Friday, November 17, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Well... Hello, Friday!

The good...

1. Friday. Duh! It was a long day at the day job. No overtime, but long nonetheless.

2. Having a yummy lunch though.

3. The holiday work stuff scheduled. We're doing something cool every Friday (and other days) from here on out, and our community service stuff starts Monday. Excited about that.

4. Super productive meeting last night with my anthology partners. Get your free copy of The First Sentence now, because come January 1st the price will go up to ninety-nine cents. Our Second Sentence hits preorder soon. It's going to go for $2.99! Before you complain, all proceeds will go to a Women Helping Women shelter. So, it's for a really good cause. In fact...

5. Sunday I will be at an event for Women Helping Women. I'll be selling books at a discount to benefit the shelter. I've never done this event before. I'm nervous and excited. But it's an awesome cause and I'm so happy to be able to participate. (Send me a message or comment if you want more info.)

6. That Man making most of the dinner and then I made him go to the store with me because neither of us wanted to go! It was good for us to get out with just each other, even though it was a stupid grocery store trip.

7. Sleeping in tomorrow. Man, how I need that. Last night was another sleepless night. I think I had one decent night sleep this week, and it was on a night I figured I'd be up running stuff through my head.

8. Oh and we had a dog friend at work this week. There was this little white and grey dog running around the complex. Several of our people tried to catch it, but all the dog did was bark and run away. One of our guys volunteers at a shelter and he knew the right people to call to get the dog taken care of. The little guy was caught, de-flead, de-ticked, and cleaned up, and they brought him into work today to thank everyone for looking out for him. He sure was cute and I would have taken him if I could. So cute and the entire office forgot their jobs to go and hang out with him.

9. Making progress on my edits and staying in the 50/50.

10. Teaching Elsa new tricks. She's getting it and it will be epic once she totally gets it. She's so smart, but she's dumb enough that we had to move the trash can to keep her from foraging, so that's dog life for you.

There was bad this week, too. I won't go into details, but... well... It is what it is.


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