dinner - to celebrate our hard work and hang out. I can't wait. Then...Thursday...Brand new Supernatural!! Fantastic! I've seen two videos of different clips from the episode. Both just make me want it even more. More I can't wait!
Okay. So that's all for now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Recap...

Weddings are weddings. Each the same and each different with the obvious bride, groom, locations, ect. Wedding guests are the same, too. They clump together with the people they know, they dance, they're friendly to other guests, and they feel honored to have been invited.
The first wedding we went to was one where I'd only met the groom a few times, and never the bride. I spent most of my time hanging with my hubby and observing the other guests.
The second wedding was close friends - friends that are really, truly family. Those are the best weddings, hands down, because you have that connection - not just with the bride and groom, but with most of the guests. You're hanging out with friends and celebrating.
The third wedding was a cross between the above. The groom is Godfather to our children, and even though he and his new wife have been together for quiet a while, we haven't had the opportunity to really get to know her. Our lives have taken different paths over the past few years, so the ability to socialize has been nonexistent making part of that connection awkward and lost, but underneath that the reason the friendship was formed is still there. It was a beautiful wedding, and one of the most unique receptions we've ever been to.
The picture is of the reception site, an old tavern built in 1794 that has been restored over the past few years. There was food throughout the building - a kids room - chafing dishes of mac n' cheese and chicken fingers in a bunk room complete with beds and an old wood burning stove, coffee room, and various appetizers in each room. Guests were encouraged to investigate the building, take pictures, and find a place to hang out. Tables were spread through each of the rooms and outside. Candles were everywhere (I don't think the main house has electric). It was kind of hard to see, but not too bad (for adults - it stressed the younger K's out, big time). As the place filled with people, it got horribly hot - bad enough K3 nearly passed out and had to go outside for some air. We ended up leaving early because of that and the general fatigue of the younger kids.
And now, for now, we're done with the wedding circuit. As of right now, the next wedding on the horizon is my cousin's - which will have to travel for, but it's not for about 18 months or so.
The recent weddings just bring home that one day we'll most likely be the parents of the groom and bride. And that'll be a totally different perspective on weddings.
I only hope it's not for a long while!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Like I Have Time For This...

Go here to see what I've been spending too much time on today.
I love my blog here at Blogger, but Word Press offers the option of making pages, so I'm using that one like my website.
Check it out - let me know what you think.
I'll be playing with it as time allows, but so far, I'm digging it!

Another Wedding Saturday

This one's the last for now.
And since it's not until evening, we can take our time getting ready. Which is different from last week's hurried shower train and run around-ness. Except K2 has a 16th birthday party this morning and she's stressing me out with the details and needing directions. But, that's beside the point.
Oh. A point? Do I have one?
Do I ever? Ha!
Bob's car goes into the shop next week for some exhaust work, so I thought this was appropriate! .... What can I say? Life is reasonably boring at the moment...

Friday, September 12, 2008


No more Fiesta. That's a summer term and can't be used after Labor day. Kind of like white shoes or whatever. ha!
It's raining here, compliments of Hurricane Ike. I love it. Or I will once I've finished the running around. Looks like the perfect night for movie watching.
Let's see...There's not a lot going on today. So I'll leave you with this: Behave!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stay Off the Sidewalks!

There's a new driver on the streets!
K2 nailed her driving test. She took it in the Suburban and parallel parked that beast like it was a tiny little car. As soon as I saw that (I was hiding behind the building so she wouldn't see me), I knew she had it made. She was positive there was no way she was shoving our tank into the allotted space. But I knew she would - it only looked smaller because instead of cones the area is surrounded by those huge highway barriers.
She already has plans to borrow the Suburban tonight. I'm sure I'll cry when she drives away - just like I did with her brother. Another step toward total independence. It's a good thing. And a sad one for Mommy. Kind of.
Last Thursday before new Supernatural! Whoot! Tonight is the rerun of the season finale and since I don't have my season 3 DVD's yet, you can bet your behind I'll be glued to the television making everyone around me be quiet.
That's all...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The correct answer: 1
A horse took me on a wild ride over uneven terrain and huge piles of brush.
It was a very long time ago. Friends of ours had a beautiful white mare. She had a lot of spirit despite being up there in years. We were outside, clearing some brush on our property. They'd ridden over to check out our progress and say hello. Now I'd ridden this horse many times before and was comfortable with her. Apparently, she felt like trying to freak me out because she took off like a rocket. It was all I could to do hold on. Honestly. I loved it.
The other two were complete and total lies. Nothing similar has even remotely happened to me.
So. Anyway. I know. Lame.
I already told you about my week. No, it hasn't gotten any better, but we are on the downward slide now. New Ghosthunters is on tonight and that makes me happy. AND one more week until new Supernatural.
That's all I have for now.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Sorry I'm later than I intended to be. I won't post the answers until late tomorrow.
Let's see. I'm a little brain fried still, so give me a sec to come up with something at least partially interesting...
Okay. Got it.
How about....
Topic: Random
Which of the below is true.
1. A horse took me for a wild ride over uneven terrain and huge piles of brush.
2. I was chased by bees after accidentally smacking their hive with a stick.
3. We were at a wedding reception at the same hotel where a celebrity was staying and I was mistaken for her.
Well, it might be lame. I'm sorry. It's been a long week already and it's only Tuesday!

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Monday List

I haven't had a list for a while, and since my brain is totally fried today...
Ten Reasons I Love Fall:
1. Cooler temperatures.
2. The leaves changing.
3. Pumpkin scented candles.
4. Pumpkin bread.
5. The return of heartier meals, like soups, stews, and all the stuff you don't feel like eating when it's millions of degrees outside.
6. Sweatshirts.
7. The way it smells outside.
8. Halloween!
9. Bon fires.
10. Snuggling under a blanket.
There you go.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up...

Well, we lived through the weekend.
What a blast.
The wedding was fantastic, even with the pouring down rain brought by Hanna. And, boy, did it rain hard! Crazy. We actually started out our weekend on Thursday when we went to the bride's parents house for dinner. Then, Friday was the rehearsal dinner, which was a lot of fun and a late night. Saturday morning we were up early to start the shower train (remember 6 people, one bathroom, two teenagers). The rain started right before we left, but it didn't dampen the day one bit. We danced, laughed, and carried on until late. And we decided the new couple should name their first daughter Hanna in honor of their wedding day. Ha! Who knows if they'll agree with that, but we thought it was funny. Also, my mom's been losing weight and when she got out of the car at the wedding I was shocked. I guess I didn't realize how much weight she's lost! She looks fabulous and she had on some kickin' shoes! The younger K's had a blast. They danced, ate cake, and ran around with the other kids.
Oh, and I need to make a minor adjustment to my previous post. Jo took offense to me saying she was our adopted child this weekend since she's not a child. So, she was our house guest and traveling companion. Hopefully that makes her happier.
My pictures aren't that great so I doubt you'll get to see any of them. If I can figure out how to upload one from my phone, I can show you the tower K1 made during dinner Friday night.
This week's a busy one. Lots going on.
Stay tuned, and...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fiesta Friday!

Well. It's Friday. Again.
Let me just back up a minute and say...Wow. September. Already. How did that happen? Ha!! I love fall, so I'm psyched. Kind of.
We have a busy weekend ahead. Not like that's anything new.
Our oldest friend's daughter is getting married tomorrow. We've been friends with them since I was still in high school. B was in their wedding. T was in ours. I used to babysit the bride, so this is kind of weird. It's also only the second wedding most of the K's have been to. K4 is nervous because she doesn't know what to expect. I'm more nervous about waiting until the last minute to find their nice clothes and see if they fit. Yes. I have. ha! K2 is taking care of the guest book and programs, which means we have to be there early. Not to mention, Jo is playing at the wedding and since she's our adopted child this weekend, we have to be there early for her to get set up. And all of that means I'll miss my meeting tomorrow, which makes me a little sad, but the wedding and subsequent after party are sure to be a blast!
And that is all. I doubt you'll hear from me again until Sunday, but hey, you never know! I'm going to remember to take the camera, so maybe I'll have some pictures of the frivolity.

Thursday, September 04, 2008




Can't do anything about the spots on the picture, but I think you can still see it okay. That's the camper. I'm not sure what day it was, but judging by the minimal amount of towels hanging on the line, I'm going to guess it was Saturday.
Today I'm waiting.
K2 and I ordered new cell phones. Well, she had to get a new one - hers shuts off while she's texting and since I was eligible to upgrade as well, I said what the heck. The phones were free, the shipping was free, and the only thing we're paying for is one activation fee since they waived one. Pretty sweet. Except I can't really go anywhere until they get here since I have to sign for them. And I need to go to the grocery store. Oh well.
Oh, and look on the sidebar there. You can sign up to follow my blog! You can do it anonymously if you want. Don't leave me with zero followers, I feel pathetic enough!
What else?
2 weeks until new Supernatural! I can't wait. There's a new trailer up. It's so awesome. Season 3 came out on DVD Tuesday. No, I didn't get it yet. It'll probably go on my Christmas list.
I cracked my elbow pretty good last night and now it hurts really bad. I don't notice it too much when I'm typing, but bending it more than the minimal amount I have to bend to type hurts pretty bad. Like I needed that on top of the tooth stuff.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Okay, so that one wasn't hard.
The answer is:
1. The loss of Internet services.
This. Drives. Me. Crazy. As you well know.
2. Untied shoes - whatever.
3. Barking dogs - definitely annoying.
4. Sirens - loud.
5. Not being able to find the TV remote - doesn't bug me downstairs, but if I can't find the one in my room I get cranky.
To the left is one of the pictures I took over the weekend. I swear, I have enough pictures of Jo to post one a day for a month. It seemed like she was always in front of my camera. And, like she said in my comments, every picture is blog fodder.
So there you have it.
Feeling a bit pitiful right now thanks to the beginning of what is probably going to be some lengthy dental work. Yay me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Here we are again.
The subject: Things that irritate me.
Which one of these irritates me the most?
1. The loss of Internet services.
2. Untied shoes.
3. Barking dogs.
4. Sirens.
5. Not being able to find the TV remote.
Yeah, I know I gave you more choices this week.
Still no prizes.
Isn't that picture pretty? We were surrounded by wildflowers this weekend. Our creek-front property was loaded with yellow and red flowers. B picked me a huge bouquet of all different types of flowers and put them in a coffee cup from the beach. Beautiful and perfect.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Back From the Wilds

Again! And for the last time this year. Well, probably for the last time this year.
I have lots of pictures and lots of stories to share.
We didn't have as many nights this time because of rain, but we still had a blast. Well, if you don't count the fact that I almost blew up the engine in my truck and my broken tooth.
That's all for now. I'm weary, filthy, and have a million and a half tons of laundry to take care of!