Thursday, November 02, 2017


Sorry I didn't explain the people on my porch thing.

So the neighbor rang the bell (didn't know it was her at the time). Over the past few weeks, our cat has been getting out constantly and she wanted to make sure she was ours before letting her kids keep her. (The other neighbors moved out and she thought they'd left their cat). They've been feeding her when she makes her way to their house (before she runs outside again). We thanked her for taking care of our kitty and explained her quickness to run out the door anytime it's opened and her age. She said she'd continue to look out for her, but wouldn't let her kids keep her. It was cool and I'm glad she came over to check. Kitty is in now, but she's lurking by the door. Oy! I think it might be a senility issue. She's pushing 14 or 15 now, so who knows. I hate her getting outside!

For the last two hours, K2 and I have been talking to each other entirely in gifs. We used to do this all of the time back in the day, so it's nice to have a little throwback. Currently, it's chicken pictures. I just sent a chicken and a cat fighting. She sent Lucille Ball acting like a chicken. It's random, but it's funny. Before that, it was coffee and pigs.

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank goodness. You've heard it all about this week, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

I did my words already. Yay me! I also have some new reviews up, which is super cool.

Saturday is my writing meeting. Looking forward to it!

In two weeks, I'm at an event... somewhere... It's a women helping women event and I'll be discounting books as part of the cause. I've never done this one before, so I'm excited.

That's about it!


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