Sunday, November 26, 2017

End of the Weekend...

I thought it was Sunday all day yesterday, so it was kind of nice when today was actually Sunday.

Small Business Saturday at the bookstore was fun. Got to hang out with author friends, meet new friends, and the store cats.

Came home and helped That Man with the leaves. Oy! That was a job and a half. Once we were done, we cleaned up and got in the car for the drive to That Man's best friend's grave site. We took a wreath and some flowers. Then we made our way back home, stopping at the grocery store first.

Made our own subs for dinner, then watched sappy Christmas movies. In bed early. No writing done. Boo. 

Today we grabbed K5, took her to "brunch", and then to see a live reindeer. It was a quick time, but at least we got to see her for a bit. She's a hoot.

Came home to do the chores and make loaded potato soup, which turned out well. I got through a whole critique of my short, which is awesome. I'm heading to bed soon. I know it's early, but while I do feel much better, I'm exhausted, have a massive headache, and just want to be in bed.

Tomorrow is Monday! Oy!


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