Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cows and Baby Ducks...

As soon as we pulled into our friends yesterday, we realized something was amiss on the farm. There were cows where cows don't belong. So, we headed into the field to help round them up. The kids weren't too sure about it at first, especially when a big, black cow came crashing out of the corn field right in front of us, but they ended up acting like old farm hands and really helped get the cows back into their pasture.
From there, they ran around the barn, chasing the barn kitten (and begging me to bring it home), feeding the goats, (cute baby goat!) chasing ducklings (I got to hold one. It was so cute! K2 chased it down just so I could hold it.) and petting the horses. They played in the hayloft, on some equipment, and with the dogs. K2 got in the pen with the calves and was talking to them to get them to moo. They didn't want to leave. And K2 ended up being late to work. It was a blast.
I think my kids should have been farm kids.
And, there's not a single picture, because, while I did bring the camera, I forgot to get it out when we walked up to the barn.
Maybe next time.
And we've been made to promise there will be a next time in the very near future.
Like I said...I think my kids should have been farm kids.
That's all.

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sailorcross said...

Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing day! I can picture you guys living on a farm. I can picture it very easily.

See you tonight!