Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I didn't even remember today is Halloween until around 5pm...that's just testament to how my Monday went. Started off ending somewhat better...
Since we already had our Trick or Treat night, there isn't a lot going on around here tonight. We're watching the live feed of Ghosthunters, which is cool.
So! Go here to my friend Natalie's and check out her brand new release! I've read this book and it is awesome!

This is the last post of October 2011. Fair warning...I'm about to start complaining about 2011. It's pretty much sucked. Tomorrow begins November...Really?
That is all...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Storm...

I was going to post pictures of the massive amount of snow we got yesterday, but the camera is broken and my phone takes crappy pictures, so...
Anyway...Yeah, snowstorm in October.
Fantastic! Everything was cancelled and we ended up with a rare day with no obligations...well, except the weekly trip to the grocery store and the shoe buying, but we did those things just as the snow was beginning. We looked a little ridiculous in the massively crowded store with our overloaded weekly cart. We weren't the only ones though - we must have bumped into about ten people we know doing the same thing we were.
The storm was kind of scary though. We lost a lot of limbs from the big trees in the back yard - which meant today was spent with the chainsaw. On the whole, the damage wasn't as bad as we feared. We never lost power and except for the fence, nothing was destroyed.
We made chili, cookies, vodka drinks for the man and I, watched Lord of the Rings and did laundry. It was really really nice not to have to be anywhere. The folks came over since they were without lights and we hung out and talked - which was really good.
I hope it snows its butt off this winter!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday! Another week down the toilet and all I can say is...Good Riddance! Light a match already!
I think if I dig deep enough I might find some good, I mean, hey, we had a birthday around here!
1. K3 turning 15 and being a great kid.
2. Trick or Treat being over. I do love Trick or Treat, but it was an effort this year.
3. Being warm.
4. Snow in the forecast! I know it's early, but I love it!
5. All of Saturday's plans being cancelled because of the potential snow.
6. Sleeping in. Thank goodness.
7. Hanging out and laughing.
8. Supernatural!
9. Slowly figuring out what I want to write next.
10. Having Saturday to relax, cook, and write.
That is all...I think...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Day....

Foul language warning! Again! But you should be used to it by now...
Only my bus says: "Stupid, dumb, ridiculous Bus" (in addition to a lot of other bad words)
And that's my day...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weird Wednesday...

I am alone. For the moment. The quiet in my house is near deafening - except for the dog. This is odd to me (not the dog). Usually I am surrounding by chaos that is hard to explain and the noise level has got to be at illegal volumes. But none of that matters for the next few minutes while I am blissfully alone.
Tomorrow is my baby boy's fifteenth birthday. I'm not sure how he got to be that old. And in high school. I clearly remember his little blond head and his spiderman undies. Now he's talking about college and girls and all kinds of things I'm not ready for.
There is a mosquito flying around me. Shouldn't they be dead now?
On the writing front, I am settling on what to write next. And, of course, instead of grabbing a perfectly good idea out of my idea folder, it's something brand spanking new. I'm getting excited. It's been a while since I've put fresh words on the page. I've missed it. I will finish the zombie book at some point, just not now. I need to start it completely over and at this moment, I'm not that passionate about it. (This decision is subject to change without warning - just saying) This new book is coming together in my mind. Which is good, because there for a while I truly thought my brain was broken. Really broken. Apparently, what I needed was some time off...
By the way, today was markedly better than yesterday. Which is good because if today had been the same, you'd find me rocking in a corner somewhere.
Tomorrow night is trick or treat night/birthday celebrating, following by more birthday celebrating the following night and new Supernatural.
That is all...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Foul Language Warning - 2

That sums it up.

Sure Fire Ways to Irritate Me...

1. Pull out in front of me and then go ten miles under the speed limit.
2. Ask me if I've found everything I was looking for after I've unloaded my cart onto the register. I wouldn't be here if I didn't, and I'm intelligent enough to ask someone.
3. Fail to control your child and allow him to disrupt adult conversations.
4. Start talking about Christmas in October. I feel a grinch coming on...
5. Use my truck and don't tell me it's out of gas.
6. Be as smelly as my dog.
7. Continue to harass and attempt to tease me after I've told you I've had a bad day.
8. Drink the last bit of cold water in the fridge and put the container back empty.
...okay, so pretty much everything irritates me today. Long day - one I'm not going to share because the list is negative enough and tomorrow has to be better. Right? Please?
Yes. Tomorrow will be better...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scary Stuff

I like scary movies. Not the senseless killing movies, but pretty much everything else - from old school campy ones to current cheesy movies. I hate zombies so much I love them. I totally dig apocalyptic stuff, other realm things, and ghosts.
So, then why does The Exorcist scare me so much?
Cut back to when I was about twelve or so - maybe a little older, but probably not much. The movie was on television and I was taunted into watching it by my older brothers. I had to prove to them that I was as tough as they were, so I stayed up to watch with them. Through my fingers because, and I'm not ashamed to admit this, I was kind of sheltered. I'd had very few experiences with scary stuff that wasn't real life scary (like the time someone followed me at o'dark-thirty while I was on my paper route). Seriously, I was twelve or so. It was the late seventies/early eighties. The gut full of bad things and foulness we live with today didn't exist back then. Okay, so it existed, but it wasn't talked about so much.
Anyway. To be honest, I don't remember a lot of the movie. I do remember her face and the sound of her possessed voice (things I still can't bear to look at or hear). I remember the pea soup scene, though I still don't understand why the mother would throw a party when her daughter's all possessed and stuff. Maybe I missed something there. I don't remember how it ended.
What I do remember is flying off the couch the second it was over so I could get the bathroom first (one bathroom, seven people - being first was important). When I emerged, the living room was dark and I assumed my brothers had gone to bed. I shut off my light, crawled between my sheets, and closed my eyes while my head was still spinning from the horrors of what I'd watched. I was keyed up and nervous. Then...I heard something in my closet.
I brushed it off, or at least tried to, as I lay there in the dark watching the closet. Had I closed the doors? I thought they'd been open, but couldn't be sure. I pulled the blankets up and stared into the darkness. The doors moved, a scratching sound coming from the other side. We didn't have a dog. Or a cat. Something was in my freaking closet. The door moved again, a guttural moaning sound striking fear into my heart. Then a hand emerged, followed by hysterical laughter.
Those jerks hid in my closet. They thought they were the funniest boys on the face of the earth. I screamed and one of my parents bolted out of their room and yelled at the boys to go to bed and quit bothering me.
So, that's why I can't watch the movie to this day. Maybe it doesn't make much sense to you. Heck, I'm not sure it makes much sense to me. But there you have it...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Ha! The Friday Edition

Yes, it's late, but it's still Friday!
Here's the list...
1. Living through the week. I say that a lot lately. I hate it.
2. New Supernatural!
3. Getting the kids room cleaned.
4.  Fish tacos for dinner.
5. Extreme Makeover PA Edition. That was cool. It would have been cooler had I not had to try to switch back and forth between Supernatural and that! It better be On Demand soon!!
6. Maybe sleeping in tomorrow. No guarantees, but maybe?? I hope!
7. The big move going on this weekend.
8. Our lovely little fireplace!
9. My bed.
10. Comfy pants and comfy worn out sweat shirts!
That is all for now. Perhaps I will come back tomorrow and explain why The Exorcist terrifies me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those People I Live With...

I was working on my calendar when K2 snagged one of my business cards and asked if she could have it. She said she was going to call me. Too bad my phone number isn't on it - only my email. I was busy, so didn't think too much about it. All of the kids have my business cards. I don't know why, but they like them.
A little while later, I checked my email and found this:
"Hello, i recived your business card from a random stranger (i think a hobo from the street, she smelled) well she told me to contact you and so now i am. I wnted to tell you about a rash i hve on my rear end... It really burns and makes me cry everytime i poop... I was wondering if you could suggest any ointments or creams i could use? Or a dr you could recomend for me? i see your an author! I love books :) they keep me mental :)"
Unedited and word for word.
This is what I live with...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid-week Insanity...

It's been an off week around here. Really off and kind of bad. It's Wednesday and for the life of me I can barely remember the weekend! All I know is I'm seriously looking forward to Saturday and the promise of sleeping in.

It's been harder and harder to get the horde moving for school in the morning. Okay, technically the spawn are no longer a horde since there's only two of them, but old habits and all of that. Getting up is hard for me and I'm the one with two million alarm clocks going off at various times. And I really need to change the radio station on one of them. If I wake up to rap music one more freaking time I might jump out the window. Anyway.

This morning some guy knocked on the back door when it was still dark. I had a little moment of freak out, and then I realized the dog wasn't in the house and she wasn't barking outside either. It turns out that my geriatric dog was a street freaking traffic! She never leaves the yard. Well, okay, she has a few times, but it's mostly in pursuit of us - following us, or visiting grandma. We don't know why she left, though that man I live with had only just driven off to work. Maybe she thought she'd follow him? Or maybe she saw someone walking that she thought was one of us and followed? Then there's probably the cold hard truth - she's becoming senile. We'll probably never know what happened this morning, but I'm grateful for the stranger who found her and took the time from his own busy morning to bring her home. Though, technically she brought him home. He asked her to take him home and she did, so maybe she's not so senile.

We're in birthday season around here. K3 turns 15 next week! 15!? And...ugh...Christmas is coming. I don't want to talk about it yet...

That is all...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Thank God It's Friday Edition

I know I say this a lot, but this week... Well, this week has felt like a whole month! And not a good month either!
Let's only discuss the good. Okay?
1. Living until 4pm today. Trust me, I didn't think it was going to happen.
2. Girl's night with my oldest baby girl. Chinese food and chick flicks.
3. Supernatural tonight! I cannot tell you how excited I am!
4. Making good writing decisions. Ones that don't include making stupid choices.
5. Taking a little writing break while I figure out which project is next.
6. Looking forward to having the grandbaby all day Sunday.
7. Sleeping in a little tomorrow, then napping later (because I know I will nap and I want to.)
8. Having a little Captain this evening. Boy, do I need that!
9. Finding some laughter amid this wreck of a week.
10. Comfy pants!
And that is all for now. Trust me, it took forever to get to ten, without the obvious good things I live with...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Keep Up!

I meant to blog last night...
This week seems like it's been two weeks long already and it's only Tuesday!
Tonight is our town's annual Halloween Parade. The parade comes right down our street, which means we end up with about a million visitors. Normally it's a really good time, but I'm not into this year. Yeah, we're still hanging out to watch, but I forgot to send the mass email out reminding everyone, and the people I did tell forgot. So, we have a small crowd this year. Which is fine. The house didn't look even halfway presentable until about 20 minutes ago. K2 planned to clean for me today, but her work meeting ran late, and then there was a slight family emergency to attend to.
I'm not cooking this year. No time. Usually I make chili and stuff and do the grand hostessing thing. I bought some cookies and threw frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, but I forgot beverages. I'm not fighting traffic to go and pick anything up either.
We've got about an hour until the chaos begins. My granddaughter and her mom on our their way. It'll be fun to watch her watch. And my folks should be showing up soon. I'm not sure how many more we'll have.
The only thing I know with great certainty is that I'll be glad when it's over. Next year I'm going to have a better plan so I don't feel like such a Halloween Scrooge!
That is all for now!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Wow! A week since I posted? That doesn't seem right!
Instead boring you by trying to go over everything I would have posted, I'll just hit the highlights...
The list:
1. Getting to spend time with the granddaughter today. We picked out pumpkins, went shopping, colored and when her mommy and daddy got here we cooked out and carved pumpkins. It was a good day!
2. Living through the work week! Oy!
3. Selling hot dogs with the scouts.
4. Sleeping in a little...just a little since we ran all weekend.
5. Supernatural!
6. Gas points!
7. Finishing the book! Whoot!
8. My kid getting her hair cut and loving it.
Okay...That's enough list...It's looking like it's going to be another long week around here. Yay, me!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

Man, I've missed you!
I didn't realize how much until this week.
Love the leviathan story line, but poor Cass. Dean fishing Cass's trench coat out of the public water supply was sad. So, so many good lines in this episode. Poor Sam! I hope he figures it out and is able to overcome. And Dean. He's so tortured, but can't admit it!
Loved the return of Sherrif Mills and the creepy, cute doctor. Those leviathan's have the grosses mouths, but I love them! Bobby was fantastic!
I'm loving this season so far! Can't wait for next week!
I have missed you, Supernatural People! I wasn't sure about this season, but you have proved me so very wrong!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Another Feel Good Post...

So, we were doing our grocery shopping at our regular grocery store and we heard them announcing an incentive to buy store brand products. We normally do this, because they are less expensive and just as good and we wanted to win, but didn't think we would.
When we went to check out, we were stopped by "the crew". They checked our cart and guess what? We won! $50.00, the lovely bouquet of flowers you see to your left and a whole bunch of balloons!
How cool is that?
Plus, they unloaded our cart, bagged our groceries, and every person from management congratulated us. We had to sign a waiver, have our picture taken, and be taped saying why we shop there, but Heck yeah! it was worth it! I'm still giddy!
Very cool!

Feed Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Always late...
Here's the list:
1. The weather! Love the cooler temps!
2. My writing meeting today.
3. Sleeping in this morning.
4. Meeting my goal.
5. Sending the book to the crit partners! Whoot!
6. Taking the weekend off. (I think) The brain needs some relaxing and recharging.
7. My son singing.
8. Shrimp stir fry for dinner last night.
9. Supernatural!
10. Dr. Who tonight even though it's the season ender.
That is all. I may be back later with a post on Supernatural...