Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super? Sunday....

I'm trying...
I want to watch the commercials, but admittedly, I have no stake in either team tonight. And so far, the commercials have not been all that great. Normally we are at a friend's house for at least part of this event. Even though none of those living in this house really have ever cared about the outcome. We go because we like our friends. Or we used to go until our friends got different lives. It kind of sucks because we always had a good time even if we didn't watch the game.
All of the K's are gone as of this moment. The younger K's are helping their brother unpack boxes. It's just me, That Man, and the demon puppy. The demon puppy is not really a demon puppy. She is crazy, wound up, and energetic, but not demon. She is so very gentle with Baby B and as soon as you say "ow" she backs up and looks at you like she knows she's offended you. Most of the time. She's still learning. And she's so stinking cute.

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