Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

Yeah, I had to hit the grocery store on my way home. That was brutal. We'd promised cookies to an organization for their Thanksgiving dinner and ran out of time to make them, so I had to purchase them. I also needed some mushrooms for dinner. That trip should have taken less than ten minutes (considering the bakery is at one end of the store and produce is at the other and the store is three times as huge as my local store and then, you know, the parking lot walking). Twenty or more minutes later, I finally got back into the Jeep. There were people everywhere - all with huge carts of Thanksgiving goodness. Yikes.

Our community service plans fell through. We were going to do it with That Sister, but by the time we received the sign up sheet, the only times available were when we would all be at work. We tried to figure it out, but there was nothing for it. Next year though.

Tomorrow is the day job and then cooking/baking. I need to make pies and some other things. I was going to make one dish tonight, but with a 5 minute prep time and an unknown on how it will keep until Thursday, I decided to wait.

Car issues in the house tonight. K4 has an orthodontist appointment in the morning and has to drive herself. She hasn't had to drive her car for the last week or so and her brother was the last one to use it, so we encouraged her to start it tonight to make sure it wouldn't let her sit in the morning and to make sure she had gas and oil. Of course, it wouldn't start. It has a slow battery drain, which, in his defense, he didn't know (but it's his car luck) (I kid you not - if something is going to break or have an issue, it will always do so after he drives it. And he's not abusing any car. There are many, many examples, most recently, I let him borrow my Jeep for a brief foray on a Saturday afternoon. He brought it back no problems and I didn't drive it for a day or so. I went to move it and realized he'd accidentally left the key on auxiliary. It's a thing that easily happens. I've done it a few times myself and he had no idea because he hasn't really driven it often.) Anyway. We jumped K4's car and he owes me the funds I transferred to her because it has no gas.

K4's best friend comes home from college tomorrow. I don't know how much we'll see K4 or the bestie over the weekend. They have plans and the bestie needs K4 to help her with some stuff. I'm excited for them to get to spend some good time together. That's a very good thing.

I did the writing thing and make super good progress, though I have much to do yet.

We're heading into the crazy season. I hope you're all ready! I thought I was, but I'm not so sure now...


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