Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Again...

It's hot... I know. It's almost July, it's supposed to be hot. At this point, I'm not miserable. We have air conditioning in our rooms and a small unit running downstairs. I know it's going to get hotter, too. Whatever.

So I went to the Bingo thing and won $30.00. Hanging out with the work friends was fun. There was a lot of laughter and conversation. Came home and spent my earnings on dinner. Ha! That Man was doing stuff and things and I didn't feel like cooking at all, so I ordered food. So there's that.

The day job... Well... I'm not going to get into much of it. Except to say I have spoken my piece and relayed That Man's opinion of how the last few months have affected me. I don't know if it will help and if it doesn't, then I guess my decision is made. We shall see!

The writing hasn't been so good as of late. See above. I'm hoping to change that this weekend. That Man has to work and my plan is to find somewhat of a balance between all of the things I need to do around the house and writing. That Brother, That Neice, and That Boyfriend are coming in about two weeks and we must prepare.

Little "Bootsie" kitty went home with her new momma. She's adjusting wonderfully and these guys left here are also adjusting well. We had a lot of crying last night and this morning, but they seem fine now. Freddie is laying beside me all snuggled in, which is what he does. He's so lovey and snuggly, though my leg has an epic set of cat claw marks. He was loving on me while I was sitting at the table, lost his footing, and scratched the hell out of me on his way down. Not his fault, but...Ouch.

Besides the kitty going to her new home, the animals have adjusted well around here. Max is still a bit of an a-hole at times, but he's getting much better. Spenser doesn't give a crap and doesn't want any other cat around her, though she's still loving with us. She just waits until the kittens have tuckered themselves out. She's a pretty old gal. We don't know how much time she has left, so we're okay with her quirks. Elsa tolerates the kitties, though Freddie absolutely loves her. Last night Fred was licking her ears and "petting" her while That Man was petting her. It was pretty hysterical to watch. We'll see what happens there, but props to my puppy for being so patient with the baby 1/15th of her size. The biggest change is how much cat food we go through. And how much litter. But K4 helps out with that, so it's not a huge deal. Oh and the hair - Fred sheds as much as Elsa it seems, so the vacuum is in constant use.

Tomorrow is Friday. That's a hugely good thing. I had kind of thought about taking a mental health day, but I have too many customers relying on me to finish up their stuff tomorrow. I'll make it through and then enjoy the weekend. I have off next Thursday and Friday, so I need to look forward to that.

That's all I have...


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Partial Weekend Wrap Up...

Only partial because it's early and there are still things to be done today...

Friday was a rough one at the day job. Okay. So every day is a rough day there. I still don't know what to do.

The dryer is still broken. The new belt doesn't fit properly. That Man will work on it some more when he gets home. Currently, the dry rack we use in the winter is sitting on the patio with clothes drying. It's slow, but undies are needed.

Yesterday was a mostly relaxing day. Slept in, which was awesome. Paid the bills, hit the grocery store, took a short nap with my kitty. That Man worked his second job, so I was pretty much on my own all day. Decided to make some shrimp tempura for dinner. Major suckage. Okay. I guess it was alright, but it definitely didn't turn out like it was supposed to. No part of dinner did. Made fried rice and the rice got to mushy. The veggies didn't do well with the tempura either. Drat. I put a lot of time and effort into it. The only thing that did turn out awesome was a sauce I made - sake, hot sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, cilantro, and something else I don't remember right now. That was downright tasty and made a difference in how poorly the tempura came out. That Man didn't mind, but I was disappointed.

Today I am going with the work friends to a Bingo fundraiser. I have never played bingo a day in my life, but they conned me into going. It will be fun just to hang out with them outside of work - we always have a good time when we do that. I did tell them I will be petting the old ladies troll dolls and generally being a nuisance, but they still wanted me to go, so... we'll see.

When I get home, I will hit the word count. Going to start on it in a few. I have about an hour until I have to leave. I need to make progress after the past few weeks of mainly edits. This book is the second one to the one coming out in July and I've been way too slow on it.

That's all I have!


Thursday, June 20, 2019

So Much Thursday....

I was off from the day job today! I needed this day so much! Mainly, I took off because today is our annual street fair and I just couldn't even think about dealing with the traffic and bullcrap with leaving and coming home. Plus. I had stuff to do....

1. Estate stuff. Lawyer phone calls and emails. Phone calls were scheduled and productive. Many questions were answered. We're getting close. Just waiting for one thing and some other things. But we're at the place where we need to begin making decisions about some stuff. Talked to my brother. Talked to my cousin. Texted the siblings. We're getting there.

2. Made appointments.

3. Slept in. That was first and foremost. It was beautiful, though I didn't sleep too long.

4. No laundry. Currently the belt is broken on my dryer (ha ha - no surprise in that one) and we're waiting for the replacement to arrive. (tomorrow)

5. Hung out with K4. She did the running for the things we forgot to get last night.

6. Made baked beans. From scratch. I soaked the beans overnight. Made two batches - a vegan batch and a bacon loaded batch. They are more "cuban" than regular, but they are tasty. I cooked them all day and I'm pretty sure they turned out okay. They are a mix of all of the dried beans I had in my pantry - garbanzo, pinto, lentils, northern, red, and idk what else...

7. Street fair today. I have not and likely will not go down. Though one of my best friends from school is down there. I want to go see her, but I am not motivated enough to put on real pants and venture from the safety of my home. The dog has been a mess all day - barking at random noises and being defensive about nothing. K4 and J and K are down there. They will be here soon for food and stuff, so...

8. Final line edits are done and changes sent back. Twenty days until release! Whoot!

9. And now the house is full of kid friends and kid friends I haven't seen since they were in high school. Nice.

Signing off now...


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sorry For The Silence...

Wow! Two + weeks! I'm not really sure how that happened, except the last two weeks have been insane!

Let's see...

Got my edits done and returned. Now I have my final galleys to proof. Just got them, but I have to hustle since my book is already up for preorder on Amazon! Whoot! This is what I'll be doing the next few days. I've already cancelled my Wednesday commitment, and I am off from the day job on Thursday, so you know what I will be doing.

We went to the Jeep festival and had a blast! Ended up signing up for stuff and got super muddy! Awesome! We did their "playground", which was fun driving stuff . We both went through a bunch of times and on my last time through I hammered it through the mud. We were covered and it was a blast. Ran into a little issue with overheating since the radiator was packed, but got that taken care of and continued to have a blast. Took a trail ride through a beautiful forest. That was amazing except for the guy about four Jeeps up from us who got stuck constantly. The weekend was so much fun and we had a great time.

The day job - well... It's probably for the best that I don't go into it right now.


The kittens are so crazy and silly. They are getting big. We're still fostering one, but she should be picked up this weekend. Fred is huge (huge as in 3# to the other two at 2#) and is quickly becoming the boss of the cats. He's such a sweetheart though - always wants to be picked up and gives headbutt kisses. They are into everything and literally get stuck everywhere - in the pantry, the closets - I have to be super careful when I close the dishwasher, the fridge, and the dryer.

And below... finally... Is my new cover! Search it on Amazon for preorder! It comes out July 10th!

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Feel Good Friday on Saturday...

I took the night off last night. No computer screen. No cell phone. No television. We sat on the patio and talked. I needed that. This week was really bad at the day job. The intensity of the suck increased as the week went and by yesterday, I was fried in a way I didn't think possible. No. I still don't know what I'm going to do. The coming week might bring some insights and push me to make some decisions though.

Anyway... Here's the Feel Good list:

1. Taking a chill last night. I know my edits are due, but there was no way I could have effectively tackled them last night. The old brain wasn't capable of anymore screen time and cohesive thought wasn't possible.

2. K4 made an awesome dinner of grilled chicken and corn on the cob. That Man helped with the grilling and I watched. I did the dishes though, so that's something.

3. Helping K4 make lemonade after dishes were done. Lemonade making has always been her thing and she wanted to make a special batch to take with her tonight to her thing. I helped squeeze lemons, and we put a few oranges, limes, and then muddled some berries. It was good last night. I can't imagine how much better it will be tonight.

4. Sleeping in a little this morning. Not enough, especially since I stayed up way later than normal last night, but it was good not to have to wake up to the alarm.

5. Writing meeting today. First we had a breakfast board meeting, which was productive. The general meeting was good. It's always awesome to see my writing tribe. I left early to get home and work on edits. And before you go "hmm", I have been working on them. I have a few things left and a straight up read through before I'm done. I will be starting the read through in a few minutes.

6. Going to see my granddaughters baton recital this evening. That Man can't go because he's stuck working two hours away and that's sad. But I'm excited to see her and see how much she's improved with her baton skills. She really loves it.

7. K1 turned 30 yesterday. He struggled with it a lot and then got the flu and spent his birthday puking. Also, the gifts my daughter-in-law purchased for him went missing. He had a rough day. So did his momma. It's so hard to believe that I birthed this child 30 years ago. The nostalgia is real!

8. Next weekend's plans. That Man are heading out on another Jeep adventure. This time to a festival that looks amazing. We are going as observers this year so we'll know what to sign up for next year. The hotel is reserved. Our pets and house will be well taken care of. And it will be a much needed weekend away.

9. Elsa's dog bite looks good. It's scabbed over and healing nicely. No antibiotics and no adverse side effects, which is awesome.

10. It's an absolutely gorgeous day out there. I'm considering dropping the top on the Jeep, but there's a significant enough chance of a storm that I won't. It's too hard for me to put the top back up by myself and the last thing I need is to be on the highway in a downpour - because that's exactly what will happen.

That is all. Go out and enjoy the sun before it starts raining again!