Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Talk about being a slacker! Now it's Sunday! Oy!
I do have a list...
1. Being all by myself from 5pm Friday night until 1am Sunday morning. I didn't get as much work done as I'd hoped, but I had a grand time doing only what I wanted.
2. A long walk by myself with some kickass walking music Friday night, visiting with a friend, chinese food, adult beverages, Jericho, editing until the wee hours.
3. Sleeping in Saturday. Coffee. Loud music. Chapter business, then lunch and retreat shopping with Simon.
4. Grocery shopping. (I only say this because it's done and going by myself meant the bill was lower!) More editing. Frozen pizza, LoTR, more editing.
5. My girls coming home, even though they were in craptastic moods.
6. Sleeping in today.
7. K5 being with us almost all day today. She is so stinking cute and so very smart!
8. My house being in decent shape, though demo'd by the almost 2 year old.
9. New Supernatural Friday night! Awesome!
10. Finding what was stinking up the 'burban. By Saturday afternoon when I went grocery shopping, the smell inside the beast was puke worthy. I did discover the causes and removed them. Dang kids.
And now...after a mostly blissful weekend, it's almost Monday again...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am one! Geeze, how does time go by so fast?
Here's the list of what's been up since I posted on Saturday...
1. Saturday evening we made a fantastic dinner and spent the evening playing games, watching Dr. Who, and being goofy.
2. Sunday it rained. A lot. We spent the morning relaxing. (well, the family relaxed. I edited.)
3. Sunday evening we headed to my sister's to meet their French exchange student. What an absolute blast!    We started leaving at 8pm, but didn't actually get out of the house until 10. We were gearing up to leave when M (the french exchange student) asked K3 to sing for her. One song turned into a two hour jam fest and it was awesomely fantastic. We had to take my nieces boyfriend home, and didn't make it in our door until after 11pm. And the next day was Monday.
4. Monday...well, let's just say none of us wanted to get up and deal with the day, but we did and we lived through it. The oldest and his future-bride stopped by and I had a ton of household administration stuff to take care of. Bedtime was very early.
5. Now - It's Tuesday. Still too early in the week to be glad about anything, but with the rate time is passing by, I'd better find something quick... Anyway. K4 woke with hives. Her legs, back, and arms were covered. We saw the doc and he said "major allergy attack", put her on prednisone and zyrtec and even though he had no idea what caused the hives, I felt a lot better after the appointment and the information provided. She feels a lot better after getting a dose of the meds in her.
...and it's only Tuesday...
But! Retreat in 22 days! Whooo!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

So...whoa! I sign in here to post and everything is different about the posting process! hmmm... Anyway. All I can say is, whew! Saturday! Let's get to that list, shall we?
1. New Supernatural last night. Awesome! I loved it. So much.
2. K2 doing well with her surgery. (even though prescription pain meds make her angry and mean.) The doc fixed some torn cartilage and cleaned up some scar tissue. Hopefully the surgery resolves her pain.
3. Hanging out with that man. He makes me laugh. So hard.
4. Having a relatively easy weekend (for me - not for that man!), which means I can write all weekend! (After I take care of the grocery shopping and start laundry)
5. Getting the retreat t-shirts ordered!
6. 26 days until retreat! I cannot wait!
7. Hysterical laughter watching J wash K2's hair in the kitchen sink. He was soaked. She was soaked. It was a riot.
8. My to do list shrinking.
9. Being home Thursday. Even though we spent most of the day at the surgical center, it was fantastic to be home. I cleaned. I cooked. I edited.
10. 26 days until retreat! (I know I said that already!)
That's all for now. It's time to get busy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday? Really? Again?

These weeks go by way too fast!
1. The weather is psychotic. Monday I wore shorts. Today I am in a sweatshirt.
2. I have this sleep timer app on my phone. I might delete it. Since I downloaded it, only once have I achieved over 8 hours of sleep. Mostly it's 5 hours. And that sucks. Not that it's the app's fault, but...
3. Tomorrow is K2's wrist surgery. Early. We have to leave the house a little after 6am. I don't know if she's nervous, because she's not here.
4. It really bothers me when people judge other people. Worry about yourself, not others. There is nothing redeeming about picking someone else apart.
5. I want to take kick boxing classes.
6. Friday cannot come soon enough.
7. Friday is also new Supernatural.
Seven is enough for this Wednesday. I have work to do.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up...

Birthday weekends are awesome! You get to begin celebrating early and continue all weekend. Which I did.
Saturday was a good day - slept in, stayed in my jammies all day, read, wrote. The man made a fantastic dinner and cleaned up. We had good conversation and laughter. The 'rents stopped by with a present for me and I didn't do anything I didn't want to do.
Today was working on the sidewalk. We have to "bring them up to code" because our town is repaving the roads and all sidewalks have to be repaired and stuff. Our deadline is looming. The man was out there grinding cracks and slinging cement. We "think" they're about done, but have to have the code guy come out and check. Our repairs weren't nearly as bad as we thought - not like other property owners, which is lucky for us, but still work.
I made major writing progress. Did laundry, grocery shopped, made dinner, swept the floor (a million times, because of all of the dust).
The bad thing about today is that my kid is sick. We thought she was having an allergic reaction to face paint from an event she went to last night, but a fever of 102.5* (with motrin on board) says differently. Now she's coughing. I can hear her misery and it makes me sad.
And...tomorrow is Monday. Again. I really could use one more day of sleeping in and relaxing...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Ahh, Friday! I am so very glad to see you!
Here's the list:
1. Walking in the woods with that man. It was a beautiful evening for a walk.
2. Quick and efficient grocery shopping.
3. Sleeping in tomorrow!
4. My little red fireplace. Not only does it keep me warm, but I love watching the flames.
5. Comfy pants.
6. Netflix.
7. Cheese Steaks for dinner.
8. Writing time tomorrow!
9. How excited K3 was to go to training weekend and how his friends reacted when he got there.
10. My iPhone. Because I still love it.
And that is all for now...

Thursday, April 12, 2012


A random Thursday list...
1. My eyes are killing me. Don't know if there's some allergy action involved, or if it's just plain eyestrain. But ouch and woe!
2. In the eye department, K4 lost her glasses today. Oy! Hopefully they show up tomorrow. If they don't, it means my eye appointment is pushed back...again, so her glasses can be replaced. (See #1)
3. Holy Homework Thursday! Two kids with ten tons of homework. And they both needed the computer at the same time. Ack! (The upside of Holy Homework Thursday is that I stayed home to supervise the homework and was in my jammies - and writing - before 7pm! Yay!)
4. When I asked K2 what she wanted for dinner tonight, she sent me a picture of a penguin. Needless to say, we did not have penguin for dinner. (We did have some kick ass stir fry. With chicken.)
5. I have made pretty dang good writing progress tonight. (That's not random. Just good.)
6. The cat has totally taken over the dog bed. It's a big bed (for a big dog). And the dog does nothing about the infringement. She will lay right beside her bed and let the cat have it. It's cute and proof that my puppy is just a huge teddy bear.
7. I'm cold. And my favorite striped socks have holes in them. I will need some new favorite striped socks before the retreat!
8. Tomorrow is Friday, which is not random, but a fact. And I am damn glad!
9. Saturday has the promise of being a good day. Already I know I will be sleeping in, writing, and not cooking. Or doing anything I don't want to do. Yay! (Because...shhh...Saturday is my birthday!)
10. I am in the middle of a good book and my eyes are bothering me too much to continue. How very sad is that?
Okay. Enough random. Time for bed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time Warp?

Not The Time Warp. But I feel like I'm in a time warp. The days are going so fast. Too fast. It's Tuesday already. And almost the middle of April! I mean, really!
What have I been doing since my last post?
Well, we had Easter at my sisters. It was a blast. We ate way too much, laughed a lot, and I got the bright idea to hike to the top of the cliff. I was halfway up when I realized I was not the smartest tool in the shed. Everyone was watching, so I had to continue or look like a fool. I made it, and I'm glad I did. The view was gorgeous. No pictures because I was worried I'd drop my phone, so you'll have to trust me. We watched old home videos from when K3 and S were not quite one - holy cow! All in all, it was a very good day.
Then it was Monday...
And we all know how much Monday sucks, so I don't have too much to say about that. Except I did make a little progress on my revisions, had a nice walk with the man, and caught up on a bunch of stuff that's been hanging over my head. (So maybe not all sucky)
Today was less sucky, with more accomplishments. Laundry done (kind of), fantastic dinner made by me - shrimp tacos with mango salsa. Yum! (Though next time there will be more garlic, less taco seasoning (or no taco seasoning), and a little less hot pepper) Major pages of revisions completed. No walk, which makes me feel both sad and fat. A good conversation with K4, and silly, silly kids. (Though we will be having a reminder discussion about how when I am writing they can't bug me unless there's blood and/or fire, because gah! Really?) Oh, and I got to talk to my granddaughter on the phone while K2 watched her. She was so excited to talk to me and her Pappy and oh man, I love that kid!
And tomorrow is Wednesday. We'll see what Wednesday brings...

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

I know I'm late!
Here's the list!
1. Supernatural returning for an 8th season with a new writer. One that has written some of my favorite episodes! I know I've been quiet on the Supernatural front lately, and that's because I've been kind of disappointed. I haven't lost my love, but I have been a little disillusioned. And that's sad. My hope is renewed.
2. Getting to see some of my former classmates last night at a mini-reunion. I won't tell you how long it's been since I've seen most of them. A long time. But we had an absolute blast. To say we're a unique graduating class would be an understatement, but those are stories for another time.
3. My writers meeting today. Always awesome, but today was especially awesome because one of our favorite speakers came.
4. Cooking. So far I've made two pans of stuffed shells, a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and am working on potato salad. B has a dish he is making as well.
5. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hanging with the family and friends, eating (cheesecakes!), and laughing. Can't wait!
6. Hanging out with that man I live with.
7. Writing time!
8. Weird texts with K2.
9. Retreat coming up in 40 days!
10. A less busy week on the horizon!
That is all!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's Almost Friday!

What I'm looking forward to...
1. My sister-in-law getting the all clear, (we should know soon!) though she might have to do some radiation treatments. (Surgery was today and went well). Oh and if things aren't as we hope and she has to have chemo, I will be sporting a bald head in her honor and my stubble will be dyed pink.
2. My writers group meeting on Saturday!
3. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!
4. Making cheesecake for Easter.
5. Okay...amend #4 to say...Cooking for Easter. I'm not hosting, but I'm cooking some stuff...
6. Easter at my sisters. Always fun and I can't wait to hang out with everyone.
7. Writing time!
8. Retreat! Less than 42 days! Whoot!
9. The Hobbit movie. (It's a long way off!)
10. Relaxing, and maybe sleeping in a little on Saturday, though...see #2.
That is all. It's late and I'm tired, BUT it's almost Friday!!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Mostly Suck Monday...

Regular Monday suck aside...
1. Having to ground my kid for grades! Argh!! He does the homework (I see it, I know it's done, and done well, too), but somehow between home and school he "forgets" that it actually has to be turned in to count towards his grade! So, now he's grounded. And I think it hurts me as much as it hurts him.
2. Not sleeping. Why, when I've stayed up far too late both weekend nights, can I not fall asleep before midnight? Yeah, I know I've screwed with my schedule, but dang it! I was tired! And now I'm more tired!
3. I'm cold! Which really has nothing to do with Monday, but it's relevant because it is Monday.
4. My face breaking out. What the heck? What am I twelve again? Grrr!
5. My house being a complete and total train wreck because no one knows how to put their crap away!
The good stuff about Monday:
1. Dinner with friends. They moved to Florida a few years ago. I haven't seen them since (B has). We didn't have enough time, but we did have a good time. And we had Mexican food, which is always awesome!
2. Watching one of my favorite movies while I "try" to get some work done.
See the ratio there? Proof that Monday is a day of suck!
Tuesday will be better!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up...

Well, another weekend is done. Sad!
It was a good one.
Lot's of laughing and goofing off.
We stayed up far too late both nights, and got up far too early.
I got a little bit of writing done - not nearly enough, but progress is progress.
Now I'm playing catch up, watching The Stand, and wishing for another day off.
And time keeps ticking by way too fast!