Monday, February 24, 2014

Release Day!!

Sheltered is out!
(Again!) This story was originally in an anthology and has been re-released by my awesome publisher!
Go here: Liquid Silver
It's also up on Amazon!
(Not yet on Barnes & Noble, but soon!)
It's a short read, and it's got a great price!
Thank you!

It's also release day for my friends!
Go here to check out Natalie Damscroder's new book, Hearts Under Seige: Amazon
And here to check out the re-release of Misty Simon's Poison Ivy!

That's all for now!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Random...

Everyone in this house is asleep already. Except for me. For real? It's not even 10pm? That's like insanity for this house! Normally we're all up way later than necessary!
I'm watching The Walking Dead. By myself. And it's awesome! (The Walking Dead, I mean, not being alone to watch. Though I'm really the only one who watches in this house. K4 is so far behind it's ridiculous) (And yes, I spent a full three days getting caught up, so... Okay, I get it...) That Man hates zombies, so even though he'd love everything else about the show, I can't get him to watch. Hell, I hate zombies, too, but I'm so caught up in the world and what is going to happen next.
I slept in a little this morning. It was good. That Man made coffee. That was also good. He also made breakfast. Yes, good again.
Laundry was done. A friend stopped in to meet Elsa and donate books for my "local author basket" for the scouts upcoming spaghetti dinner. (If you're local, hit me up for details on the dinner) I made dinner. Actually, I made tonight's dinner yesterday but ended up ordering pizza because we were all too tired to finish dinner.
It was so warm and wonderful today. That Man and I sat out in the sun for a while. I didn't get the nap I wanted, but I did get a lot done!
It's raining now. I guess the rain is supposed to turn to snow?
That's it...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Long Dog Day...

I went to see the boy scouts at their event after sleeping in way after my parents left for their chores. They picked me up and I was so excited to go with them.
I puked in the truck. Then I tried to eat it. I couldn't settle on the trip there. There was so much to see. When I first got to the camp, I was afraid of everything and everyone. That didn't last long.
Lots of boys came to visit me and then I realized these people were friends. The boys from the troop were all around me and I realized I love them. They're nice to me. They like me. I played in the mud. I ate dropped potato chips out of the muddy water. I loved seeing and playing with the boys and begging them for their food (even though my parents told them not to feed me). I liked my adventure. There was snow and boys to play with!
I slept almost the whole way home, except when the road got bumpy. Then I had to make sure mommy and daddy were still there. When I got home, I was ready to sleep, but the parents said it was time to go. We went to the pet store, where I got a harness and a new collar and a few new toys. I met some other dogs, too, and some nice people and babies like my boy, Baby B.
Then those women I live with went into another store and I hung out with Daddy - watching the birds in the parking lot. I wanted to chase them. Daddy said wait. And I was tired and wanted to go home. But the women didn't take long.
It was such a beautiful day. I bit the wind and had my head out of the window as much as possible. And then I slept for a long time. I even forgot our trip to the pet store... I forgot that I'd agreed to my new harness. I forgot I'd picked out a new toy. The collar the parents got me ended up being too small. It hurt my neck. They took it off of me and said they'd get me a new one. Apparently I have a whole bunch of tags that need to be attached to it. Who cares... I don't.
I know they are sympathetic to my sad look and I use that to my advantage. I know they understand I'm still a puppy and forgive me for my transgressions...
I'm a work in progress, but my family understands that...
My mommy says...
(What does that mean?)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Post two of two...
Here's the good stuff...
1. Seeing my grandson more days than not this week. Knowing he gets excited when they park in front of the house. The noises he makes and his smile. His kisses. His giggles. His silliness.
2. First vet appointment for Elsa today. The vet says she's wonderful and doing well. I loved the fact that they recognized me even though it's been a year and a half since they had to put Abbie down. I love that they remember her and still say how much they loved her. I love how happy they are for us to have Elsa now.
3. Having lunch with my husband today. I called him after the vet appointment, then told him I was going out because I needed a break. Then immediately called him back to see if he could have lunch with me. His "well, yeah" was what I needed to hear. Having lunch, hanging out at his work (my old work), and having people come in to tell me that they wished I still worked there was also good, though there's nothing for me there at the moment.
4. Phone calls that I hope lead to good things!
5. Hacking ice. Frustration reliever. It hurts me, but it's good for me. I don't mind the pain of my shoulders and back when it means that I'm nicer because of the physical activity.
6. Getting an audition date for K4. She's excited. I'm excited.
7. Elsa calming down a little. She's still a puppy, but she's learning a lot. We're in training mode. She can sit, almost stay, almost lay down, shake, come, and be gentle. She's very gentle with Baby B, though she can't stay out of his face. It's frustrating. Tonight was like a miracle though. She barely paid any attention to him, except when he paid attention to her.
8. Knowing my limits... The puppy and Baby B all day is too much for me. Someone was crying at all times... sometimes it was me... It was a lot. I was crazy to agree to it. But I lived through it. Baby B and I had a blast hanging out though.
9. Talking to K2. It's been a while since we've had the chance to talk. It was good. Plans have been made for hanging out.
10. Tomorrow's stuff... We're doing lunch for the boy scouts Klondike derby like we do every year. It's always fun, though this might be our last year doing it since K3 will age out soon. First, it's inventory for the spaghetti dinner while we're waiting for sausages to cook. Then we head up to camp to serve lunch. After that, shopping for essentials with the pup and K4. I hope the funds hold up, but... we all know they won't.
That is all for now...

Two 'fer Friday... Things...

You're going to get two posts tonight... back to back... because I have a lot on my mind and because I can... This post, and then, Feel Good Friday...
Are you ready?
1. If a hypnotist can fix your addiction to food, and your addiction to nicotine, then why don't other addicts use hypnotism to cure their addictions? Why can't criminals be hypnotized to cure their criminal intent? I am still thinking about this... I know there are a lot of variables...
2. In the same vein... Do fortune tellers know you're coming when you don't make an appointment? Why don't they win the lottery? Is there some kind of secret code of fortune tellers that forbids picking the winning numbers no one else knows about? But, surely, not every mystic follows that creed?  
3. Passive-aggressive behavior breeds passive-aggressive behavior. I have seen it. I have responded to it with my own passive-aggressive response in the past. And I don't like it. I don't like how responding in kind makes me feel (because it's really stupid to respond) and I don't like reading things that are such. I have recently read some things on social media that turn my stomach because they are that mean. I always wonder if the person posting knows, I mean really knows, both sides of the story or if they're going off of one side of the story / gut instinct / protection mode. It's like watching a train wreck...
4. Something else I have learned is that when a passive-aggressive post is viewed, people instantly think it's about them. The truth to that is, if you think it's about you, even if it's not, maybe you have some guilt somewhere? I know I've responded / thought "oh crap, is that me?". It's a sucky feeling. But... maybe that's the good to it? Those kinds of posts remind us to try to be the best person we are capable of, and if we still are failures, then we can at least be comforted by knowing we have tried to do the best we can. Keep it real, people.
5. Stress... We all have it. We all respond to it differently. I'm not sure how I'm responding. It's different these days than in the past, but my circumstances are also different. My goal is to cope in healthy ways and if I can do that I will be buff and fit in no time at all. HA! (I am finding great joy in hacking at the ice, which has to say something positive as far as a physical response to stress) Or I will spend my days watching reality TV and only going outside to take the puppy out! (not going to happen... just saying... I hope...)
6. I saw this great quote the other day...and I've been thinking about it a lot. I can't find the danged thing now, but it was something referring to lifelong friends and how grudges aren't held or relationships aren't questioned when it's been ages since they've talked. About how true friends always understand life is busy, but they know, regardless, that you will always love them. It reminded me of one of my oldest friends, Susie, who passed away over 3 years ago. That's how we were. We were friends since high school and into married life. We always had the best time together and managed to catch up so quickly when it had been a while that it was like no time had passed. She took care of me, and I took care of her. We cried together. We laughed together. We were strong together. I will never forget her bringing us dinner after K4 was born, and making sure she made all of the K's feel special with treats for them. She even took out my trash. And she held my baby so I could shower and spend time with the older K's. I did the same for her when her youngest was born. She helped us move into our house and organized my kitchen in such a way that I haven't changed much since because it works. She was the one who gave me a baby shower when most people said I didn't need one with a fourth child. And she made sure to pamper me as well as my baby. We both made mistakes towards her end, but it didn't matter. At all. She forgave me and I forgave her. The time that had passed didn't change my love for her, or hers for me. I still miss her a whole lot and wish I could call her to talk.
6. Cabin Fever is an absolute true ailment. I have been suffering from it, but I think I'm almost okay now. Maybe. After being away from the house nearly all day, I feel better than I did. I took the puppy to the vet, had lunch with my husband, went grocery shopping and took my time (and saved almost $20 in coupons), organized the grocery haul when I got home, went through my "to do folder" (yes, it's a real folder now and not just a list!), and spent a long time on the phone with K2. The rest of the weekend plans might help, and a little sun might go a long way too. (Especially since we're supposed to have more cold temperatures and more snow next week)
7. I should have talked to my husband before making the decision to not go away with my writing friends this weekend. I was being logical and financially oriented. But, as it turns out, we could have made it work. Sucks to be me...
Okay... I can't make it to ten, but maybe I will with Feel Good Friday...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Dear Mother Nature,
Now you know I love your wintery ways, but I think you've gone a little overboard this year. Perhaps it's time to see your doctor to make sure your hormones are okay. Today you're giving us freezing rain and Friday it's supposed to be 50 degrees. What's up with that?

Dear Snowplow Guy,
You're an a**! We spent hours clearing our parking spaces in the front of the house. Hours. I think you might have thought you were helping, but you didn't. Instead, you deposited an ice berg bigger than the one that sunk the Titanic on my sidewalk, and blocked two parking spaces. And you deposited an even bigger ice berg in a space that was totally clear. I spent hours hacking away at the huge block of ice blocking my sidewalk and messing up the parking. Nothing like double snow removal! Seriously!

Dear Self,
Get with the program already. You're stuck in a rut and need to get out. Maybe there is more to the cabin fever thing than you thought, but seriously!

Dear Retreat,
You cannot come soon enough! I need you badly!

Dear Dryer,
Please don't die! You're making that sound! I can't replace you right now and the puppy keeps stealing the clothing I try to hang to dry. Can't you just work like you're supposed to? I mean, laundry is dumb enough...

Okay... That's enough for now...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Snow...

And yes, I still love it!
School is on a two hour delay again today. Normally that means I get to sleep in a little. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case today. (It's been tough sleeping in lately anyway, due to making sure the puppy is pottied on schedule) I was awakened to "We have no water". That Man ran to the basement to see if a pipe had burst. I dragged myself out of bed, took the puppy out, and checked my phone - there was a message from our next door neighbor asking if we had water. Then a call from my friend who lives a few blocks away - she had no water either. Oy! Apparently a big water main broke. We've been partially restored for now - enough to get showers, brush teeth, etc. They're expecting us to be fully restored in a few hours.
And yes, I am drinking reheated coffee. I made it last night when my sister and brother-in-law came over for an impromptu dinner and hang out, so it wasn't that old! Besides, I put a teaspoon or so of cinnamon in with the grounds because I know my sister isn't fond of the brand of coffee I have stockpiled. I figured it would help cut the flavor. Turns out, cinnamon in coffee is awesome! I will definitely be doing that again.
Other than that...
K4 will be auditioning for K3's art's school for next school year. I'm very excited for her! She hasn't decided which class she wants - theater or creative writing - so she's auditioning for both and will decide after. Like I said, I'm really excited for her. The school is the perfect environment for her!
Okay. That's enough for now... I might be back later... It depends.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Snow Day Edition

Better late than never... Right?
Okay, so it was only part of a snow day. We only got about two or so inches, maybe three. I don't know. There's no way to measure anymore.
Let's get to the list, shall we?
1. Snow! I still love it!
2. Quiet day today... I did a lot of things, but never changed out of my sleepy pants. Awesome!
3. Kids shoveling snow and having snowball fights.
4. Zero puppy accidents today. We're not counting the excited pee thing she's started. It will end. We've dealt with it before.
5. Baby B! He's so stinking cute and funny! And he loves guacamole!
6. Awesome guacamole and tacos for dinner.
7. Me conquering the furnace! I win!
8. A weird week turned okay.
9. My sore muscles not feeling so crappy anymore!
10. K3 off to have fun with friends. I was a little worried when he left - the snow is blowing like crazy and he had to take a lot of back roads to get where he was going. He has experience driving in snow, but not a ton, so... He arrived without issue and will be there for the night.
That is all...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy Saturday

I'll get to the Feel Good post later...
I do realize I set things up to do several posts on Thursday during our big snowstorm. And I suck. Actually, I was fried by dinner time. I'd shoveled several times (I still can't feel my arms), made dinner, took care of some household administrative duties, and made forty-nine billion trips outside with Elsa.
I think about 11" of the white stuff came down. There's no place to put it anymore. And guess what? It's snowing again. We're supposed to get 2-5".
Everyone is complaining about the snow. Not me. Yeah, I'm sore and don't even want to think about shoveling again, but I still love it! I'd be happy with an even bigger storm than what we had Thursday! I know that makes me some kind of a crazy person. I don't care. Though I will say I think I'm developing a small case of cabin fever. We'll see what happens with that...
Feel Good Friday later...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day - 1st Report

It's not quite noon...
I've shoveled once. It hurt. Now I will nap. We're the only ones on our block with a clear sidewalk. It looks weird.
It's still coming down. We're supposed to get over a foot. I think we're getting close to that already.
Obviously school is closed. The kids are playing video games. One is hanging off of the couch upside down. Don't ask me.
The snow is almost over Elsa's head, but she loves it!
I'll update later... If I can move my arms.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old Man Winter...

He's not done with us yet!
We're gearing up for what appears to be a major winter storm starting tomorrow night and going through the rest of the week! The last forecast model I saw was for over twelve inches!
We're good on food and everything else. The pets are good on food as well. We'll be fine if the electric goes out, even if our coal order doesn't arrive before the storm. Though I think I only have one candle at the moment. Oh well... I think we have flashlights.
I have to make a few stops tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get them done before I have to deal with the insane storm preppers. (maybe I'll find some candles, too)
The worst part about the impending storm is that our town didn't plow many of the secondary roads. Our back road hasn't been plowed and is a sheet of ice. That Man's car and the van can't be parked back there, only the 'burban. Not many people have even bothered to shovel out their parking spaces. (We did and so did the "good neighbors")What's it going to be like if we get the twelve plus they're calling for?
You know what I say?
Bring it!
On a disturbing note...
I returned to bed after a predawn trek to use the facilities. As I'm laying there reveling in the fact that I still had over an hour to sleep, something felt weird just below the elastic of my sleepy pants. I reached there, and EWWW!! A stink bug! And no, it hadn't just gotten there! It was stuck in my skin (just like the last time). It bit me as soon as I touched it! (I swear! Don't make me take a picture of my butt! I still have a welt!) It's leg fell off and I had to pull it from my skin! It made a stink! Gross!! I am still disturbed. (How did I manage to use the bathroom without realizing it was there?)
Other things...
Oreos make my kid very very happy. Also, the fact that we actually have milk in the house (no one ever drinks milk here anymore. But now that Baby B is on milk, I try to keep it in the fridge. K4 is one of the only beings in this house who is not lactose intolerant (besides me, but I don't like milk), only she never drinks it. So I don't buy it anymore.)
Chores being done make me very happy. I didn't even have to nag. Much.
K3 driving himself to Barbershop practice. I only hope he put gas in the van... Ha!
That is all...

Monday, February 10, 2014


Just in case you're interested.....
Sheltered is available for discounted pre-order on my publisher's website. Sheltered is the short previously released in The Shape of Love. Even if you read it then, you might like it better now. It's received a little interior face lift, plus, it has an awesome cover!
I only got online for a few minutes yesterday morning. I was exhausted after a long night of puppy crying. I think she finally settled around 4am. Had to be up early for a scout function for K3, then rush to pick up K4 to shop for jeans. Then rush to the open house at K3's art school so K4 could check it out and see if she thinks it's for her. (I think it is! I'm so hopeful.) Then the store. Then finally home for a quick dinner of pre-made 'bolis. I crashed on the couch for a few hours. Then went to bed. Exciting. I know.
That's about all I have at the moment!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Today's Stuff...

Today was pretty awesome!
There was an author event at one of our local greenhouses / farm stores today with many members from my local writing chapter, and another author (unfortunately I didn't get to talk to her much, though I wanted to!.). We had a blast! It was so busy! Lot's of folks coming through! My release buddy and I maned the door for a while. I had chocolate, and some swag to give away. I did come home with way less chocolate and swag than I left with. I got to talk to a whole bunch of awesome people. I got to show off my grandson and introduce my family to my writing friends. That was awesome! It was so much fun!
A lot of my friends and chapter mates came out to see us! That was awesome! And they brought friends, which was also awesome! I met so many great people today, including my mother-in-law's neighbor, which is truly hysterical... her daughter is Vicky - married to Bob. I am Vicki - married to Bob. Vicky and Bob have four kids. Vicki (me) and Bob have four kids. We're friends. It's awesome! Our mothers live next door to each other! Also, one of my very bestest friends ever brought me flowers. It was so very awesome! I was so surprised and touched that she made the time to come and see me! She's always supported me, even if she doesn't really read what I write! I find that so awesome and I love her! (I also love the fact that her husband and my husband were shoveling, wait...  hacking ice today...)
I had to leave early though!(and I missed the after signing lunch craziness!! Dang!) Today is my baby sister's milestone birthday!! Her mother-in-law planned this awesome tea party lunch. It was so cool! From the special dishes to the fantastic teas to the phenomenal food - we had such a good time. (The place even had that "poo-pourri spray" in the bathroom. If you  haven't seen it, google it, and don't close your screen because what looks like an annoying commercial is really the ad for the product and is so very funny!) None of us "really" tried it, (as far as anyone would admit! LOL) though we all sprayed it just to see what it was all about! LOL! We had soup, salad, sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, three different kinds of awesome tea! I am not normally a tea drinker, but... Man, that was awesome!! And the scones! Oy! I need to learn how to make those!!
I came home to a clean house - dishes done, laundry almost done, parking spaces shoveled...  :) A very good thing. I also came home to a very tired puppy. There's only one teenager in my house tonight and he's already in bed, which means that man and I are... alone? Or kind of?
I think it's time for an adult beverage...
Okay. I'm leaving now...

Friday, February 07, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Here's the list:
1. Author event tomorrow! If you're local and don't know about it, hit me up and I'll give you the deets!
2. Teenager invasion.
3. Les Mis.
4. Captain Morgan.
5. Laundry 90% done.
6. Watching funny videos with That Man.
7. Teenagers going shopping.
8. Tired puppy. She got a whole bunch of new dollar store toys today. She's broken most of them, but she's having fun.
9. Some good news I'll share with you soon!
10. Easy dinners. Satisfied eaters. Not a lot of dishes (It's my dish night).
That is all.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Puppy - Week 3

I know it's blurry! It's hard to get her to sit still. She knows how to sit, but she's not so good at stay yet, or lay down, or down. Today I caught her standing on the end table. AND she learned how to take the lid off of the cat food container today.
Her new nickname is devil dog or demon puppy - said lovingly, of course. She really isn't bad, just a crazy puppy! Earlier she was running circles through the house, then she was chasing the head of her flamingo toy, then the cat... well, you get the picture. She's busy. Very busy. You can kind of see the mischief in her eyes in the picture. She thought we were playing some kind of game.
It's also hard to see how big she's getting. She's not really sitting the right way.
But she is a good puppy (when she's not biting - she's getting big girl teeth now!)! Today she laid on the couch beside me while I was job hunting and laid at my feet while I was folding laundry. She'll lay next to the stove when I'm cooking, too. (Only I didn't do that tonight!)
I put her in her crate this morning to take K4 to school and when I got back and went to let her out, she went to the rear of her crate and turned her back on me. I was shunned. I was also shunned after I took my shoes away from her. Again. She's tall enough to reach my old spot now. And... any time she gets in trouble for biting too hard, jumping on us when we're eating, or any other puppy infraction, she'll go into the kitchen and lay under the counter. Attitude.
But yes, we're still thrilled to have her!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter Wednesday

There's a lot of ice out there!
School is closed. (Again) That Man is home for now. He was told not to report to work until noon. He's attempting to shovel the ice on the front walk.
The worst of the storm is over and temperatures are on the rise already.
I feel like I missed the storm! It had just started sleeting as I took the dog out before bed. When I got out of bed, it was done. Dang.
It's beautiful out there, but we've lost several sections of hedge and at least one of the shrubs at the porch, maybe both. The hedge needed trimmed way back anyway, and the shrubs needed to be replaced, too. They were too big and becoming a nuisance. But I would have rather been able to remove them on my own.
I might even get the hutch unloaded today. I did finally manage to put away the decorations that were on the piano. Go me! Ha!
Now we gear up for the next storm. It was originally supposed to hit Saturday, but now they've moved it to Sunday. The weather people don't know what it's going to do yet. I'm glad Saturday is clear now though. I'm participating at an author event at a local greenhouse and it's my baby sister's birthday. Another milestone birthday and I'm looking forward to the plans!
That's all for now!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

I seriously typed Friday above. For the past hour or so, I was convinced it was Friday. Ack! It's only Tuesday. 

1. Today is That Man's birthday! He hates birthday celebrations. Too bad. He's having one with his kids tonight. This is a milestone birthday for him, and no, I'm not telling you which one. He did pick dinner (chicken fried steak), but refused to decide on a cake (so I did it for him). I think I might be the luckiest woman on the planet to have this guy. He's my very best friend. He loves me no matter what, supports me, motivates me, dreams with me, forgives me, isn't afraid to tell me I'm a freak (ha!), or dress my wounds when I do something stupid. We rarely, if ever, fight, and if we do it's over quickly. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and I would walk through fire for him. I will always put him and our children above all else. 

2. The grocery store SUCKED this morning. We're due for another storm tonight into tomorrow. I needed rice flour so I can make K2's chicken fried steak gluten free and drinks for tonight and fabric softener. It took twice as long as normal and the store only had 2 regular registers open. The lines were at least six deep when I was ready to check out. I went to the self scanner, which wasn't too bad, but still sucked. Anyways, I shouldn't have to go back until Friday. But... We're due for another winter storm on Saturday, so... UGH!

3. A friend asked me this question this morning and I've been mulling it over for hours. Is it fair that someone makes a decision based on one side of a story? Apparently a private conversation was shared with a third party, which is irritating and unacceptable all by itself, and maybe this third party thinks they know both sides based on that conversation, but I don't think that's fair. A few emotional emails and you've decided your finished with someone without even trying to get their side? This person was, my friend thought, someone close to him. They had just been at an event together and as far as he knows, she had no stakes in the discussion he was having. Interesting. It's also interesting that in the conversation one of the parties was accused of speaking behind the other's back... Isn't sharing a private conversation the same thing? And before you think my friend has done the same thing, he didn't. I have no idea what or who any of it was about, except that he's pretty hurt and confused by the idea that someone would judge him without knowing the whole of both sides, and by the sharing of the private conversation. He just needed a little validation and support and yes, I asked if it was okay if I posed the question here. Opinions?

4. It's been a long week already and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday was brutal in so many ways. I keep going over the day in my head and I still can't figure things out. 

5.  It's February and my hutch is still full of Christmas dishes, my piano is still decorated, and Santa is on the front porch. I think I've moved from an understandable delay to total holiday ridiculousness. In my defense for the hutch, I wanted to change how I stored my dishes but with the arrival of the new puppy I've had very little time to implement my plan. Yeah, I know I should be doing that instead of blogging. Shh. 

Okay. Okay. I'm going. 


Monday, February 03, 2014

Moaning Monday - The Snow Day Edition

Let's be clear - I am not moaning about the snow! I love it. This was a very good, very beautiful snow storm. K3 did most of the shoveling, even making a "potty path" for baby puppy and clearing off the vehicles. He also shoveled for our elderly neighbor. I did nearly all of the baby puppy potty trips, which were hysterical even if I ended up with snow in my shoes because she wanted to go into the deep snow. She loves the snow - jumping and making tunnels with her nose. She's totally wore out and sleeping at my feet now.
I am, however, moaning about the massive headache I have had all day. And guess who forgot to buy pain relief yesterday?
Also, our hedges took a huge hit from the very heavy snow. They're laying on the ground. If Wednesday's storm does what it's supposed to, it's likely we'll lose them. Oh yeah... and it's supposed to snow Saturday as well. Which does make me moan because it totally screws up some really good plans.
I will also moan just a little about some personal stuff that went down today because this is my blog and I'll moan if I want to. I was a very stupid person and opened my mouth when I should have stayed silent. Suffice it to say things didn't end well. Lesson learned. Cryptic? It's meant to be. I don't have the energy or emotional fortitude to go through anything like it again and this way no one can be truly sure what I'm talking about. It might not be what you think.
Did I mention the headache?
That's all I have at the moment. I have to retrieve all of the shoes Elsa has stolen while I wrote this. (Guess who's awake?)

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super? Sunday....

I'm trying...
I want to watch the commercials, but admittedly, I have no stake in either team tonight. And so far, the commercials have not been all that great. Normally we are at a friend's house for at least part of this event. Even though none of those living in this house really have ever cared about the outcome. We go because we like our friends. Or we used to go until our friends got different lives. It kind of sucks because we always had a good time even if we didn't watch the game.
All of the K's are gone as of this moment. The younger K's are helping their brother unpack boxes. It's just me, That Man, and the demon puppy. The demon puppy is not really a demon puppy. She is crazy, wound up, and energetic, but not demon. She is so very gentle with Baby B and as soon as you say "ow" she backs up and looks at you like she knows she's offended you. Most of the time. She's still learning. And she's so stinking cute.