Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

Well, it's only a few hours until the end of 2017.

I'm apathetic about 2017. It was what it was. We had some changes. I'll do the recap soon. I can't say it was a great year, but I can't say it was horrible, either.

The past week was long and full of freezing cold, another round of sickness for me - where I missed a half day of work and moaned a bunch. It's cold here, like under 20 degrees. It snowed yesterday, which was awesome. That Man didn't do his snow plow gig, which was also awesome. It was nice to have him home to play in the snow (not that we actually played in the snow. Well, we did, but we were in the Jeep.) We did the shopping stuff and then cooked on the grill for dinner. Yes, we did. It was really good.

We're still getting That Mom moved out of her apartment. Well, she's out and safely in a place where she's safe and her medications are supervised. It's been a rough few months with all of that - decisions, evaluations, hospital trips... That Man has been over there constantly. And currently I have a stack of boxes, two bookcases, and random stuff in my house...

Anyway. We're getting ready to kick off our evening. I need to put new socks on and put my slippers back on. Ha! So looking forward to a quiet evening at home. We thought about going downtown to check out the dropping of the thing, but it's too freaking cold out, so I don't think that's going to happen.

Be safe out there and don't drink and drive!


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Sorry I fell off the face of he earth for the last 5 days!

We managed to get it all done - wrapped, cooked, cleaned, and prepared.

Saturday was insane - wrapping and cleaning and preparing. Another trip to the grocery store.

Sunday - up early to cook and prep. Took That Grandma to church with as many of the kids as could come. She really enjoyed that. Ran home (after yet another trip to the grocery store) to get the food ready and prepare for the family.

Missed my sister so much, but she's sick and couldn't make it. Booo! I have several calls into her to see how she's doing, but I know work is probably kicking her butt.

My brother made the awesome soup and it was fun to hang out with everyone! My crap dip turned out like total crap and there was nothing I could do to save it. Boo. Mr. B got super spoiled! He's so cute and loved everything he got. In fact, he talked about the presents he got Sunday night on Christmas.

Christmas - up way earlier than I figured for having no little kids in the house. K4 was up before us! We made coffee, took the dog out, lit candles, and did a slow start to opening presents. Since she was our only one, we decided on a plethora of little gifts to keep her busy opening stuff for as long as possible. It didn't last as long as we'd hoped, but she was happy with the little and big things she received. K3 arrived for mimosas and gifts. Then K1. I took a nap, which was much needed and very awesome after running around for so many days.

Then we shifted to birthday. Stuffed shells for dinner. Ice cream cake. Not the big birthday present that's coming, but some little ones she appreciated. Games. Cleaning up. Stayed up way, way later than we should have playing a game.

Then it was Tuesday morning and I had to go to work! Suck! I could barely stay awake and it was super slow, so that made it worse!

Today wasn't much better! Even with three people out, it was slow. I was busy, but not as overloaded as you would expect with so many people out of the office.

Two more days of this week! Oy! And it's freaking super cold outside! I can't even! My Jeep is getting more framework done, so I hope to be able to pick it up tomorrow!

We're not doing much for New Year's Eve. Going to hang out at K3's house for a little while. Need to come up with some awesome food for that. We'll be home early because he has to work early on New Year's day.

That is all!


Friday, December 22, 2017

Pre-Christmas Chaos and Plague...

I can't believe 11 days have gone by since I posted last!!

We're in full on prep mode around here. The shopping is finally done after a last-ditch quick and hard effort tonight. It sucked because That Man has the plague and was not doing well at all. We got home as soon as we could, but still. He's a trooper.

Speaking of the plague...
After a wonderful day with K5 and B on Sunday, I ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home. I was "tired". We hit the grocery store quick, well, just I went in because B was crashed and I didn't realize how bad I felt. I should have let That Man do it. Every motion was an effort. When we got home, That Man started dinner and I had to lay down for a minute - only it was three hours. With a fever, chills, and a killer headache. I managed to drag myself upwards to eat a tiny bit and then went to bed, and didn't get out again until Tuesday morning. (That Man is amazing - he did the school trip, dinner, and everything that needed to be done).

Tuesday I managed to get the kid to school. She was feeling a little strange when I dropped her off and I was not any better. I managed until noon - then I got a call from the school nurse and let my boss know I was out for the rest of the day. I picked her up and we came home and crashed for hours. That Man took care of everything again.

Wednesday was much better. All of us made it through the day. That Man and I went out for our anniversary. (31 years married! Whoot!) Believe it or not, despite the plague, I wanted Mexican food and it was amazing. We did a little shopping before coming home. We also did a lot of talking, which was super good.

Everyone at my work is sick. There are two different things going around. I had them both - back to back. Most everyone at That Man's job is sick, too. The receptionist at K4's school told me the plague is super bad there, too.

Last night we had company for dinner. I ran to get a present I needed for That Man (epic quick shopping. nice) while That Man took care of stuff here. We did a quick inventory of our previous shopping adventures and made a semi-plan for tonight.

The dog decided to open one of the presents already under the tree yesterday. She's dealing with some separation anxiety or something, but still... I did warn the other people in this house that the dog loves to open presents and they should probably think twice about it. No one listens. The gift was for me. I still don't know what it is, but apparently the dog does. Ha! She didn't damage it, just left K4 with a mess to clean up when she got home.

Tonight, Feel Good Friday, Oy!!

I'm spewing. I know I am. It's been a super long week and I'm excited for Christmas. The day job was exceptionally lame today and with pretty much zero Holiday spirit. Everyone is sick, so there is that. One of our guys did buy pretzels from the awesome place, but that was the extent of our holiday cheer. I do love my co-workers though. There were sarcastic hugs, ridiculous videos, and general tom-foolery.

Ran out of there as quickly as I could. Stopped at our store to get That Man something for his achey elbow. (copper sleeve. we'll see if it works) Came up and picked up Plague Man (though at this point, he thought he felt good). Ran to the store we thought had what we wanted. Nada. Second store. Also, nada. Made a snap decision and kind of found what we wanted at the third. Not exactly it, but, hey, zero hour, good price. Whatever. Ran into two friends. Nice. Also finished up the loose ends of the shopping.

Then it was the grocery store. Oy and ouch. And I still have to go back tomorrow. (Noooo!) It'll be a super quick trip for prescriptions and cheese, but still...

K4 did a lot of cleaning today, but there is a lot for me to touch tomorrow. I have wrapped nothing. At all. And I have a crapton of cooking to do. That's okay. We'll get it done. I do want to sleep in a little tomorrow. Because, damn, after this horrid week, I deserve it!

I'm looking forward to seeing my family on Sunday. I'm looking forward to Monday and my baby's 18th birthday. After Monday, every single one of my kids are adults. That feel super weird, but also super awesome. And I am super old now.

I don't know if I'll be back before Christmas, so if I'm not... I wish you the happiest! And I wish my baby girl an awesome birthday!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Late Weekend Wrap Up

I know it's Monday and I should have posted this yesterday. I didn't get on the computer all weekend, so...

Friday night: The Feel Goods...

1. Quick dinner. No mess. No fuss.

2. Watching Christmas movies with the family.

3. Finally relaxation.

Saturday: Crazy Day...

1. Car inspection preparation.

2. Making food for evening.

3. Sleeping in just a little.

4. Talking to my aunt and uncle.

5. Rearranging & cleaning in preparation for the tree.

6. Organizing That Mom's apartment for moving.

7. SNOW!! Just a little, but still...

8. Going to get our tree in the snow.

9. Christmas Pajama Jam party - it was so good to see everyone. We had a blast! We give out prizes and the reason for the prizes depend on what we have to vote on... This year - we gave a family prize (entire family showed up in matching pajamas), there was a prize for our friend who wore his girlfriend's pj bottoms and long socks (he's super tall and she's not), a prize for the least effort (which went to my brother and sister-in-law because they didn't dress for the occasion. Ha!) and each of the little kids in attendance received a prize. And the grand prize... for the most ridiculous...

The grand prize winner and the grand prize. (the decorated plunger). He was wearing a kangaroo onsie complete with a baby kangaroo (I believe he said the joey was sleeping at this point) and a really hideous sweater on top. Winner!

Above is my "sweater". Yeah, it's a sweatshirt, but I love it. Captain Santa! All of the sailors are wearing santa suits and presents are exploding out of the canons. I love it!! I will wear this for years to come!

Sunday: Exhausted and Busy...

1. A little sleeping in.

2. Getting trapped in the basement by the Christmas decorations.

3. Porch almost done.

4. Piano decorated.

5. Mr. B helping to decorate. He's so funny.

6. Dropping car off for inspection.

7. Quick naps.

8. Running errands with That Man.

9. The beginning of resolution on some things.

10. Decorating the tree. K3 came over and it was really good. We had the nog and the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack playing. The tree is not as big as I wanted, but it's still very pretty.

Yes, the creepy snow children are out again. (to the right, under the window) Their batteries are dead this year and that's just fine. B loves them, so I will put them out until he doesn't. It looks like there's a blank spot in the lights and I don't know why. When I look at the tree in real time, it doesn't have that spot.

I'll post a picture of the piano later...

I did a little Christmas shopping tonight. Ordered my secret Santa gift for the family gift exchange and one gift for one of the kids. I need to go out and get the stuff for the giving tree at work tomorrow. And hopefully we'll get the rest of the shopping done this weekend... Hopefully.

That is all...


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday... Bring On Friday!

What a week! It's a been a week full of headaches, viruses, bad dogs, insane work days...

Friday is much needed!

That Man and K4 have struggled all week with a virus and migraines. I've had a headache as well, but have somehow managed through going to bed early and doing my best to ignore it.

The day job is insane. Today there was two of us to do the work of six people. Needless to say, it didn't all get done, but tomorrow will be the same, so it is what it is.

The dog has been getting into everything this week - she ate a pillow, a sandwich still in the bag, a dish towel, and dug in the bathroom trash - among other things. We think she's dealing with some separation anxiety and are trying different things to ease that.

Getting a little of the holiday spirit back. Hopefully, we'll get our tree this weekend and the decorating will begin.

That is all.


Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday Before Monday...

Yeah, I know. It always works this way... Ha!

I need another day, though. I'm achey, tired, head-achey, and my sinuses burn. Just freaking great. That Man and K4 have/had some grossness that's going around. That Man is still hacking up a lung.

Yesterday was fun! Had my writers group Christmas party. Lots of good conversation, laughter, and food.

Came home and tried to take a quick nap, but that didn't work very well. Changed and got ready for my work party. Got there early because we were supposed to meet up with a coworker, but she ended up sick and didn't come. Walked around the huge place and people watched until time for the party to start.

Good food. Good laughs. Good and silly conversations. It was great to hang out outside of work. It was also great to see the boss - she's been away at another location for weeks and we miss her. Had a good conversation with her. The entertainment - though it was a hypnotist (and I am not a huge fan) - was actually great. He was hysterical, but there was no way I would have ever volunteered to get up there. Though, he did say if don't want to be hypnotized, he wouldn't be able to do it. So there's that.

We got home later than we thought and had to babysit the furnace for a bit. When we finally got to bed, we thought we had a leak in our mattress. Well. No. Some stupid animal peed in our bed. Right in the middle. Gross!! If you know anything about waterbeds, you know that it's not a simple sheet change. There are layers of bedding on top of the mattress. Layers of bedding that were soaked. Gross! We switched stuff out - at almost one am - and finally got to sleep.

I've spent the day washing the grossness!

On the upside - my short story is done and sent off for another round of critique. That Man and I ran some errands for lights and groceries. I did not get a nap. I'm not happy about that. I so wanted one. Made some banging chicken pot pie for dinner though.

My Christmas Spirit is a big lagging at the moment. I hope it comes back! I was all fired up to start decorating, but then... meh...

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life...


Friday, December 01, 2017

December First...

Well, here we are on the first day of the last month of the year!

I really, at this point, have nothing to say about 2017... I don't know if it was good or bad yet. I don't know if it was just one of those years - the kind that take us from one to the next - or if it was something more. Or less. Maybe I'll figure it out before the end of the year. Maybe I won't.

Let's cut to Feel Good Friday, shall we?

1. Reasonably seamless morning getting the kid up and moving for school. We were a tiny bit late, but that was only because I forgot to get gas yesterday. Slept super good last night with the window open. Didn't wake up at three like normal, which is awesome.

2. Leaving work at 11. The morning was hectic with numerous fires to put out and things to be done before I left, but I almost managed to get it all done. And when I left, I didn't think twice about the work still waiting.

3. Hanging with my kid. We did the doc appointment, lunch, shopping, and had a lot of laughs and conversation. I bought new Christmas lights for the piano! Though I could not find the garland I want anywhere we went. I also bought myself a new pair of jeans, and a sweater, because I needed to. No Christmas shopping done by me, but That Man did some.

4. Getting my house vacuumed and cleaned up and doing the "adulting" things. Things were "picked up", but not "cleaned up", if that makes sense. All I can tell you is that I'm sitting here with a sense of calm and peace after all of the stuff I did today. The house smells amazing thanks to the pine candle I impulsively purchased.  I also made macaroni and cheese for dinner, and also for my party tomorrow.

5. The short being >this close< to being done. It'll be done by Sunday come hell or high water. Or... I really hope so...

6. Sleeping in a bit tomorrow. The mac and cheese for the party is already made and only needs to be heated up, so that's a bonus. I had planned on doing it all tomorrow, so yeah....

7. Laundry is 98% caught up.

8. They took our ginormous pile of leaves from the street. The 'burban is now covered in debris.

9. Watching "Office Space" and cracking up.

10.  Planning Christmas Eve... It's a process.

That is all.