Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday - True or Not?

Okay, so no one comments here anymore, but let's do this anyway...

Which of these are actually true?

1. There are no less than five tubes of different kinds of toothpaste on my bathroom counter currently.

2. I drove into the city this morning with the top down on the Jeep in less than fifty degree weather and in the rain.

3. That Man averted no less than four family crises today. He's the best.

4. My dog gets hurt feelings if the couch and the people on it aren't the same as usual.

5. We have used twelve rolls of paper towels in this house since Sunday.

6. Someone dried two laundry pods after they didn't dissolve in the wash. It's a freaking mess.

7. Some cat decided it's okay to pee in the basement and not in the litter box.

8. Some other cat broke two pictures and left glass everywhere.

9. When That Man gets up in the morning, he makes himself breakfast. He saves part of his breakfast for the puppy. It's always too hot for her to eat when he leaves, but she'll obsessively pace the downstairs until someone comes down to "feed" her the breakfast.

10. We have a toilet paper rule in this house. We are beyond the stipulations of the rules and yet no one has come forward to mention that if something is not done, we will be out of the precious toilet paper. This is disturbing on so many levels. All of the inhabitants of this house know which type of tp to buy and all have the funds to purchase. I feel like we're in some kind of stand off... Who wins if no toilet paper is purchased?

So which is true and which is false?


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wrangling Wednesday...

Wednesday already?

Well... That implies that this week is going fast when in fact, it's not.

Day Job is the Day Job - busy, crazy, brain-sucking, but it is what it is. It's a good thing I like it.

Retreat - 21 days! The swag has been purchased after Simon and I had our annual shopping/dinner night. We always have a blast. I have a few bucks to spend yet, which won't be hard. I'm making my packing list and am so excited.

Writing - Even after going through all of the retreat stuff we purchased and deposited on my couch last night, I managed to get a pretty decent word count tonight. I sent back my edits and pitched a vague idea for the next book in the series. Robin Hood? Yes. Yes. I'll be brainstorming this at retreat so I can begin writing as soon as I'm done with my current project.

The Weekend is coming - we have multiple obligations/plans. Not sure what's going to pan out and what isn't. One main thing that needs to happen is laundry. And housecleaning. Joy.

Computer - Well... I hate to even mention this. It has behaved for a few weeks now. No shutting off. No glitching. I did have to reset it to before an update stage a second time, but no nonsense since then. Though I have pretty much kept it plugged in the whole time - so don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. I can't remember when it was shutting off, or if I'm just imagining that being constantly plugged in is helping. That said, there are updates waiting to be installed and I know if I do that, it'll start being a jerk again. I have three weeks until retreat and I'm trying to figure out what the best thing to do is... I have no idea...

It's past my bedtime...


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Feel Good Friday on Saturday

Yeah, I'm a day late, but whatever...

Here's the list:

1. No cooking last night.
2. A fire in the backyard fire pit.
3. Hanging with friends.
4. Editing progress. Almost done.
5. Cleaning up The Wilds this morning. Can't wait for camping.
6. Naps.
7. Tired dogs.
8. Running errands with That Man.
9. One more weekend day.
10. Sleeping in tomorrow.

That is all.


Thursday, April 20, 2017


One more day...

I am working on my first round edits. I'm almost done. I made it through the easy stuff and now I'm working on the things that require more concentration. I'm hoping to be done by Saturday. It would be nice if These People who live with me would shut the heck up so I could concentrate. Ha! That's too mean. They are trying really hard, but forget themselves often. I just want to run away for the weekend so I can finish. To be clear, I would take That Man with me, but no one else... because he knows to leave me be and he has his own stuff to do... It's still a possibility if I can work out the details. I hope...

My finger is still sucky. It's apparent that it did need at least three stitches. It looks good, I think, considering. I'm taking care of it and I think it will be okay. I've been putting two bandages on it - one for wound covering and one for protection since I hit it on every single thing I touch.

Yesterday I had the day off work. There were necessary things that needed to be done, which left no time for editing until later in the day. I'm not complaining at all. It is what is it, but I am dying for Retreat!! 26 days until I have 4 1/2 days to myself .4 1/2 days of doing just what I need/want to do (except for the Retreat responsibilities, which I want to do). I am so excited! (and yes, I love my family and I will miss them, but's ME time! I need and deserve it!)

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay!

That is all for now!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tale

I cut my finger pretty darned good yesterday. I'm still not sure if it should have had stitches or not, but it's too late now. What happened? Well, I pull in after work to K4 coming out of our side door which is secured by a heavy storm door and a padlock on the inside. We rarely use this door, but have had someone try to break in there.
She had been locked inside the house - all of the house keys were in use, including hers which was borrowed by a brother. (actually her car keys, but her house keys were on there). So I unlock the door and proceed to help her get the door closed and secure again. I reach to adjust the bottom part and hit the sheet metal, instantly slicing my middle finger. It didn't really bleed, and it didn't hurt at all... Until later.
And of course, I keep bumping it on everything and it's hard to type properly thanks to the bandage that's on it. And it does hurt now.
I should post a picture for you, but you really don't want to see it. I showed K3 while he was eating and he wasn't thrilled with me. It's not gross like bleeding, pus-filled, or bone-sticking out, but it makes you make that "eeee" face.

So yeah...

I got my first round edits for ItF! Very excited.

That is all for now!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Since Tuesday? Say What?

I can't believe I missed posting the rest of the week!

So... It was my birthday on Friday. A big one. My coworkers filled my cubicle with play balls, caution tape, and the like. It was hysterical. That Man brought coffee and doughnuts in for everyone, and brought balloons to further fill my cube. (He's a keeper and is the new office favorite.) My lunch was bought for me (and was so good),

Came home to a quiet house, paid the bills, and sat on the patio in the sun. That Man came home and we ordered food, built a fire outside, and hung out. Very awesome. My sister and brother-in-law stopped by and I received many messages from friends and family!

Slept in a little Saturday morning, then a low-key morning. Did the grocery shopping and got the gear, food, and stuff ready for going to my sister's. That Man, his sister and I helped at the religious place and then we headed up to The Wilds. After we got things unloaded and organized, we headed down the road to hear a bank a friend of my b-i-l's was doing sound for. It was an "interesting" half hour. The band was "okay", the crowd was definitely interesting.

Up early this morning to get food going and stuff ready. We had a small-ish crowd this year, but everything was excellent - the food, the company, and definitely the laughter. Mr. B was funny and so busy all day. We had four dogs running around who all got along, which was cool. We had the top down on the Jeep. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I don't think there was a single one of us who didn't get some sun.

Now we're still full and exhausted. Doing laundry. I did my words and ended up with way more than I expected. Bedtime will be very soon and then the work week starts once more. Joy.

But it was a very excellent weekend and I am very grateful.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Terrific Tuesday...

In an effort to be positive, I'm calling this day terrific and here's why:

1. Being on time this morning after an interesting getting ready time (that included a lot of funny stuff).

2. Decent work day. Manageable work load, some challenges, lots of laughing with my co-workers.

3. Not having to cook when I got home and a good dinner, too. Also not having to do dishes or clean the kitchen.

4. An absolutely beautiful day! I didn't take the top down on the Jeep because I just wanted to get home, but it was lovely to sit out on the patio and chill.

5. Getting my writing words done.

6. As much as I hate to say it... Paying the taxes. The only thing I need is a stamp for the federal envelope. The good part is that we had the money to pay the taxes. Not that we have much at all left, but at least we could cover what we owed and that's a good thing.

7.  Mr. B. He's a hoot and was a crack-up all night.

8. Not caring that my house is a wreck. (Actually, I do care - just not at this very moment.)

9. Holiday plans.

10. Tomorrow is half-way through the work week and I get to meet one of my favorite clients.

That is all. It's bedtime.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Woes...


Taxes suck hardcore.

K3 and I did his together. He's getting a little bit back, which is nice for him. We do have to print and mail his return because I cannot find last years tax documents so he can e-file. Suck. I have no idea where they are. I know I printed all of it, but it's gone. I've been searching for them for three weeks now... It's very unlike me. I distinctly remember moving them, but they are not where I was sure they were.

That Man and I owe out the butt to both Uncle Sam and our state. I didn't expect to owe the state, so that came as a big surprise and sucks more than you can imagine. And we owe the state almost as much as we owe federal. I have no idea why. Blah, but I have to print both and mail them in with checks. That will be done tomorrow and then my tax crap is done. It's funny that I'm not stressing out about having taxes done this year even though state needs to be filed in 5 days and federal in 8 days. (Technically my state is filed, they are just waiting for their money) (except for the money part). Typically, I have them done in early February, regardless of if we owe or not. I did start them in March this year, and then couldn't be bothered to finish (and was looking for last years). I remember having stress dreams about filing on time back in the day, but I know they will be done on time and I'm not worried about it at all. (Is this an aging thing? Or an I know I'm not getting any money back thing?)

Today was a typical Monday. Well, maybe not so typical... I was out Friday due to the dysentery, so my work load was a little heavier. K4 continued to have the dysentery, so she was home sleeping all day. That Man is probably getting the dysentery. (looks like we are 4 for 2 now...) He went to bed before eight with horrible stomach cramps. I feel bad for him.

K3 cooked us dinner, which was awesome - black bean burgers and asparagus. He's perfecting his burgers and he's getting really good at it.

But it was a gorgeous day today! I should have put my top down on the Jeep, but I'm glad I didn't only because of having time to put it back up tonight. I might take it down tomorrow though.

What else?

Working on a book and making decent progress. Love.
About a month until Retreat! Cannot wait!
The garden box is ready for planting.
My beach cactus is looking awesome! (Did I tell you about that?)

My computer (ahem - knock on wood) is behaving right now. It hasn't shut down on me in almost a week. Which is good, but I still have a decision to make, especially considering the horrible outpouring of money that will be happening with the payment of the tax debt...

That's all for now... Bed is calling.


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up...

Oy. It was Tuesday when I posted last...

What's happened since then?

Stomach bug - 3. Non-stomach bug - 3
Who gets it next?
I had it Thursday into Friday. K4 still has it. Let me tell you people - this thing is not fun at all! Stomach cramps, multiple bathroom trips, vomiting... yeah, it sucks. It's also going around the Day Job. I don't know if K4 will make it into school tomorrow. She was hit a lot harder than I was and is still in distress.

I finished my edit round and sent it back to my editor. Yay!

We went to That Man's sister's for her birthday last night. We had a blast! Our trip there was fun - we took a mountain four-wheel drive road in the Jeep, which was awesome. We had great food, great conversation, great relaxation, pretty darned good sleeping, great breakfast, It's so quiet there and I love it.

Got home early and then did the shopping, took a lovely nap, cooked on the grill,

I still need to finish the taxes. Oy!

This weekend coming is Easter.

It's going to be a long week at the day job. But there should be some fun stuff during the week. We'll see...

That's all for now!


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Wait... It's not Wednesday...

I thought it was Wednesday all day long.

No. It's still Tuesday. Dang.

It was a crazy day at the day job.

I still need to do our taxes.

And about a million other things - from making doc and vet appointments, to sending paperwork, to cleaning out stuff... Oy.

I did get through over a hundred pages of read through on my manuscript. Good progress. Should be done by the end of the week.

I'm tired.


Monday, April 03, 2017

Ugh Monday...

The stomach bug is in this house.
I'm a little scared because I was in the thick of things during the vomiting and with the perpetrator when the other part began.
Ended up getting to the day job two hours late so situations could be worked out.
It wasn't a fun morning. Or a fun workday since leaving early Friday and going in late today. I have a lot of work to take care of. Blah. But my boss is super cool and awesome about my situation, so that's a good thing.

My editor emailed about working on my June release. I'm doing a final editing pass on my end before she starts her editing. Got a decent amount read through - fixed some clunky sentences, etc.

Today was definitely one of those days where I wish I was home writing full time again. Not that every day isn't, but I guess because I was home long enough to do some laundry, start dinner, and take care of some stuff, it makes it more visible to me. Blah. I do love my day job a lot, but if I had the chance and no financial worries, I would chose to write full time. But you already knew that. Everybody knows that.

That is all.


Sunday, April 02, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

We're back at Sunday night again. Tomorrow starts the whole glorious work week once more. Oy vey!

So let's get to it...

I posted Friday, so you don't care to hear that drivel again...

Writing meeting Saturday. Good to see everyone and great speaker. I couldn't go to lunch which is a sad, but I did get some important writing energy. Our fifty words a day for fifty days challenge started today. (I blew that fifty words out of the water!) Also, our blast week - where we meet up in our chat room and write "together" started today. I didn't make the blast, but I usually don't make the Sunday ones.

Also, 44 days until Retreat! I have our T-shirts in my possession, the money for the swag, and the contract for next year! Whoot!

When I got home, we loaded up and headed to the mountain for frivolity and tacos. We had a blast hanging out, though we never played the games we planned to play. My brother-in-law played an April Fool's prank on our friend, which was hysterical. He hid in her backseat under a blanket and as she went to turn the key, he advised her that she should always check in the back before leaving. Scared her good. She's making plans for revenge. That Man and I left around nine. Came home and bathed the filthy dog and went to bed, with the still wet dog in our bed. Those Kids stayed to hang and didn't get home until around 1am.

Today was my usual hang out in bed morning and watching weird stuff on television. Then I got a call from That Man to see if I could run out and check his mom. She was feeling strange and his sister was a little ways out. So I ran over and checked on her. She was fine, but does need to let the doc know about her blood pressure and water retention. Hung out there for a little with That Man's sister, then met up with That Man. We ran to see a friend who lost her husband not too long ago. She reminds me so much of my mom. Went to the grocery store and then back home to watch Mr. B so the kids could go to their nerd-fest. Cooked on the grill, tried to do some laundry, but the machine was in use and someone washed a way way too big load which took forever to dry. Had to run back out and check The Grandma to make sure she was doing okay. Started dinner for tomorrow night, cleaned the kitchen... blah, blah, blah. Fun stuff, right?

Once the chaos died down, I wrote. Yay! Word count was not awesome, but not terrible either.

Am exhausted now and very close to going to bed... Lunches are organized and ready for morning packing. I failed at getting gas today, so will need to do that before I'm on the road for too long. Need to get the laundry out of the dryer...


Friday, March 31, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Oh it is Friday and there is some Feel Good...

1. Friday! Duh! Lived through the week. Good, right?

2. Dinner out with That Man and K4. We went to a local pizza shop. Had some good food, but not so stellar service. And I can complain about my pizza - I ordered two slices with mushrooms. When it came out, the pizza was barely warm, with raw mushrooms scattered on top. I asked for my slices to be heated up again. They came back out warmer and the mushrooms still raw. It was not at all what I'd expected. I ate one slice and gave the other to K4. The fried zucchini was banging though.

3. We did have a lot of laughs. There was talk of a spreadsheet for our bathroom, among other things. I won't get into it, except to say it was hilarious and I think K4 was embarrassed to know us... Ha!

4. There's good and bad in this one... I left the day job early today, but it was to pick up Mr. B from the babysitters. He was sick and miserable. Fever, ear pain... a mess.

5. Also good and bad... K1 made Mr. B a doc appointment and told me it was at our regular docs. He had mandatory overtime and no way to get out of it. I get to the doc with 5 minutes to spare and they tell me I'm at the wrong office. The office Mr. B was supposed to be at is about twenty minutes away, without traffic. It's rush hour. It takes me thirty-five minutes to get to the right office and I have no confirmation that they'll actually see Mr. B. But when we get there, the parking lot has a lot of cars, so we go in. Surprise. They knew we were coming, K1 had called and explained, and apparently the regular doc had also called. We get back to the room and they ask if we're willing to see a different doc because the one we're scheduled to see is running really late. (so basically, we would have waited even longer even if we'd been there on time.) We see the different doc and find that Mr. B has a virus - no ear infection like we thought - and to do the stuff we already knew to do. Mr. B was so good and pleasant. The doctor even complimented on how well behaved he is. Nice. He's a great kid.

6. My writing meeting tomorrow. Yay!

7. The figuring out of the rewrite story. I love this story and I'm thrilled to be working on it again! I'm digging into the motivations to figure out what makes it tick and I love it.

8. Warmth in my house.

9. Sleeping in a little tomorrow.

10. Getting to talk to my sister from another mister tonight. I must have said "I need to get going" twelve times, and then "Oh, I need to tell you this.." It was a good conversation and I miss her!

11. Weekend plans. I hope they work out!

That's enough.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Irksome Thursday

While I'm glad it's Thursday - only because tomorrow is Friday, but there are things... Things that bug me.

1. When someone adds me to a Facebook group without my permission. It didn't happen just once today, or twice, but three times!! What the heck? I don't care if you're adding me to something you know I love, freaking ask me first if I don't know about it beforehand!
If you don't ask me, the first thing that will happen is that I will go to the page and leave. And I'll be irritated. I don't have time for the million emails that come with these groups and I'd like to make that choice for myself - not check my email and see that I have two million notifications for a group that I don't care about or one that's trying to sell me something...

2. People inserting themselves into things they know nothing about. Did I ask for your advice? No? Then shut your mouth. Maybe ask questions and listen before inserting your opinion. And I'm not talking about close friends and family - they always have the right to say things, because they do listen. I'm talking about practical strangers who ask what's up and then launch into their "knowledge" on the subject without taking the time to find out if you even know they things they "know". Excuse me, I'm not stupid... (and yes, I'm talking about people who ask why I shaved my head and then try to tell me how to cure my sister-in-law's cancer that she's fought for twenty everything big and small hasn't been tried by now? Really!) This also happened more than once today.

3. The general disarray of my house. My kitchen is clean. Enough. Because That Man and I cleaned it after dinner. My bedroom - okay. The living room - halfway passable. Dining room - kind of okay, but mostly not. I can't see my table and it's not my stuff. I know these things would take a moment to clear, but it's not my mess and I'm being stubborn. Yeah, we all work and stuff, but gah! It bugs me. And I know I have guilt in this scenario, too, but still...

4. I love my dog. I really do, but she's been kind of rotten the past few days. She's gotten into the bathroom trash, the drawer in the bathroom, the kitchen trash, and my bed. None of it was really awful, but the fact that I've made my bed every day this week, and when I leave for the day it looks pretty and inviting. When I come home, it looks like someone had a party in there. She gets under the covers and throws the pillows on the floor and wrinkles the whole thing up.

5. This computer shopping thing. I thought I found what I wanted, but then I found a better one cheaper, but I'm not sure about the mode of delivery or the warranty. And then, I'm not sure this one can't be fixed. I'm seeing a pattern in the bullcrap it does. I need to talk to K3's friend and see what his opinion is...

That's enough. Five isn't too bitchy, is it?

Bring on Friday!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weird Wednesday...

What was weird about today?

Well... As I was walking into the day job, I noticed something weird on the pavement. I looked and it was this ginormous spider. I tried to take a picture of it, but no matter how I tried it didn't look like a spider. No, I didn't squash it, either. When one of my coworkers pulled in, I was sure he'd smashed it with his car. At lunch, I went out to my car and realized it was still there. And that it wasn't a real spider at all. It was a plastic bug - not even with eight legs. Duh!

Another weird - we made it to school on time. Probably the first time in weeks. I was stunned, especially since our schedule has changed a bit.

The whole day was weird in one way or another. Much of it I can't put into words. Nor will I try.

The sickness is here in this house in two forms. The stomach bug and the cold crap. Hopefully both stay away from me. I have disinfected and will continue to disinfect...

I'm computer shopping. I think I found the one I want. It has what I need. I just don't want to swipe my card for it yet... But this one continues to shut down on me. Argh.

And now it's time to shut down to sleep...


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Oy! This Computer!

I fear we've begun the final stages of life...

I've only had this thing going on two years and honestly, compared to previous computers, I definitely am not on this one as much. Not like I was when I didn't work the day job. Heck, Red lasted for like seven years or something and the one before was awesome until I spilled coffee all over it.

I don't know if this is just a "cheap" computer, or what... The casing is cracked somewhere, too. I can't figure out how that happened - it's not like I throw it around or take it anywhere without it's special case.

I was working earlier and it just went blue screen on me, shut off, restarted, and here we are again.

There are updates to be installed, but I'm afraid to do it - just in case it further crashes it.


But I guess I could dump coffee on it, or drop it, and that would make it die as well. So, I'll just stick it out, make sure I back up frequently and keep my fingers crossed. (and search for a replacement when the time comes)

On top of this, though, I updated my phone and now most of my apps won't download because I'm out of memory. I've deleted as many pictures as I can stand to, dumped voice mails, texts, gotten rid of unused and underused apps and it's still not moving forward. It's pretty frustrating because, of course, the apps I do use daily are the ones that aren't refreshing. Argh.

Apparently, Mercury is in retrograde, which explains a lot. And it's the last Tuesday in March, so that should explain some, too? Ha!

I don't know...


*Updated - right after I posted this, I got the blue screen of death. I managed to get it back, but who knows for how long. I was, actually, surprised that I was able to get it going again. But now I know it's only a matter of time...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up...

So no taxes got done this weekend... whatever... They'll get done before the deadline. At this point, we owe money so I don't really care to get anything done early.

Dinner with our friends. It was a lot of fun. And a late night. But so worth it.

Sleeping in. A little bit of laundry. Eagle Ceremony for one of our boys that That Man guided along the way. He received a mentor pin. They always choke him up and he feels that he doesn't deserve, but, in my opinion, (and obviously in the scouts opinion) he definitely deserves it. He spent a lot of years as Scoutmaster and he loved every minute of it. (not the paperwork part... at all, but the camping/activity part... yes) Watched Mr. B.

Slept in again. That Man took Mr. B to the religious place with him after getting him pancakes for breakfast. I woke, got coffee x4, and watched the only show I ever watch. Then... Laundry, grocery shopping (OH... I am seriously checking out the grocery delivery service from out local store... I have heard many many good things about it...) A bit of writing - just reading through....and a lot of thinking. I need to rewrite the first book in the series before tackling the rest... And it's okay. This book has been begging to be rewritten for a really long time. I'm good with it, and it will be epic. And I am really excited about being at this place to rewrite this book.

Tomorrow is Monday...Ugh... I love my day job, but I am in serious need of a day off... And that won't happen until Retreat (51 days). I have about four or five days until my three year anniversary at the day job.

That is all...


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Ramblings...

So I finished my read-through on my book and I think I'm going to be taking the basic premise and starting from scratch. I think.before I like the idea, the heroine, the supporting characters, and some of the world-building. The hero is somewhat of an ass through a lot of the book, so he definitely needs to be fixed, and the world is lacking in a lot of ways. So... I'm still thinking.
Part of the world relates to another book I love, but that also needs to be rewritten, and there's a third that goes along that is not written. Technically, I should re-write the first one before I tackle this one, which is one of the reasons I'm in such a quandary...
Must think this through...


It's Thursday. One more day until the weekend. The conflict worked itself out, so that's good. That Man and I are heading out to visit some friends tomorrow night, which is much needed. Then some sleeping in on Saturday before the Eagle Ceremony we're attending. That's about all of our plans, except for housework and writing. Oh and the grocery store stuff. And taxes that need to be finished... urgh. Yeah...

We're getting closer to the release of the anthology. I'll share the cover and the links as soon as available. And I do promise to share my cover for my summer release soon.

That's all for now...


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Halfway Through the Week...

So we lived through Wednesday.
I think?
I'm exhausted and ready for bed. And will be going there very soon.
I got through a lot of pages of editing and found my love for this story. It needs a lot of work and I might end up rewriting this one. It goes along with another story I've been wanting to rewrite - not premise, but character and the organization the heroes work for. So, now I need to decide if I can save it in its current state, or if I just need to start over.
We'll see... I'm still thinking.
Other than that...
I'm looking towards the weekend. Just found out we have a conflict on Saturday, which doesn't make me very happy. We'll work it out, I hope.
That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All Of the News That Might Not Be News...

And then some...

So let's see...

(on a side note: K3 really hates when I use ellipses. I do it all of the time...)

1. We had a fantastic Saturday. First - Baby C's second birthday party with the family. We had a lot of good food, my s-i-l made an awesome strawberry cake with a monkey, Baby C received a lot of cool presents, and we hung out. Baby C is so adorable, funny, and smart. K2 made masks with the kids. It was very good.
Then, we went to my sister's bar to hear my b-i-l's band. Always awesome. That Man and I stayed until the break, but we were both so exhausted we couldn't hang any longer. Came home and I was freezing, so went to bed while That Man and That Brother hung out.

2. Sunday was equally as awesome. We picked up K5. Grabbed Mr. B, and went to That Man's sister's house for a family gathering. Baby C was there, too. It was so awesome to have ALL of my grandkids (until June) together at the same time. (yes, there are a million pictures). My b-i-l smoked a pork butt and we had a ton of awesome food. G'ma was able to make it, which was a good surprise. She's doing okay, but all of the activity wore her out. We kept Mr. B when we took K5 home and those two were a hoot the whole way there. Siblings. It's like a time travel back to when ours were little - they act just the same way. (maybe genetic?) It was a late night, but so very worth it.

Needless to say, I didn't get any writing done except for what I managed Friday night.

3. That Brother left Monday morning. It was good to see him, even if we were a bit cramped in this house. He pulled his weight though, and we had some awesome meals thanks to his cooking skills. We had some great conversations and laughs.

4. Just sent in all of my author info for an anthology I'm in with some friends. Keep your eyes open. This one will be a freebie. I'm excited about it!

5. I received my final cover proof for Into the Fire! Yay! I'll post that soon!

6. It's Spring! How weird is that? I feel like we didn't have much of a winter. Yeah, it was cold, but I think it only snowed twice and except for last week, not much at all. Dumb. I like Spring, but I also hate the mud that comes with it. The dog... well. Anyone with a dog knows...

Lived through Monday - barely. Also lived through Tuesday - same...

That's all!


p.s. K4 says hi.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Aah, Friday!

I love you bunches, Friday.
(I had a negative thing to say, but I deleted it because I can't do anything about the fact that I'm not able to be home to write full time right now.)


Let's get to the list...

1. Snow Day! I lost eight hours of pay, but I wouldn't have gone into work if we had actually been open because I don't want to die. I made up the delay hours from Wednesday, but that's about it.

2. The snow was so pretty! It really was!

3. Writing time! I'm working on stuff and I'm happy!

4.  That Brother being here. He's a good house guest and it's good to see him after a bunch of years!

5. Going out with That Man. We had a great dinner at a newly reopened eatery in our town. The food was amazing and our server was awesome!

6. Seeing our granddaughter this weekend!

7. Talking to K5 on the phone on my way home from work. She is awesome and we are so proud of her for her just being her and the things she's doing at school! She is so kind and gentle and forward-thinking. We are amazed by her. She talked my ear off and I wouldn't have it any other way!

8. Sixty days until retreat!!

9. Going to see the band tomorrow night! Always fun!

I didn't get to ten, but that's close enough!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday Now...

The roads are better.
They weren't last night, or even this morning.
On my way home from work last night, I spun out and nearly got hit. It was scary, but I escaped without injury to myself or my vehicle.
K4 had off school yesterday, and I had a delay for work. That was for the best. I made it into work without incident, but then the wind kicked up and so did the drifts.
Going into work today was kind of bad, but by the time I came home it was good.
Not going to make up the ten hours I missed of pay, but whatever.
Tomorrow is Friday. Yay!
We have a busy weekend, but it should be fun.
Hopefully, I will be back with Feel Good Friday tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Stella started around 9pm last night. I wasn't sure, even when I went to bed at 11pm, that anything was going to really happen. I woke up at 2:30am and was excited to see how much snow we had already... and I couldn't go back to sleep.
I got up with That Man and K1 around 4am. Made them some coffee and helped them get out the door for their snowplowing gig. (Have no idea when they'll be home) Went back to bed... it was 5:30 until I finally fell back to sleep.
Luckily enough, I woke at 6:30 to a text from the day job saying we were closed. Yay! Went back to sleep for a while, but had to get up with the dog and the furnace.
That Man's brother is here from California. He opted to crash here last night due to his schedule. He's been staying with their sister about an hour from here since we have a full house at the moment. He ran the snow blower and cleaned off my Jeep so the snow wouldn't cave in the soft top and he and K3 did the shoveling. Nice!
I cleaned a bit, started laundry, tried to nap, drank a ton of coffee... Now it's writing time. Though a real nap just might be in my near future once I get some writing done.
It's so quiet. The dog is napping. K4 is doing homework. K3 is taking a nap. The television is off. That Brother is working with his head phones in. I have about three hours until time to make dinner.
We have around 16" in my backyard. I think. I'm not willing to hike the twenty feet to the picnic table with a ruler to find out for sure. The winds are kicking up now, so we'll see what happens next. Everything is closed and they are asking people to stay off of the roads. The plow has come by once and that was hours ago.
We'll see what tomorrow brings...
Until then, here's my crazy dog running around like a freak. She loves the snow! It's not a great picture, but you can kind of see That Brother clearing off my Jeep in the background! (This was around nine this morning)


Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Snow-pocalypse...

Or whatever it will be...

It's snowing now. Started about an hour and a half ago.

Schools are closed.

My work day fate is unknown at this point, but if it does what they say, I'll be home in my jammie pants regardless of it we're open or not. I'm not afraid to drive in the snow. At all. In fact I love it, but there's a point when you realize your life is more important than a job. I saw something earlier that really stuck with me - "Your job can replace you, Your family can't." And if it does what they're saying, it will be very risky to drive anywhere.

We'll see...

The shovels are out. The snowblower is ready. The fridge and pantry are stocked. We have everything we need to be hunkered down in the storm.

I'm ready!

Bring it, Mother Nature...


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap up...

I don't know how both of my visiting author posts came on the same day. That wasn't how that was supposed to work, but...


Friday night That Man's brother was here. He's in from California for a visit. He's staying with That Man's sister, but came to hang with us Friday night. He cooked some awesome curry chicken and we hung out for a while.

Later that night, Mr. B got sick. He puked everywhere and was so pathetic and miserable. We were up until almost two with him, and then That Man was up with him early in the morning.

That Man and I went to do the grocery shopping. Then back here to get ready to go to my sister's for the banquet for the ducks that she's involved in. She takes a pair of siblings every year since our folks passed. This year was our turn. We had a great time. My brother came, too. We won a picnic basket, had some good food, drinks, and tried to win other cool stuff. It was fun to hang out with everyone and be a part of the thing. They have "Tom's Bar", which is a shout out to my sister's fiance who passed away and was really involved in this event. That was cool. We were home at a halfway decent time, which I didn't expect.

Today - well, we lost an hour of sleep - but I still slept in as much as I could. Had to get up with the furnace since it went out overnight and That Man had to restart it this morning. But K4 and I did our usual Sunday "stupid television" watching. We made some food, did some laundry... I finished up my short and sent it back for final line edits and prep for publication.

We're prepping for a winter storm now. I'm very excited! I hope it's going to be what they're saying and more! But since we fired up the snow blower, pulled out the shovels, cleaned up the yard, and prepped the vehicles, it probably won't do a darn thing.

We shall see...


Thursday, March 09, 2017

D.R. Grady's in the House!

D.R. Grady and I walked into our very first writers meeting together, though we'd never met. We sat together and chatted, and became friends and critique partners. I've known her for a super long time and I'm proud to introduce her book on my blog.

Her new release comes out soon. Here's a preview...

Odd things keep happening to Dr. Sara Newton. She’s a soon-to-be-unemployed pediatrician with an alleged stalker, a hot cop on her heels breathing dire warnings, and way too much student debt.

It doesn’t help that the hot cop is Clay Morrison, her best friend’s older brother. The man has made her heart pound and her palms sweaty since puberty. The trouble is, he only interacts with her when he’s expounding on new security measures. He sees threats everywhere.

Clay Morrison is frustrated. He hates his new job, misses his Army Ranger days, loves his well-meaning, pushy family—and when did sweet Sara Newton grow up? She won't admit she has a stalker, and she won't keep out of his thoughts. He can only protect someone in denial for so long. No matter how attractive she is...

Clay and Sara are circling each other, trying to meet in the middle. Then a brand new threat sends them in a completely different direction.

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.
Twitter: @drgradybooks
Facebook Page: D.R. Grady
Google+:  D.R. Gradybooks

Check her out! 


Coming Tomorrow!!

My very good friend, Misty Simon's, book comes out tomorrow! Seriously, you do not want to miss this! I loved brainstorming this book with her and you just can't go wrong with an Ivy Morris mystery! :)

·         Ivy Morris Mysteries – Hoedown Showdown
With the Tasty Tomato Tournament just days away, the small town of Martha’s Point is all abuzz. This is the first year without a sure winner, and the competition is fierce to gain the judges’ approval, even before the tournament starts.

But when Ivy finds one of those judges dead in a shed across the street, things go from bad to worse. All she wanted was seven glorious, kid-free days of messing around with her husband. Instead, she’s going to be tracking down a killer, staying out of the way of a pickle-obsessed farmer, and dodging the new cop who seems out for her blood.
Rating: Spicy
“Myrt,” I said patiently, as if talking to a small child. “First of all, this wasn’t the tomato crusher. It was Judge McIntyre.”
I didn’t even get to the next part since she started wailing. “Oh, my stars! I’m never going to win the Tasty Tomato Tournament now! It’s the fiftieth anniversary, and I wanted at least one chance before I die! And now I will never win this! I’ll be a dead woman long before I can ever show my face again in the tournament! And this was supposed to be my year!”
Not only was that a lot of exclamation points, but she also dragged the last word out until it sounded like a cat dying. I tried to calm her down by settling my hand on her shoulder. She shook me off while dropping her cane at her feet. With a ton of creaks and cracks, she knelt down beside him and started babbling about how sorry she was.
“I don’t think you should touch him.” I said this while definitely keeping my distance. I did not want to touch him more than I already had. To be honest, it had been some time since I was involved in anything more than feeding and playing with my kids or running my store and being a wife. Occasionally I would help Ben with a case or two in his work as a private investigator, but it was more paperwork than anything else. I did not want to even know what had happened to the judge, much less who had done it. Ben was not going to be pleased. At all.
“I’m so sorry, Mr. McIntyre,” Myrt said with her face close to his, her hand patting his chest. There was a crinkling noise, but she was still talking. “So very sorry. When Irma died last year in her sleep after winning her forty-ninth straight tournament, I thought I finally had a chance, and now I hit you, and I’m so very, very sorry, and I can’t believe I mistook you for a burglar.” She twisted her hands together like she was wringing out a dishtowel. And she was going to draw blood if she continued biting her lip in between babbling some more.
I had few choices right now. I have to admit here that I had no desire whatsoever to call the police. I didn’t want to be involved in things. I had plans this week. This was not going to keep me from swinging from the freaking chandelier if I could.
Of course, I could go across the street and call from the house, or have Ben call and then remove myself from the situation altogether. But that would be completely unfair to Mrs. Crandall.
I couldn’t help myself. I let out a scream that would have brought down an opera house, something between frustration and fright because, at that moment, something furry ran against my leg before shooting into the bushes.
In the end, the decision of what to do was taken out of my hands because the police came tearing up in the one marked car in town, screeching to a halt at the curb. A man in uniform was out of the car before I could blink again. And I’m glad I didn’t blink because I would have missed the way he jumped from the car and then did a forward roll across the front lawn as if he was in some crazy-assed shootout.

You can find me on the web at:
Twitter: @MistySimon

Author bio: Misty Simon loves a good story and decided one day that she would try her hand at it. Eventually she got it right. There’s nothing better in the world than making someone laugh, and she hopes everyone at least snickers in the right places when reading her books. She lives with her husband, daughter and three insane dogs in Central Pennsylvania where she is hard at work on her next novel or three. She loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Crashing Computer & Other Stuff

So... I was right in the middle of a post on Sunday when my computer died... It went into "recovery" mode and would not come out. I tried to restart at an earlier point, and each point I tried crashed again. Grr... I have no idea what caused it, potentially my virus protection update, but maybe not... I went to bed after setting it up to do it's recovery thing and come Monday morning, it was still stuck in the same loop.
Monday night I reset the whole darned thing.
I lost all of my files and pictures.
Luckily, I had backup on most things, but I lost a crapton of writing files - which is my bad, but I'm not feeling the loss. Not really. Yeah, I had a pretty good chunk of a story, but it wasn't going anywhere, so I guess it's okay... It is what it is. I'd be buying a new computer if I hadn't gotten the reset done, so it's all good. I will be backing up a lot from now on...
In other news...
I have no hair again.
My sister-in-law (That Man's sister) is going through chemo and her hair is quickly on the way out. That Man came home Sunday and told me that his sister has lost almost all of her hair. I know she didn't want me to cut my hair for her. She even told me that, but given the fact that I don't listen to those kinds of things.... I made him cut my hair off. She's struggling a lot with it, so I decided to shave mine to let her know she's not alone. She says I'm crazy, but I want her to know that it's okay.
Work was a lot shocked. I had a lot of head rubbings.
It's all good. My hair will grow back. I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes and other body hair... Boils down to the fact that I had a choice in this and my sister-in-law did not.
I will do this for every woman I love, without question...
That is all...

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ahh... Saturday.

I love you, Saturday.
I love sleeping in. I love the relaxed pace and four cups of coffee - starting laundry before my meeting...
I love my writing group meeting, even though I didn't get to stay for the whole thing or have lunch after... :( It was still very good. I love getting the check for retreat swag and the fact that retreat is in 73 days.
Also, shopping with That Man. We hit up the discount grocery outlet and stocked up on snack foods. Then the regular grocery store. (ouch) More laundry. Finished up my short for critique. Scheduled Thursday blog post with a cover reveal for a visiting author friend. Took care of the checkbook from the day's shopping (ouch).
I love the South Bay Chowder we had for dinner, and I love the fact that we have a ton of leftovers. I love having candles lit. I love the fact that my house is "almost" clean.
What would make Saturday all the more perfect... Snow! Yeah, I said it. I just seriously want a HUGE snowfall where no one can leave the house, except to shovel.
You can hate me now... I do not apologize.
(Also, I love that tomorrow is Sunday and my only obligations are to write and cook.)

Friday, March 03, 2017

Feel Good Friday

How about that? I actually made it....

Let's get to the list so I can hit the sack. (shush... I  know it's only ten pm on a Friday night, but I am wiped out...)

1. Sleeping in a little tomorrow. Thank goodness.
2. Having a warm house. It's freaking cold outside.
3. Finishing the edits on my short. Yay!
4. Writing meeting tomorrow!
5. My puppy dog sleeping beside me. She's snoring and it's really cute.
6. Getting the bills paid and that administration stuff organized.
7. Grandkids... 'nuff said.
8. Warm and comfy pants.

That's all I have for now. I can't stop yawning, so I'm calling it.


Thursday, March 02, 2017

Almost Done With the Week...

And almost done editing my short. Yay!

K4 made an awesome dinner tonight. I helped her with parts of it, but that's okay. She picked something a little labor intensive, and she's been suffering with a migraine all week. She did a great job though.

I really dig this "cooking night" thing. The person who cooks plans the meal, makes sure we have everything needed, and are responsible for cleaning up afterwards. It's been working out well, though That Man and I pitch in to help with the clean up most of the time.

Looking forward to the weekend - writing meeting, potential plans with That Man, sleeping in...

I might be back tomorrow night for Feel Good Friday.


Wednesday, March 01, 2017



It's hard to believe we just started month three of 2017!

I think I'm doing better than last year since there isn't a hint of Christmas still out - just some snowmen that are sad they didn't get to see more of the stuff they're made of fall from the sky... Ha! They'll go away by the end of the month and dream of much snow and cold weather to make them feel alive again.

I got to see a preview of my new book cover and I adore it! I'll share as soon as I'm able. I'm really excited for this book! It'll tentatively hit as an e-book in June, and then the paperback will follow 9-12 months later.

Working on something to submit now so I hopefully won't have a great deal of time between releases, but we'll see how that goes. I can only control my part of it. Also, finishing up the short that's going to be a part of a free anthology with four other authors. Exciting stuff. I'm about a third of the way through a final round of edits, and then will do a read through before sending it off to be critiqued. Not sure on a release date or anything at this point, but will let you know when I do!

Also, look for some guest authors here coming soon. I think I have four or five scheduled over the coming months.

What else? I'm tired. The day job is brain draining. An illness is running through the office again. I've been lucky and hope I stay that way, but we've had at least two or three people out every day this week so far. It's Wednesday though, so that's a very good thing.

That's about it for now... My pillow is calling to me...


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday... Again

It seems like it's always either Tuesday or Thursday around the old blog... Weird.

So, the weekend was pretty good. That Man and I had date night on Friday night, which was nice. Out for dinner and then back home to hang out by the fire and talk. Very good stuff.

Saturday, I tackled the pantry in between hanging with Mr. B and running back and forth into the city. It took all day to get it done and I still had a few things to do on Sunday. K4 had a school thing and since parking is an issue, I took her. I was on my way to pick her up when she called and said she had a ride home with her bestie, so I turned around and went home. Then, about forty minutes later, I got a call that the bestie's battery was dead and could I come and help them. Ran back into the city with my trusty jumper cables, had to pay for an hours worth of parking for being inside the lot for four minutes... What are you going to do?

Headed out to see the band. We had a really great time. Got to see a lot of folks we haven't seen in a long time and awesome music. Home late and slept in on Sunday - for a little bit. Then the usual Sunday craziness, with some extra thrown in.

Monday was Monday. Dumb, but K3 made a great dinner.

Today - Tuesdsay. Blah. Good food again, though. Got some stuff done.

Working on a story...

Now it's bedtime.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Random

The temps were in the 70's today and are supposed to be the same tomorrow. Yay! But we all know winter will come back soon enough! Which is actually fine by me. I would love some major snow!! And I mean MAJOR snow - like a few feet or more!
I don't care if you think I'm weird for that! I love nothing more than being "stuck" in my house - writing, watching Lord of the Rings, playing Grand Theft Auto with my kids (in death mode), writing, cooking, napping - and SNOW! And yeah, I don't even mind shoveling... (too much) This is why I think moving to Alaska would be cool, but I do know that I would get sick of it after a long while. (a really long while)
But, I did love having the windows down and running around in no shoes... I don't know what that means when you match it up to wanting to be snowed in... Hmmm...
It's Thursday!
Friday is in a few hours and that's a very good thing. Just gotta get through the day job hours to get to the relaxation of the weekend.
The weekend is a little bit crazy with some fun stuff thrown in. Looking forward to it. I get to see both of my sisters at the same time (and hopefully my brother) and hear my brother-in-laws band, and sleep in. Can't ask for much more than that. (we're not talking about the laundry I have to do, or the pantry and linen closet clean out that must happen)
That is all for now... My pillow is calling to me...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday... Oy!

What a long and laborious day!

We started early with a butt-crack-of-dawn orthodontist appointment for K4. Good news is that the teeth that were stuck are coming down. Yay! Average news is that we have to continue the every three week appointments for a while yet... But progress is good. Stopped at the convenience store for breakfast for her, which is our routine since she can't eat before. Got her to school and then to the day job...

Brain bleeding chaos. That's all I can say... I think my brain is still hemorrhaging from the craziness of the workload...

Home to the kid cooking a delicious dinner (and cleaning up) (nice!), laundry, usual Tuesday night chores (trash, etc). Family meeting night - thankfully a quick one.

Finished the edits on my short! YAY!! (one more round until it's ready) Started the critique! Also Yay! Took care of retreat stuff and emails... Time to relax now...

Tomorrow is same day job stuff. In the evening, we're running over to see K2 quickly, so Mr. B can give Baby C some of the toys he wants to pass along. Little Baby Turtle is getting big and will come in about 16 weeks. Yay!

Still a lot of chaos here on the homefront, but we're getting there. I'm practicing the utmost patience and "chill". I know it's going to be okay and work out.

That is all...


Monday, February 20, 2017


Well... The weekend happened.

It wasn't as organized as I would have liked it to be, and we didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but we did make progress.

K4's friend's play was excellent. We had dinner afterwards, which was also excellent. Then home and between whatever allergy-type/sinus thing I was dealing with all day and the chaos from the weekend, I completely crashed around 8pm and slept straight through until around 7am this morning. That was nice, but I'm still so tired. (day job = brain drain)

Didn't get as much editing done as I'd wanted over the weekend, but I am making progress. Thinking about what I want to do next after critiques and polishing.

The weather is gorgeous right now and is supposed to be all week. Not nice enough to take the top off of the Jeep, but still awesome to go without a coat and not freeze my rear off. I know the cold is going to come back, and when it does, it better bring some snow - just saying...

Not sure how the week is going to go yet... We'll see...


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Almost the Weekend...

I'm ready.

Though this weekend is going to be crazy. We have a million things to do, including going to see K4's best friend's play. And all of the regular stuff needs to be taken care of, too.

So that's what I'm doing... Organizing myself for the weekend. The grocery list is shaping up. I've gotten a bit of a start on the laundry, and the cleaning... But I still need to check coupons and pay bills. Oy! Not going to happen tonight.

I did get a good chunk of editing done tonight. Almost there. Then, I will critique for a friend, and after that, do another pass of the short before I figure out what I'm doing next. I have edits coming at some point, but also retreat, too!

That's all for now!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Madness...

Oy Monday... How I seriously do not like you...

They did a big switcheroo of territories and sales reps at the day job. It's kind of good because I got my old territory back, but bad because I lost two really great reps and we worked really well together. And re-learning my old territory after a year away is rough. And bound to be rougher. It was a crazy day!

No really having to cook tonight was nice. And from the looks of it, I won't really have to cook tomorrow night either.

Oh and to back up to yesterday - the house meeting never happened because the baby shower had me running later than expected. Laundry only kind of happened. The baby shower was okay (I usually hate baby showers). I got to catch up with friends, won a prize, had some good food, and an amazing chocolate cheesecake cupcake. And the mom to be is so adorable with her ginormous twin-filled belly. The mom is K2's best childhood friend. This now woman grew up in my house. I distinctly remember her running home in tears one day when K3 and S were babies and in their bouncers in the living room and one of them pooped, but with the motion of the bouncer... well... it was kind of explosive. I called her mom to let her know she'd be running in the back door and we laughed our butts off. So weird how they grow up! ha!

Now I'm back to the edits... I am making fantastic progress and am pleased at how things are going even though I have a "little" bit to do...


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Post Book Signing Happiness...

It was an awesome day!

Got to sleep in a little. Coffee with That Man. Ready, and off to the signing.

It was a gorgeous day! The temperatures rose to a nice enough temp that I wasn't shivering like Pennsylvania is Alaska! Also, I hope none of the neighbors were watching, but I cleared the snow from the back porch with the scraper that's supposed to be in the Jeep... Ha!

Got to the farm and garden store - place is awesome! I love the way it smells and all of the cool stuff they have. I could spend a million bucks in there... easy. Set up my stuff, then off to get swag for the giveaway baskets. (and an amazing BLT for lunch)

The signing started and one of my oldest besties shows up! It was awesome to see her and get to spend a few minutes talking! It was also great to see so many of my writing friends. Some of them I hadn't seen in a really long time.

I sold some books! Talked to some great readers! Had a blast with my fellow authors! It was amazing! K4 came to hang out with me and did some social media posting for me. Even though she ended up taking over 500 pictures on my phone, it was fun! :)

After the signing, we went to dinner at the awesome place next door to the greenhouse. Good food, good friends, and Mr. B made $4! lol.

It was a very good day!

Now home and working on edits! But... so tired... Being "on" for so long is draining!

Tomorrow is laundry, baby shower, house meeting... Then back to the day job on Monday.... (enjoy the moment... enjoy the moment... lol)


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snow Day...

Well, not for me. I did get an hour and a half delay this morning, which meant I got to sleep in a little. That was nice, but totally necessary since I barely slept last night.

Happy for snow though! It was so pretty.

The kid had off school, which she loved. She shoveled and slept. Lucky.

And... it's supposed to be in the fifties this weekend, so the snow will be gone.


It's been a crazy week. Again. The day job is nutso. Enough that I was approved for overtime (which got eaten up by the delay, of course - that's my luck).

But Yay for Friday tomorrow!

The book-signing is Saturday. I'm looking forward to it! And to our usual dinner out afterward. We'll have Mr. B with us, too. Sunday I have a baby shower for one of my best friend's daughter. She and K2 were the best of friends from the time they were four through high school. She's having twin boys.

And that is all for now... I hope to be back with Feel Good Friday tomorrow, but no promises!


Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I've been missing my momma a lot lately.
Thinking about her and the things we used to talk about and do together. I even drove by the house on my way home tonight. I don't know why. I just felt like I needed to. It looks the same as it did when we sold it.
This morning I even reached for my phone to call her like I always did in the morning.
In a few months, it will be two years since she left.
Maybe it's the timing. Maybe it's just wishing I could talk to her about all of the stuff going on around here. A lot of it is, I think, the fact that the book signing I do every February is coming up, and she always went along with me and hung out with me throughout the whole day - sitting with me and talking up my books to passerby's. It makes me miss her even more.
This time last year, we were waist deep in getting the house ready to sell. We were tired - physically, emotionally, and ready to get back to our own homes and lives, but we still had each other every weekend to talk to and cry with. It sounds weird because while I am happy to not have that constant commitment, I miss it in a lot of ways.
I don't know. I guess it is what it is and that's okay.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Catching Up

I had a post started on Saturday, but I was trying to do it on my phone, and it wouldn't format and then it disappeared... Huh...

So here's the wrap up...
Lived through last week. (this week is looking the same, except, so far, no technical issues at the day job) And had date night with That Man. We were both exhausted and couldn't decide where to go to eat, but we had a good time hanging out and talking. I was asleep by 9pm though.
Had a blast with K5 on Saturday. We had to go to a birthday party and crazy stuff like that, but it was a good day.
Sunday - cooked dinner for my niece and her husband. He just had surgery. Made stuffed shells, apple bake, and garlic bread. Cleaned my house (kind of), and oh hey! The Christmas decorations are put away and organized! Yay!

Monday was a very long day at the day job. I was asleep before 9.

Today wasn't much calmer at the day job, but I'm still moving, so that's something. Though once I get the laundry out of the dryer and work on some edits, I'll be heading to bed.

My original post was better, but...


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday Nonsense...

1. The people that live in this house with me are nutty, as are the family members that visit. That's not really news after all of the years I've done this blog, but sometimes I need to remind you. For example, I came home to crazy music, a grandson running around with no shirt on (yes, it's winter), toys all over the living room floor, and a whole ton of chaos.

2. K1 cooked us dinner tonight. He made fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, grilled brussel sprouts, and he even made his own butter. It was very, very good and was a nice surprise. That Man and I cleaned up the millions of bowls and pans he used, but that's okay. It was worth it.

3. Work was another interesting day. When I got in, all I could do was clock in. The phones, Internet...everything was down. For three hours, I scanned nonsense paperwork (boring) to help the accounting department. *snore* Did have some good conversations with co-workers, and the laid back atmosphere was nice. Then, the system came back up and I realized how backlogged I am... Yeah, a day like that.

4. I've touched my editing every single night this week. That's a good feeling. I'm getting there.

5. This weather is weird! This morning was warm enough to go without a coat, by lunch, I was freezing my butt off and trying not to blow away in the wind. It's still windy and cold and I want to know where the snow is...

6. We worked on the basement tonight. Managed to get a decent amount done in the time we'd allotted. Neither of us wanted to do it, and we both had other things to do, so we agreed to work like hell for a certain amount of time and we nailed it. We still have a lot to do, including getting the Christmas stuff down there. Technically we could put them down there now, but we might as well get the whole tiny room done before we do that. We call it the "body room". It's probably six feet wide and fourteen feet long with shelves on one side and a door - probably the old root cellar. We primarily use it to store the decorations and kitchen stuff we only use every once in a while. In recent times, well... It's time to clean up....

7. Date night with That Man tomorrow night. I hope. We've tried to do date night every weekend for the past three weeks and have failed miserably. Hopefully we can make it work tomorrow night.

That is all for now...


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mid-Way Through the Week...

Hey! Look at that! I managed to get here two days in a row!

I don't have a lot to say....

It was nice to see the sun today! Very nice! The temperatures were decent, but it wouldn't have mattered because that sun was just awesome! I definitely think it makes a difference in everyone's moods.

I made good progress on my editing last night! I have one more critique to get through and then a general clean up and fix up to take care of, but I'm making progress!

Also, I have a little over two weeks until the annual book signing at our local nursery. This will be our fourth year (I think) and it's always a great time! It's fun during the signing and after, too.

That's about it for now. Be impressed with me that I made it here two days in a row, even if I didn't have much to say today! Ha!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tired Tuesday

Ugh, I'm tired.

Getting ready to head up to bed in a few minutes - once I take care of a few things.

I worked ten hours at the day job today. Not overtime - making up time. We had a power outage yesterday and had over three hours without work. I came home and took a little nap, and then went back in when the power came back on - staying until almost seven (until someone called in to say the roads were getting slippery). I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any time, so was more than willing to go in early/stay late to make up the difference. Heck, I wish it was overtime, but alas....

Helped K4 with an essay. (She says Hi, by the way) It was an exercise in hilarity because we were both working in the same google doc. Every time she went off the doc to fix music or whatever, I would type something completely ridiculous in the essay, and she would do the same when I took my attention away. It had us both laughing hysterically, which was worth it. She's finishing a section on Poe, which has been a groan-worthy section for her (and me, since she's needed help quite a bit).

This week is moving slow for me. Maybe it's just being so tired...

Now I'm off to edit a bit before I hang it up for the night.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Nine-thousand bags of trash, the equivalent to fifty-two cases of water bottles, a million loads of laundry...
It was bedroom cleaning with the kid weekend...
I exaggerate quite a bit on the volume, but it was a long day. (There were a lot of empty water bottles, though)
We even cleaned out the closet that hasn't been opened in a really long time. (She has two closets in her room - one is huge and has traditionally been used as storage for seasonal clothing or to store clothes waiting for kids to grow into them.) Now she has taken over this closet (except for the shelves which is stuff stored for a yard sale or donation run), and it's really nice for her since her room isn't too big.
We rearranged, fixed some furniture, vacuumed the carpet within an inch of its life, and made many trips up and down the stairs with trash, laundry, and the like... But it looks awesome and she is so happy with how it turned out. Up next is new paint and flooring, but that's a summer project and she still has to decide what color she wants.
I managed to get the Christmas dishes out of the hutch and stored, but the other decorations are still in the living room. Argh. But the shelving needs fixed in the basement, and That Man had to rescue K3 today. First with overfilling his car with oil. He had to take That Man's car to work and left the lights on... so dead battery. Poor kid has had a rough weekend...
Now I'm still doing laundry and editing...
And it's Sunday, which means work tomorrow. Ugh.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It Must Be a Wednesday Thing...

Wednesday seems to be the only day I post and I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's a quieter night around here?
This week has been hectic. Somehow it's already Wednesday!
K4's school performance is coming up and we've been running around trying to get stuff ready for that.
I've been working on editing a short, which is going okay. I have several critiques to get through with it, and some rewriting to do on it, but I'm getting there. Baby steps right now...
I'm also taking an editing class, though I haven't participated yet. It's not a requirement, but the lessons are worthy - which is all that matters.
The Christmas tree finally came down - or at least the ornaments and lights came off and got stored in their box. The tree itself is still on the front porch and the decorations are still in my living room, but that's only because That Man has to fix the shelving the stuff goes on since everything broke. That's one of his weekend projects...
That's all for now... I have food cooking for lunches, laundry going, dishes to do, editing to do, and a headache the size of Texas...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January is Slipping Away...

Literally and figuratively...

Today was an ice delay for both the kid and I. She was delayed two hours and I was delayed an hour, which meshed our schedules pretty well. The extra sleep was nice, too. Making up the time at the day job, however, is not that much fun. The roads weren't too bad by the time I left, except for a few slippery spots.

It's been hectic and chaotic around here and not in a great way. A lot of worry and weird happenings. Not stuff I can really talk about on here, despite how much I want I'll just say I'm very proud of the way the family has come together in support.

Let's focus on the good stuff...

1. Mr. B turned four yesterday. We went over to his house to give him some presents and spoil him - which is our grandparent rights. Ha! Plus, the bonus is that the huge noisy helicopter his Pappy found for him stays at his house. Ha!

2. Did I mention we're going to be grandparents again? This summer K2 and J are expecting number two. Gender to be revealed in a few weeks...

3. Gearing up for the February book signing! It will be my first time at this signing with actual books and I'm excited for that!

4. Getting to hang out with friends for birthday celebrations. Ping pong was the best with my nieces and sister and a friend. We had a really good time.

5. Talking to my uncle on his birthday. He cracks me up a lot. Hopefully we'll get to hang out with them soon!

That's all I have right now... It's Wednesday. It's raining. I'm tired. I need to write now...


BTW - K4 says hi...

Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 in Review!

I sucked at blogging in 2016... Hopefully 2017 is better that way!

36" of snow. A houseful of company riding out the weather. One long post....

Braces, learner's permit, writing, dental work for me, working at the 'rents, book signing event, hanging with my sibs.

Promotion at the day job, retreat countdown, gearing up for the coming months.

More cleaning of the 'rents house, birthday with my kids, taxes

Retreat!! Books in print! Camping, doctor for the dog, Grief.

One post - random

No posts...

K4 passing her driving test, selling my Suburban, School begins again, book signings.

Dead dryer, me sick as a dog, prepping for the beach

The Beach! Selling the 'rents house. Birthdays. Random

Random. Thanksgiving - fun with my sister-in-law!

Random. Christmas chaos. Glad 2016 is behind us.

That was quick. Hopefully 2017 is a much better year the whole way around!


Happy New Year!

Sorry I've been MIA around here. I did start two posts, but ended up losing them to my own stupidity...

Well here we are in 2017!

2016 sucked in a lot of ways. (I'll do my year in review post soon) But there was also some good stuff.

Let's focus on the good...

1. We have a new grandbaby on the way!
2. All of our awesome grandkids! They are the best.
3. Finishing our parent's house and selling it.
4. Awesome friends and awesome siblings.
5. Getting a promotion at the day job.
6. The beach!
7. Writing. Selling a book. Great booksignings.
8. Retreat!
9. That Man and Those Kids.
10. Ringing in the new year with great people!

That's all for now. Our pizza will be here in a minute.