Saturday, September 29, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Hello Weekend!
Here's my list:
1. Sleeping in this morning!
2. Movie night - The Avengers. I loved it!
3. Seeing K5 later today.
4. K4 auditioning for and making Special Chorus.
5. The weather!
6. Writing! I got a lot done this week and will keep the momentum up this weekend.
7. Naps. I will be having one today.
8. Gearing up for K2's wedding planning.
9. Getting stuff done.
10. Hanging out with the kiddos. First day in a long time...
That is all. We are off to the mega mart for stuff and then homework will be done, writing will commence, and naps will be taken.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wow...Now That Was Crazy Fun!

I thought I was going to have a quiet Saturday... The boys went on a scout trip and K4 and I were going to have a quiet "jammie day" - naps, movies, and junk food. She and K2 were off doing girl things Friday night, which was the first alteration to the weekend. (We were supposed to take care of headphone returning and junk food purchasing) But that was okay. I got caught up on a bunch of stuff and goofed off. Around midnight, I got a call from my sister... Did I want to go to Farm Aid the next day? Our very good friend wasn't sure she was feeling up to going and, if she wasn't better by morning, graciously offered me her ticket at a reduced rate.
Of course I said yes. I mean, Farm Aid? Willie Nelson (who doesn't love Willie?), Jack Johnson (love), Dave Matthews (love), Kenny Chesney (also love, what can I say, I'm a country girl at heart), John Mellencamp, ALO, and a couple of new bands to me.
I end up talking to my sister until about 1am to discuss the potential of the previously purchased tickets being displaced. Panic ensued. We wouldn't know for sure until morning, so I finally went to bed. Slept in a little, but not as much as I'd planned.
Wait. Write. Start laundry. Drink a ton of coffee. Wait. Write.
Finally, my brother-in-law calls. We're in. Tickets are not lost. Bff is not able to go (as much as I wish she could have been there, I appreciate her so much!). I panic. I've never been to anything like this before. My concert going experience has been limited to a State Fair performance by Reba McEntire before she got hugely famous, Hank Williams, Jr, Willie Nelson, and Garth Brooks (told you I'm a country girl at heart).
I make sure K2's available to hang out with K4 all day. Shower. Grab a sweatshirt, my debit card, and we're off. We park, run into someone we haven't seen since my b-i-l's first band. That's odd, but not uncommon. Finally start walking in and see John Mellencamp in the back of a passing golf cart. We wave, he waves back. Fan girl squee moment. We check out the exhibits, then go to find out seats. It's early and there's hardly anyone else there.(I'm going to shorten this for space)
The bands start. Lukas Nelson - he was awesome and has his dad's voice. ALO! Grace Potter and the Nocturnals! That was incredible! Finally Jack Johnson came on! Oh, how I love Jack! He was brilliant and funny! Kenny was up next and he put on and fantastic show. Loved it! Then...Dave Matthews! I love Dave Matthews as much as I love Jack Johnson. Dave Matthews! Squee! (by this time, I'm over the top...I've seen three of my favorite musicians!) Then John Mellencamp. I love him. I grew up with Jack and Diane. He put on a good show, but he doesn't sing much anymore. Don't hate me, but I'm not a big Neil Young fan. Sure, I like some of his songs, just none of the ones he played. We missed Willie!
We were under the impression the venue closed at 11pm - all music ceased or big fines were amassed. Apparently that wasn't the case. From what we heard Willie started close to 11:30. Dang.
In any event, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad I went!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feel Good Friday...On Saturday

It's been a while since I posted a Feel Good Friday! I know it's Saturday, but I was so done in last night all I could do was stare at the computer screen...
All Friday's are Feel Good, as I'm sure you know! The last couple have been especially good (though chaotic)!
But here's the Feel Good from this week:
1. Sleeping in this morning. Ahh!
2. My kid getting a role in the Fall Play!
3. Plans for my nieces birthday! Ren Faire! Yay!
4. Coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.
5. Getting somewhat caught up.
6. Writing time! Yay!
7. Not running out of gas.
8. Wedding pictures.
9. Fall! Yay! I love fall.
10. Potential plans for today... About 10 minutes until I find out for sure!
That is all...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One More...

Wedding picture, then I promise I'll stop for a little while.

This is the cake table conceptualized by my very talented sister. The lace tablecloth is an heirloom in That Man's family. The table is an antique and the plates are in an old explosives box. This is a very good example of using what you have on hand. Lucky for us, my sister and brother-in-law inherited his grandmother's house - with an attic full of treasures. Also, lucky for us, our good friends own a red tent thingy. We kept all sides on during the ceremony and dinner portion of the day, leaving the back on for the actual cutting. It was an awesome contrast.
Here's one with the cake:

The cake was insanely good and filled with raspberry awesomeness. My sister-in-law makes the best cakes in the world - they not only look pretty, but they taste just as good. (We had a little problem with the pillars, which caused an emergency cake cutting, but it was all good) And yes, the cake topper is rubber ducks.
We're still dragging around here though - made worse by the fact that That Man's mother was admitted to the hospital yesterday after a fall. (It never ends). She's doing okay now, but That Man didn't get home until almost 4am.
And... as predicted... the wedding ideas for K2 are being tossed around like crazy. I dig the wedding planning though... my sister, a friend, and I were talking about going into the business...Only problem is that weekend working stuff...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Day...

The wedding is over... The weather was gorgeous. The bride was stunning. My handsome son could not stop smiling. I cried. So did that man. It was just so beautiful and my kid is so happy.
Everything came together fantastically. (Yes, that's a hand painted sign to guide guests to the site). The decorations looked great, even the portajohn was decorated and pretty.
We had a blast! The music was awesome, so was the food. There were very few glitches despite us running around like crazy fools all morning. We had a time schedule and ended up a half an hour behind at one point. Thanks to some awesome friends, we suddenly found ourselves finished and in plenty of time. The bridal party was running a little late and there were some hair glitches that meant they were about 15 minutes behind start time, but it all worked out. We danced like fools, laughed like lunatics, and stayed up until 3am.
Then... we had to clean up on Sunday! Oy! We learned a lot of things during this whole process, one of the things was to find volunteers for help with clean up. There was a whole lot of work involved and cleaning up was definitely not as fun as setting up. By the time we got home, I could barely walk (especially since I dropped a really heavy mirror on my toe).
And... We will have our first grandson in January. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Less Than Two Days...

This wedding will be over soon, so just be patient with me for the next few days! The wedding insanity will end for a little while (but not for long, since K2's wedding is coming!).
Here's where I'm at:
The food for rehearsal has been purchased and stored properly. Cole Slaw has been made. Burgers and dogs are stored in my freezer. The "watermelon cake" K1 requested is 1/3 done (it takes time and many trips to the freezer). The food for the wedding has been purchased. The sauce for baked ziti has been made (mine is the "special sauce" ziti). Five hundred thousand muffins have been made for the wedding morning (okay, so I exaggerate, but I have learned my oven is very uneven and burns half of whatever you put inside. Dammit!)
Many other things have been purchased and organized. The veil (that was kind of forgotten about) has been made by a wonderful friend. Some other things need to be taken care of.  Like my dress. Still have no idea on that one. My sister has taken care of hers, but sadly, I wasn't able to join her in the shopping for the dresses tonight. I did, however, get to bond with the terrific toddler of the Godfather of our children while we picked up wedding essentials. She's so funny. I taught her how to snore and she showed me the deer in their backyard. And made me miss my granddaughter a whole lot.
The other thing is that... at two days before the wedding... my hair has gone crazy. It's only about a half an inch long, but it's sticking up like crazy! I can't comb it down at all. So I will look like the insane mother of the groom at the wedding with my nutso hair and without a dress I feel comfortable in. Oy! (Sorry... little freak out moment there...)
There is a whole heck of a lot of stuff to do... I am supposed to be editing the vows right now, but it's super late and after the day job day I had today, my eyes are crossing (that and the fact that I didn't get home until almost 9, and then made all of the above food items with K2 and K3 singing songs from Disney and Rent in the background...)
I have to get the rest of the stuff done tomorrow... like the flowers for the flower girl and ring bearer and the wedding dog... (don't ask). And pack. And finish the watermelon cake. And go to a meeting I can't get out of. And find a dress...because Friday is rehearsal day and decorating day...
And it's going to be awesome!
Because watching my son marry the woman of his heart is priceless....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Tuesday Before...

I have a few quick minutes to update before I have to head out the door for more wedding preparations.
The food consumption containers have been purchased. Necessary flowers also purchased - now they need to be put together.
There's food to purchased and cook. And some other stuff to be taken care of, though I don't have my list in front of me.
And I need a dress since my only real choice was veto'd due to potential clashing and the fact that I really didn't like it.
My sister needs one now, too, since she caught hers on fire. For real. Don't ask. I'm not sure you want to know.
That is all for now.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

I know it's Sunday...Friday was 2 days ago? I think!
It's been nuts! But I do have a list...
1. This time next week this wedding will be over. I'll probably be a little sad, because I love the chaos and planning and doing, but I'm so tired... Pulling a wedding together - even one as very small as this - in less than a month is a lot.
2. Being covered in paint, having blisters, sores, and a bruise on my arm - because it means we made some serious progress over the weekend. (and a spider bite between my toes)
3. Waking up to coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, the best pillow ever, and an incredible view.
4. Finding my phone charger after it grew legs last night.
5. Hanging out with some of the best people I know. (Well... not really hanging out... wedding planning)
6. Maybe finding out what my new grandchild will be tomorrow. They're not sure if they're going to tell me or make me wait until Saturday!
7. That man cooking an awesome dinner while I was painting, and going to the store with me because I was too tired to go alone.
8. Seeing how gorgeous my girls look in their bridesmaid/groomsman dresses. (K2 will be one of her brothers groomsmen. His best man is a woman who's been his best friend since kindergarten. I think it's awesome.)
9. Hammering out the schedule for the weekend.
10. Sleep.
Okay. There it is... Updates will be sketchy at best this week. I might have pictures soon!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

What Day Is It??

One week from today...
There is still SO freaking much to do! And thanks to a little paycheck snafu, I am dead in the water at the moment. Blarg!
As soon as my laundry is caught up, I will be heading into the wilds to work on decorations, flowers, plans. I've made some of the boutonnieres. They turned out well. And the throw bouquet. It's cute and the bride loves it. I've never done this kind of flower thing before, but I'm digging it. As it turns out, it's a good thing I like it, because K2 informed me that I will be doing it for her wedding, too. (though she waited to tell me until after the first few boutonnieres were made. Guess she wanted to make sure I could actually do it! ha!)
I forgot the flowers for the bridesmaids and thanks to the above, I can't pick them up on my way to the mountain. I need to pick them up though and a hundred other things, so will have to work out a plan.
This next week will be insane! I even have an itinerary started just to make sure I can get everything done!
But I'm looking forward to it! I love this kind of chaos and I love the fact that my son is marrying the woman of his heart. She's wonderful and fits in perfectly with this family.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Feel Good Friday...

I don't care that this will say it posted Saturday... It's still Friday for me. I'm still awake!!
Here's the list...
1. Baseball games. It was fun. I still didn't win the 40" flatscreen, but... It was K3's first baseball game of the season and he was excited. K3 and K4 entertained everyone around us with their antics, and we were told how funny they are. (None of those people have to live here... just sayin' lol)
2. Friday! AND it's a long weekend!! YAY!!
3. Writing meeting tomorrow!
4. Wedding stuff - even though it's kicking my butt!
5. Weekend plans!
6. The turkey sub or maybe stromboli in my future...
7. Writing time this weekend.
8. Getting caught up on stuff.
9. My kids and that man - they are so danged funny and so much fun to hang out with.
10. Dr. Who coming back this weekend! Yay!!!
That is all...