Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's List

Since I have a big to do list, you're getting one too. My whole life seems to revolve around this list of mine - with good reason. If I didn't have it, the likelihood of me actually remembering anything right now would be slim to none.
Out of twenty items - yes, twenty - originally there was close to thirty - 10 are household admin duties, 5 are writing-related, 3 relate to my scout duties, and the rest fall into the "other" category. Will I get all of these things done today? Bwah ha ha. Ahem. No.
Here's my Monday list of things that would be awesomely cool:
1. A television channel that showed Supernatural/SamDean related stuff with no commercials 24/7.
2. Laundry that does itself.
3. Self-cleaning houses.
4. A radio station that plays only my favorite songs. (I know, it's called an iPod. I don't have one.)
5. Vehicles that never need gas.
6. Vehicles that never need repaired.
7. A pantry that stocks itself.
8. Having a private chef.
9. Going to the beach.
10. A nap.
Okay, so you can see what kind of mood I'm in. It's probably related to my burdensome list and the fact that I've been sleeping like crap lately.
But, on the good side only 3 more days until new Supernatural. Only 4 more days until Friday. Pizza for dinner. Kids doing chores. Pages written. Cool weather. Pumpkin bread.

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