Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 Things...

That drive me nuts!
(In no particular order)
1. Flies in my house.
2. Telemarketers.
3. Door to door salesmen.
(This includes religious solicitation)
4. Pop ups.
5. Stomach illnesses.
('nuff said?)
6. Not being able to sleep.
7. Phone calls at 3:51 am.
8. Going to the grocery store.
9. Losing my Internet connection.
10. Laundry.
Believe it or not, I had to really think to come up with 10. Okay, so maybe my mood isn't as grumpy as it needs to be to make this kind of list. I'm sure I'll try again another time when I am cranky.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

Humidity sucks. (Right now, at about 8:15, the humidity is at 90%. Ugh.)
So does the torrential rain we had last night that flooded our basement yet again.
Nah. I'm not as cranky as it seems. Just having an extreme lack of anything coherent to say these days. Maybe because my brain's been wrapped up in editing, I haven't spent much time thinking about anything else.
So. There you have it.
I got nothing.

Friday, July 27, 2007


And it's noisy...really noisy...outside.
I'm not sure why. I haven't discovered the source yet, but think jackhammers, saws and multiple loud bangs. Yeah.
That's going to be great for my concentration when I get back to my edits. I am making progress, and yes, I'm "technically" (by my own rules) supposed to take today off, but I need to finish. So, I'll work for a few hours, then see what kind of "Fiesta Friday" trouble I can get into. After, that is, I see what can be done about the sorry state of the house. Three days with only doing the barest of necessities and it shows.
Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end. The lunch money information for the new school year came yesterday. The teacher assignments and schedules won't be far behind. I'm trying to ignore all of that for at least a few more weeks. Seriously. It's not even August yet.
That's all I've got.
Enjoy the weekend, and...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh Hey!

Well, I've got nothing today.
No weird stuff to talk about.
No crazy happenings.
No interesting pictures.
Or interesting thoughts.
The day kind of slid by with me slaving over edits.
Tomorrow will be pretty much the same.
Yeah. I know.

Monday, July 23, 2007

More Done!

Picked up Harry Potter Book 7 Saturday evening around 4:30. Started around 7pm. Read until 2:30am (with more breaks than I would have liked). Started reading again around noon. Finished Sunday afternoon around 2:00pm (again with the breaks).
Now I'm waiting for someone else to be done so I can talk about it.
This week starts the movement of the sidebar. I did start Friday night, but there's nothing significant to report yet. The list is kind of intimidating to me at the moment (all those zeros). And I don't think I'll have this plan again. Ever. Though letting one of those books sit this long was what I needed to do. My brain's in the right place to fix what I couldn't figure out was wrong with it, and I'm actually excited about the edits. Still, and even though many of the edits won't take long, the list is daunting.
Live and Learn, right?
Ragtime is over. It was a great show, but very intense for all involved. K2 is looking forward to actually being able to hang out with her friends and do more than spend 2 hours preparing for her performance. She didn't make the play she auditioned for, which is a little bittersweet. It would have been cool. But the kid (and her parents) need a break.
So, now, with 5 weeks until school starts, let Summer begin!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Cursed Fate is complete!
Now on to the edits...for this and two other completed, but unrevised works.
Continue to behave!

Of Not Sleeping Well...

It's been that kind of week for me.
Can't fall asleep. Can't stay asleep. And when I do sleep, the dreams are so totally whacked I can't figure them out. I don't even think I want to.
My opinion is that this is simply the culmination of our schedule and now that the end was in sight and now, most-likely, no longer is, well...
K2 auditioned for another play. I knew when she approached us that it was something she'd do, but I had my concerns. The main ones being the back to back schedule and the starting of school in a little over a month (she starts her drama school, too). No rest for the weary. She's good though. Her arguments equal that of a trained negotiator - always have - and she assured us she could handle everything. We're waiting to see if she made it in - a long wait, since the casting list has been postponed to today. (Mom, check your email. Mom, anything? Mom, will you call me (during tonights performance) if the email comes after I leave? Mom, check your email. Mom, you didn't sign off email did you? uhhhh....)
In addition to that, I can't seem to shut my brain down writing-wise either. I'm mere pages away from finishing my book and am now dealing with the rush of what comes next. Ideas and plans won't leave me alone. And while that's okay with me and exciting, the not sleeping part is getting old.
Yeah. I guess it's a Friday whine. But it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to! :)
It is absolutely gorgeous out today. Low humidity. Nice, nice breeze and a perfect temperature.
Enjoy the weekend, and...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Potter!

I am such a geek.
Last night, I got a phone call. The caller I.D. said it was the bookstore where I'd pre-ordered my copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". I was excited. On the other end of the line was Jim Dale, the guy who narrates the audio books for Harry Potter. And it was so freaking cool!
I've heard how great the audio books are. Several friends and K3 love to listen. Sadly, I've never had the chance. K3 listens at lights out (his way of getting a little extra reading time in - which is fine by me). Now we'll definitely do so on our next long car trip.
I'm trying to decide when I'm going to pick up my copy. Do I go at midnight and wait in line, but also get the benefit of actually seeing people dressed up? (and also take a huge chance on hearing the spoilers I do not want to hear) I want my copy badly, but I'm afraid if I do go at midnight, I won't go to bed when I get home. Instead, I'll crack the book open and spent the rest of the weekend unshowered, tired and reading.
As for the spoilers, they're out there. And that's a shame. I understand the Potter mania. I'm there, though I'm not as versed in Harry's world as many. I don't understand why and probably never will, and it means I'll avoid places where the book is being discussed already.
Yeah, I'll probably be in line "as Friday turns into Saturday". I promise I won't post spoilers here. At least until the book has been out a while.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute Turtle

He had a name. I can't remember what it was now.
Isn't he cute?
Another cool thing found at camp. The kids wanted to bring him home, but didn't argue when we explained why it wasn't a good idea.
Eh! What can I say? It's Tuesday. It's hot. I'm tired and don't have anything coherent to say.
Except I do have to question why there's an entire deck of Uno cards spread out in my living room. No one's been in the room for hours and they weren't there earlier. Either the cats been up to something or we now have spirits who want to play cards. Or I missed something - which is most likely the case.
Time for me to find a cool spot and curl up with a book!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Finally! After two failed attempts to see "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", we made it to the theater.
I'm still digesting and deciding.
I absolutely did not hate the movie, but I needed so much more than it gave.
I was glad I didn't have time to re-read the book. I think I would have been greatly disappointed. I didn't lose interest, or need to check the time - which is a good sign. I think it just boils down to the fact that I wanted more. K2 loved it, absolutely, but she hasn't read any of the books. K3 and I spent quite a bit of time discussing book vs. movie - which is very cool to me since he's only 10 and his perceptions are very different than mine. We'd met there, so had 2 cars, and he rode home with me so we could discuss. Totally cool.
I think I'll wait to post my deeper thoughts after I've seen it again. Of course, by then, my judgement will be totally skewed because I'll have already read the last book.
So...who knows what you'll get!
All for now!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Opening Night

Ragtime opened last night.
And I do believe I finally got a photo of K2 in her costume.
Trust me when I say she looked beautiful. My mom did an awesome job creating K2's "immigrant" attire. (Which is fabulous for me because despite years of patient instruction, I did not receive my mother's creative genes in that area.)
Anyway. The show was awesome. I'm amazed by the young talent in that theater. These kids have goose bump inducing voices and all seem so totally at home on the stage. K3 did a great job with tech support. He had on a huge smile when I caught up with him. They were all very excited when we finally met up at home at nearly midnight - which meant we didn't get to bed until after 1am. More show tonight and tomorrow, rehearsals in between, and the same next weekend.
*The toilet brush from my below photo...yes, still in the grocery store parking lot. Yes, still making me giggle.
Have a great weekend, and...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Funny

Yesterday before leaving on the trek to take the K's to rehearsal, we had to make a quick stop at the store for water bottles. As I got out of my truck, this pink toilet brush was the first thing I saw. I giggled and said how I wished I had a camera phone because there's something you don't see often - especially in the parking lot of the grocery store.
I'd given K2 the camera so that her friends could take a few pictures of her in her costume (88 pics and not one single one of her dressed for the show!). She reminded me of this and I had to share.
If you could see the fine details, you'd notice it obviously had been used. A lot. I can't help but wonder how, and why, it came to rest here. And if it will still be there when I go to do my regular shopping today.
Whoot! We finished with trumpet lessons this morning. One task checked off the summer list. This makes me very happy. I think I've stated before that some sadistic idiot must have scheduled the practices at such an early time.
Not much fiesta on the books for today. Regular errands and the opening of the musical tonight. is Friday. And my early morning forays of sitting in my car and pondering the balance of life are over. That's cause for celebration all on its own.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Something Pretty...

For a pretty day...
It's beautiful out. Nice temperature, low humidity and everything fresh and clean after the rain we had last night.
The girls found this butterfly near the water. It's flying skills didn't seem to be up to par, and it hung out with them for a long time before finally reaching a branch above our heads. The girls did a fantastic job being careful of its wings and not holding too tightly.
Today is busy.
That's all...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Various Wednesday

Same as "random", but it's time for a new word for now.
*Yesterday, I found a note written on the toilet paper. It said: Sisy is so werid. Which translates to "sissy is so weird". I've learned not to ask why.
*Was supposed to go see the midnight showing of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". Guess who could go because of the uncertainties of rehearsals? Guess who is very bummed?
*Talked to Misty (who is at the conference) this morning. Even with all her transportation issues and the length of time it took for her to actually arrive at the conference hotel, I'm still wishing I was there. And I know I'm not alone in this.
*We're supposed to get some rain today. I hope so. It's so muggy and there's only the faintest hint of a breeze. I'm not complaining. Not really. Usually, I can ignore the heat, or at least find a way to escape it.
*I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately. This happens when I don't get consistent writing time. I'm tired of waking up feeling strange though. I've been dreaming about friends I miss and lots of just downright odd things. Nothing funny or even amusing. These dreams are darker and have the potential to make me sad. A lot I don't remember, except for the deep feeling of sadness.
*I heard on the radio this morning that they're remaking "Footloose". I loved that movie. From what they said, it'll be a musical. And the main character will be one of the Disney actors, except I can't remember his name.
*I "think" I have a new title.
Well, that's enough various for one day.
Stay cool, and...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Eye

I woke up Friday morning and realized that the "Great Eye of Sauron" was on the tree right outside the camper window on my side of the bed.
B was already at work and the entire place was silent. Well, except for my giggling.
In the background you can see the muddy creek. This was, obviously, after the rains. We had a spectacular view. The bank was only about twelve feet from our camper door, and a there was a little drop off before the water. (You can kind of see it in the background. The photo's deceiving though - it's not as steep as it looks.)
With this view we saw a lot of cool things - some that we've never seen before - a bald eagle (actually two - a juvenile and an adult), an egret in the shallows directly across from my "Lord of the Rings" tree (a common sight), an otter and a mink.
Blog land is quiet these days as many are in Dallas for RWA's National Conference. I'm jealous I'm not there, and haven't been to National since New York a few years ago. But the D.C. conference is on the horizon in two years and I'm hopeful.
And, oh yeah, I am still working on the "still needs a new title" book. The word meter lies. I need to update it. I'm almost done. Work time has been a bit fragmented due to all the crazy stuff around here. With a little luck and some major self discipline, I hope to be done by the weekend.
Hot as blazes here. (good cliche, huh?)
I'm waiting for the rain...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back From the Wilds

I said I wanted to go back.
And we did.
It was not long enough and too long - which tells me we came home at the right time.
This photo was taken the morning after some extreme rain. Down that path you'll find more trees, rocks, ticks and horseflies.
The rain was crazy. Torrential downpour for nearly two hours - and that was just one storm out of many. Everything was wet - even around the edges inside the camper. K4 had been sharing a tent with her cousin, and we ended up with about 4 loads of wet clothes, wet sleeping bags and deflated air mattresses. Thank goodness my sister lives nearby and we were able to get the clothing dry again without too much effort.
Saturday and Sunday were absolutely beautiful. The kids were able to get in the creek again. Sunday we took a 2 hour float down the creek, thanks to my brother and sister-in-law dropping us off at a good floating spot. It was kind of hairy at times with the kids. K4 wasn't sure of the whole thing. We ran into a huge patch of horseflies and a fish jumped up and hit my tube, splashing me in the face and scaring me just a little. We found tiny baby frogs and the scenery was amazing.
I have many pictures - the little turtle the girls caught, ugly bugs, the "eye of Sauron" (you'll see), and the flooding creek.
That's all for now...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Gone Fishin'

I was.
Not really.
I mean, I was gone, but didn't fish.
Except for when I was helping K4 with her rod. She said it wasn't casting right. I checked it out, seemed fine and when I went to reel it back in, the lure got tangled around some weeds.
And...stupidly, I yanked. Hard. The lure flew up the steep bank and caught me square between the eyes. Cut the bridge of my nose a little and there's a sore spot. I was really, really lucky. And those standing near me were laughing too hard to see if I'd lost an eye.
It was that kind of weekend. But such a blast. Lot's of badminton playing, a sorry attempt at volleyball (it was the balls fault - really), creek swimming and campfire sitting.
I want to go back.
That's all for now...