Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One More...

Wedding picture, then I promise I'll stop for a little while.

This is the cake table conceptualized by my very talented sister. The lace tablecloth is an heirloom in That Man's family. The table is an antique and the plates are in an old explosives box. This is a very good example of using what you have on hand. Lucky for us, my sister and brother-in-law inherited his grandmother's house - with an attic full of treasures. Also, lucky for us, our good friends own a red tent thingy. We kept all sides on during the ceremony and dinner portion of the day, leaving the back on for the actual cutting. It was an awesome contrast.
Here's one with the cake:

The cake was insanely good and filled with raspberry awesomeness. My sister-in-law makes the best cakes in the world - they not only look pretty, but they taste just as good. (We had a little problem with the pillars, which caused an emergency cake cutting, but it was all good) And yes, the cake topper is rubber ducks.
We're still dragging around here though - made worse by the fact that That Man's mother was admitted to the hospital yesterday after a fall. (It never ends). She's doing okay now, but That Man didn't get home until almost 4am.
And... as predicted... the wedding ideas for K2 are being tossed around like crazy. I dig the wedding planning though... my sister, a friend, and I were talking about going into the business...Only problem is that weekend working stuff...

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